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ATTACHMENT FOR 'BROOMS. No. 486,066. Patented Nov. 8,1892.




SPECIFICATION-forming part of Letters Patent No. 486,066, dated November 8, 1892. Application filed September 22,1891. Serial No. 406,468. (No model.)

To all whom iii nay concern:

"Be it known that I, GEORGE H. ABRAMS, a citize of theUnited States, residingin Brooklyn, Kings county, in the State of New York, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Attachments for Brooms, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to an improved attachment for brooms, which is in the nature of a dust-pan or receptacle for the sweepings, and to prevent the dust from being scattered promiscuously during the operation of sweeping.

The invention comprises a holding device adapted to be mounted adjustably upon the handle of an ordinary broom, and a pan or receptacle connected with such holding device and adapted to be carried by the broom during the operation of sweeping. The said pan or receptacle may be of any suitable shape, and it is provided with a lip adapted to rest upon the floor and with a flexible or elastic apron, which latter serves the twofold pur pose of preventing the dust or sweepings from flying back against the broom and of bearing against the latter, so as to maintain the receptacle in the proper position for operation.

The invention consists in the detailed construction, arrangement, and combination of parts which will be hereinafterfully described and claimed.

The accompanying drawings form a part of this specification, and represent what I consider the best means of carrying out the invention. v

Figure 1 is a side elevation showing the device in place upon a broom. Fig. 2 is a front view. Fig. 3 is a rear view. Fig.4is a vertical section of the pan detached. Fig. 5 is a similar view showing a modified form of the pan.

Like numerals of reference indicate like parts in all the figures where they appear.

1 designates an ordinary broom, upon the handle of which is mounted a sleeve 2, which may be formed of malleable iron or other suitable material. The sleeve 2 is provided with a boss or bushing 3, having a screwthreaded portion in which a set-screw 4 is mounted, by means of which the said sleeve may be secured in any desired position upon the handle 5 of the broom. Suitably attached to the sleeve 2 are springs 6, which may be formed of brass wire. The said springs may be soldered or otherwise suitably attached to the sleeve, and the latter maybe provided at itslower edge with perforated lugs, as 7, to

receive the upper ends of the said springs.

The springs may, if preferred, be formed integrally of a single piece of, wire. The said springs are extended downwardly and across each other, so as to restlightly against the side of the broom-head, and at the point at which they cross each other I place a sleeve or washer 2 3, by means of which the said springs are loosely connected. The lower ends of the springs are provided with laterally-extending fingers or brackets 8,forming pivots for the attachment of the dust-pan 9. Thelatter is preferablyconstructed of tin or other light cheap material. I is composed of the cheeks or side pieces 10, which are soldered or otherwise suit-' ably connected with the body 11. The body is by preference constructed of a single sheet of metal, which is bent to conform to the outline of the side pieces. The preferred shape of the latter has been delineated in the drawings in Fig. 5, from which it will be seen that they are wide or broad at their rear ends and tapering toward the front. The body 11 is attached to the sidepieces at the upper and lower edges and at the front, only the rear end being left open for the admission of the dust or sweepings. The bottom of the pan is bent up wardly, so as to form a transverse ridge or rib 12, beyond which it is extended to form the lip 13, the sides of which are provided with flanges 14, adjoining the side pieces 10. Thatportion of the body which constitutes the lip 13 is not attached to the side pieces 10, but is free to move and to rest flexibly upon the floor during the operation of sweeping. The upper rear portion of the body is bent downwardly and curved so as to form the apron 15, the lower edge of which has a flange 16. This apron, owing to the nature of the material of which it is constructed, is somewhat elastic or flexible, and it therefore serves not only to retain the dust and sweepings in the pan, but also to press against the broom and to maintain the device in proper position for operation. In order to assist the flexibility of this apron,I may place a spring, as 17, within the receptacle in such a position as to press against the apron. In Fig. 5 of the drawings 1 have shown such a spring. I would have it understood, however, that instead of the flat spring shown in the drawings a coiled or other suitable form of spring may be used without departing from the spirit of my invention.

In Fig. 5 of the drawings I have shown a further modification of the invention, which consists in constructing the lip 13 of a separate piece of sheet metal, which is connected with the lower rear edge of the body ,of the pan by means of a hinge 18 of ordinary construction. It is very desirable that the rear edge of the lip 13 should rest lightly upon the floor during the operation of sweeping in order that during the forward movement of the broom it may ride easily over the dust and sweepings upon the floor without scattering the same. Ordinarily the material of which the device is constructed will be sufficiently flexible or elastic to permit the said lipto operate in the manner just described; but I reserve the right to construct the lip separately and to hinge or attach it to the body of the pan in any suitable manner, inasmuch as it may sometimes be found convenient to use nonfiexible material in the construction of the device.

The side pieces or cheeks 10 are provided with perforations 19 to receive the fingers or pivots 8 of the springs 6. The said fingers may very easily be sprung into the perforations 19, thus connect ng the device pivotally with the broom, to which the said springs are attached, as hereinbefore stated.

The side pieces 10 are provided near their front ends with spindles or journals 20, upon which supporting wheels 21 are mounted. These Wheels may be of any suitable construction, and they may, when desired, be provided with rubber tires 22. The lower edges of said wheels are extended somewhat below the bottom of the pan, so as to support the latter during operation.

The device is attached to a broom for operation by mounting the sleeve 2, carrying the springs 6 upon the handle and mounting the pan or receptacle upon the fingers 8 of the said springs, as herein described. The sleeve 2 is adjustable upon the handle, thus adapting the device to be mounted upon brooms of various sizes, it being obviously important that the adjustment should be such as to cause the edge of the lip 13 to rest lightly upon the floor in advance of the broom. The set-screw 4 with which the sleeve 2 is provided is for the purpose of effecting such adjustment; but any other suitable means may be employed for retaining the sleeve in the proper position. When the broom is moved forwardly during the operation of sweeping, the lint and dust will be guided over the lip 13 and thrown over the ridge 12 into the receptacle, theapron 15 serving to retain the sweepings' in said receptacle. Duringthe backward movement of the broom the latter is usually raised from the floor, and the edge of the lip 13 will consequently be raised while the body of the receptacle rides upon and is supported by the wheels 21. It follows that the Weight of the device, which, however, is not heavy, is at all times supported and does not call for any unusual exertion on the part of the operator. On the contrary, the weight of the broom is actually supported and the operation of sweeping is correspondingly facilitated.

Myimproved broom attachment difliers from i the ordinary carpet-sweeper in this respect,

that the usual action of the broom is retained. There is no revolving brush and complicated operating mechanism for such brfish, which is always liable to get out of order. When equipped with my improved attachment, an ordinary broom may be used in the ordinary manner, and there is nothing to prevent it from reaching into corners which could not be reached by means of the carpet-sweeper.

The device is very simple and inexpensive. To empty the pan or receptacle of the dust and sweepings, it is not necessary to detach it from the broom, as, owing to the pivotal connection with the fingers of the elastic arms or springs 6,it may at anytime be readilytilted or inverted and its contents be dumped out.

I have described the form of my invention which I consider to be preferable. I desire it to be distinctly understood, however, that my invention is capable of being modified in many respects. I therefore do not limit myself to the construction herein described, but reserve the right to any and all changes and modifications to which recourse may be had without departing from.the spirit of the invention.

Having thus described my invention, I claim 1. In combination with a broom, a sleeve mounted upon the handle, springs attached to the said sleeve, and a dust pan or receptacle mounted pivotally on said springs, substantially as set forth.

2. The combination, with a broom, of a sleeve adapted to be shifted up and down upon the handle, means, such as a set-screw, for retaining said sleeve at any desired adjustment, springs attached to thesaid sleeve, and a dust pan or receptacle mounted pivotally upon said springs, substantially as set forth.

3. An attachment for brooms, consisting of a receptacle having a yielding lip adapted to rest upon the floor and provided with supporting wheels or rollers, in combination with means including a sleeve and spring-supports for the receptacle for connecting such receptacle detachably with an ordinary broom, substantially as described.

4. The described attachment for brooms,


consisting of a receptacle pivotally mounted In testimony that I claim the invention on spring-supports and having a flexible lip above set forth I afiix my signature in presadapred to rest lightly upon the floor and enoe of two Witnesses.

, provided at the inner edge of said lip with a v GEORGE H. ABRAMS.

5 transverse rib or ridge to retain the sweepings WVitnesses;

in the body of the receptacle, substantially CHARLES R. SEARLE,

as set forth. M. F. BOYLE.

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