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(No Model.) 2 Sheets Sheet 1.
No. 469,127. Patented Feb. 16.- 1892.
"m'mefmp 0 T 1: News pzrsas 1:0,, vnora-u-mo., wAsHmaToN, n. c.
2 Sheets-Sheet 2.
(No Model.)
Patented Feb. 16, 1892.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 469,127, dated February 16,1892. Application filed July 13, 1891. Serial No. 399,417 (No model.) Patented in England November 21, 1890, No. 18,830.
To all whom it may concern- Be it known that I, JAMES GILBERT CUM- MING, mechanical and electrical engineer, of No. 88 Polwarth Gardens, Edinburgh, in the county of Midlothian, Scotland, have invented Improvements in Coin-Freed Apparatus, in Combination with a New or Improved Spring Gun or Pistol, (for which I have obtained Letters Patent of Great Britain, dated November 21, 1890, No. 18,830,) of which the following is a specification.
This invention, which relates to improvements in coin-freed apparatus, in combination with new or improved spring gun or pistol, has for its object to provide a shooting range apparatus which can be actuated by the operator on a prearranged coin being placed in a spring gun or pistol forming part of the said apparatus, and which prearranged coin on being placed in the spring gun or pistol opens or releases the mechanism thereof, and so enables the operator to fire or shoot the coin into al ox in which are arranged suitable partitions, bulls-eye slot, and bell, If correct aim has been taken, the coin will pass through the bulls-eye slot, strike the bell, and be returned to the operator; but if incorrect aim has been taken the coin will not be returned, as it will drop into a suitable receptacle contained in the box and so be retained. c In the drawings, Figure 1, Sheet 1, is a transverse section of the box or range to which the spring gun or pistol is attached, as shown. Fig. 1 is a detail View of a part of the back portion of the said box or range; and Figs. 2, 3, and 4, Sheet 2, are respectively a plan, side elevation, partly in section, and plan with top plates off of my improved spring gun or pistol.
Referring to the said drawings,I construct of iron or other suitable material a framework A, preferably of a box-like shape, as shown, and provided with a partition B, having a slot or opening C large enough for a prearranged coin to pass through. The said frame or box is also provided with a glass window D, through which the said partition B and slot or opening C may be seen. To the front of the said frame or box A, I attach my 50 spring gun or pistol E, preferably, as shown that is, by means of a cross-bolt and nut 6, carried in suitable lugs a, provided at each side of the opening a in the said frame or box in which the muzzle of the said spring gun or pistol is inserted, and beingthus attached the muzzle is pointed to the partition B and aim may be taken by the operator at the slot or opening C. The said gun or pistol E is provided on its top with a partlyopen-faced gage, (to be hereinafter described,) into which the operator places a prearranged coin and so moves a spring catch or pawl, which has the effect of freeing or unlocking the mechanism of the spring gun or pistol, and the operator is then enabled to pull the trigger thereof and so fire or shoot the coin toward the said division B, and it correct aim has been taken the coin passes through the slot or opening C and is directed by means of angled guide-pieces 0 (shown in elevation in the detail view,'Fig. 1) to fall down and so ring a bell F, provided at back of frame or box A, and thence down the inclined plane a which is formed in the said frame or box A, and onto the flat piece at, from which it may be easily withdrawn by the operator through the opening a If correct aim has not been taken by the operator or if the coin does not pass through the slot or opening C, it falls upon a deflecting-plate B, thence down another inclined plane B into a receptacle A for receiving the coins, and from which they may be taken by the proprietor unlocking the door a. In the deflecting-plate B is an opening I) opposite the muzzle of the pistol and through which the coins are fired or shot at slot C.
The said gun or pistol E, Figs. 2, 3, and 4, Sheet 2, is preferably constructed as follows: The mechanism consists of two spindles-an 0 upper spindle G and a lower spindle I-Iboth of which are carried through or on bearings .l. The said upper spindle G is provided with the hammer K, which strikes the coin on the trigger L being pulled, and is also provided at its one end with a recoil spring g, which acts on a stud or pin g, and at its other end with a propelling-spring g which issecured in the handle 6 of the said gun or pistol E and which rests against the hearings on which against the pin m the upper spindle is carried. To the said upper spindle G isalso attached a; strong metal projection 9 against which a spring-catch h works. The said spring-catch his carried by the lower spindle H and works on a center h.' The lower spindle H also has the trigger L attached,an d itis provided at its one end with a recoil spring 71 which, after the trigger has been pulled, brings the said spindle H back to its normal position, the arrangement being such that on the spring catch or pawl M, which is mounted above said spindles and which will hereinafter be more specifically mentionethbeing freed by the placingof a coin in the open-faced gage N, provided on the top .of the gun or pistol E, and the trigger L pulled,
the spring-catch h of the lower spindle H acts on the metal projection g of the upper spin-v dle G, and so pulls the said spindle back until the said spring-catch 72, is partlyturned on i its center, owing ,to its lower end If coming in contact with a fixed metal projection or pin 71., and thereupon frees or releases the upper spindle G, which is then propelled forward by the spring g and therefore causes the hammer K to strike and so fire or shoot the coin forward. The spindle G, when thus propelled forward, imparts such a motion to the hammer K that the hammer K, after having struck the coin, follows it a certain length before being returned to its normal position by the recoil spring g, the hammer K thus imparting greater momentum to the coin. The said open-faced coin-gage N is preferably shaped as shown in plan in Fig. 2, Sheet 2, so as to enable the operator to see if the slot or gage is empty, and also to regainthe coin if the gun or pistol should miss fire. The spring catch or pawl M is mounted below the open-faced gage and carried -on a center on, and operated as follows: It has a catch m, as shown in Fig. 4, which bears against the hammer K by means of the spring m thus preventing the trigger being pulled until the pawl is pushed aside by the coin moving When the coin, is shot from the gage, the spring m brings the pawl back to a position preventing the trigger being pulledtill' another 'coi'n has been placed.
The said gun orpistol maybe constructed with or without thespr-ingcatch or pawl M for freein gorunlocking the-mechanism, so that any size of coin may be used, or-it may bev so constructed as to shoot darts'or-other articles.
I claim r .1. In coin controlledapparatus of the character described, the box or casing A, having the partition B, provided with the opening or slot for the passage of a coin-projectile, the said box also having in its top a sight-opening andbeing providedinteriorly with a coinchute and a deflecting-plate arranged in reverse or opposite directions to each other, substantially as set forth. 7
.2. In a coin-controlled apparatus of the character described, the box or casing having the dividing-partition in which is formed a slot for the passage of a coin-projectile, the said box also being provided interiorly with a coin-discharge chute and a deflector, in combination with a swinging orpivoted pistol located in the front of "said box, substantiallyas shown, and for the purpose set forth.
3. In a coin-controlled apparatus of the character described,the combination of a gun or pistol for the discharge of a coin, the upper and lower spindles mounted in suitable bearings in said gun or pistol, and springs bearing against the rear ends of the spindles and secured in the handle-of the gun or pis tol, substantially as set forth. g
4. The combination of the upper and lower spindles, the spring-catch carried by said lower spindle, the projection 9 the trigger attached to said lower spindle, the recoil-spring s, the fixed projection h, and the hammer operating against the upper spindle, substantially as set forth.
5. The combination, with the hammer located upon the upper spindle G, of the pawl M, mounted above the said spindle and having catch m, spring m forcing said catch on against said hammer, a gage placed on top of the pistol or gun, and pin m arranged on the gage in the path of the coin, substantially as and for the purposes hereinbefore set forth.
In testimony whereof I have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
JOHN McKEA'cHI L, V y 122 George- Street, Edinburgh, Law Clerk.
WILLIAM RoBERTGoRDoN, I Uifv L'Z Service Clerk-H ll [cSas-ines Oflice, Ed-
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