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    • F22D5/00Controlling water feed or water level; Automatic water feeding or water-level regulators
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No. 467,148. ate-med ,19, 1,892'.
'sneets-s'heet 1 i(No Model.)v y 3 sheetssheet 2. C. B. BOSWORTIL AUTOMATIC BOILERPEBDEB..
No; 467,148. Patented Jan. 191, 1892.-
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Patented Ja,
rens ca., mow-urns., wAsnmuroN. v. u
UNITE, TATES Minnie unioni...
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N o. 467,148, dated January 19, 1892.
Application filed August l, 1891.
.To all ,whom it' may concern:
Beit known that I, CHARLES BARTLETT Bos- WORTH, a citizen of the United States, residing at Everett, in the county of Middlesex and State of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in a Device for Automatically Regulating Feed Vater to Steam-Boilers; and I do declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description of the lnvention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of reference marked thereon, which form'a part of this specification.
Figure 1 is a front view of the apparatus, lookingtoward the forward end of the boilers. Fig. 2 is an enlarged vertical section of the air and Water valves on the line 2 2, Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a longitudinal section of the steamvalve on line 3 3,Fig.1. Fig. 4 is an enlarged view, partly in section and partly in side elevation, of the thermostat.
This invention relates to an improvement in devices for automatically supplying feedwater to steam-boilers, and relates more particularly to that class of such devices illustrated in United States Patents granted December 2, 1890, Nos. 441,740 and 441,741, to which reference is made. In these patents are shown a steam-boiler provided with a pump for supplying water to the boiler, such pump having an air-pump attachment, and a governor controlled by the air-pump, there being a thermostatic device which regulates the action of the air-pump according to the mutations of the water in the boiler.
The present invention consists in certain improvements upon these devices.
In the annexed drawings, the letters A A indicate the boilers, having the usual water columns B B.
Attached to a water column B are the pipes c c of the thermostat C, being so placed that the pipe cleads into the steam-space, and the pipe c into the water-space of saidwater clumn. The pipes c c are secured to a vertical connecting-piece c2, containing a passage c3, which communicates with the bores of the pipes c c. Threaded upon atop extension c4 of this piece c2 is a hollow cap D, an imperfo- Serial No. 401,362. (No model.)
rate diaphragm CZ being held between the two. The top of the cap D is elongated and hollow and has a valve-seat e.
Seated upon the seat e is avalve E, the stem 5 5 c ot which passes down through the cap D and rests upon the diaphragm d. The interior CZ of the cap D above the diaphragm d has an opening d2 communicating with the outer air. valve E, is a pipe-coupling d3.
In line with the valve-stein c and under the diaphragm d there is in the piece c2 a vertical passage f, in which is a loosely-sliding rod F, the upper end f of which touches the underside of the diaphragm d and its lowerend f2 rests on the horizontal arm g of a bell-crank lever G. This lever G is fulcru med at g2 on the piece c2 and has a vertical arm g', which is shorter than the hori- 7n zontal arm g. Hinged to the vertical arm g is a horizontal rod H by one end h, the other end h being held rigidly to a bracket h2, depending from the pipe c', there being adjusting-nuts h3 h4 at such bracket. 75
From the coupling d3 at the top of the cap D a pipe I communicates With the top ot the hollow governor K of the water-valve. Communicating with this pipe I is another pipe I', which connects with the steam-space of the 8c boiler and has a valveA L, Fig. 3. This valve has two passages, one l larger than the other Z. The water-valve governor K is supported upon a bracket M, athreaded stem k entering a threaded hole m in such bracket. 8 5
Secured within the chamber 7o of the governor K at the top is a flexible diaphragm 7c?. Under this diaphragm' is an inverted-cupshaped piston 7c3, which bears against the under side ot the diaphragm k2. The piston k3 9o is supported upon the upper end not arod N, l which passes down through the governor K and has its lower end n connected to the water-valve P. IVithin the governor K and around this rod N is a` spiral spring n2, one end of which bears against the piston 7c3 and the other end against the lower part of the governor. Secured to therod N below the governor K is a collar O, and a spiral springo surrounds the rod N between such collar O roc and the under side of the governor K.
In the bracket M, a little below the line of On top of the cap D, above the 6o l the collar O, is a passage m. Secured to the bracket on the side toward the collar O and at the opening of the passage m is a valve m2, which is held against the under side of the collar O by a spring m3. The other end of the passage m is connected by a pipe Q with the pipe R, leading from the air-pump S to the air-governor T of the water-pump U, to which leads the steam-supply pipe V from the 1o boilers and from which runs the boiler-watersupply pipe V to the boilers.
The construction of the air-governo1"l` is the same as that described in United States Patent No. 441,741, the pipes Q and R comr 5 municating with the air-space thereof, asf lilly explained in said patent.
The operation is as follows: The pump U forces water through the pipe W, through the valve P to the boiler A, the water rising into 2o the latter and the water column, and up into the thermostat C. The steam in the latter causes its expansion and draws on the rod Il, turning the bell-crank lever G, lifting the rod F. This bearing, through the diaphragm (l against the lower end of the valve-stem e, lifts the valve E from its seat., opening the valve. The steam which passes through the pipe I into the pipe I is thus permitted to escape th rough the valve at E instead of press- 3o ing upon the diaphragm k2 of the water-valve governor K. The pressure being thus relieved, the spring ai raises the pistou 7e3 and the rod N, opening the valve P and permit- `ting the fiow of water. As this takes place 3 5 the collar O is lifted from the valve m2, which is opened bythe spring mi. The airfrom the pump S thus escapes at the valve m2 instead of operating the governorT and affecting the action of the pump U. As the water rises in 4o the boiler and water column and into the thermostat, the latter contracting, the rod II is moved backward, which permits the rod F to descend and the valve E to close. As this takes place the steam through the pipes l and I, pressing on the diaphragm 7a2, depresses the piston k3, the rod N, and closes the valve P, thus cutting oil:` the water-supply. At the same time the collar O, bearing on the valve m2, closes the latter. The air from the pump S,
5o :finding no outlet, is forced into the governor 'l and controls the action of the pump U. As this pump slows down all the pressures are diminished. These variations of actions ensue according as the water rises and falls in 5 5 the thermostat C, so that a constant and regular supply of water is maintained, according to the requirements of the boiler. The larger or smaller opening of the valve L may be aligned with the pipe I', as desired, according 6o to the quantity of steam desired. This is the action with one boiler. W'hen two or more boilers are connected to one water-pump and air-pump, as shown, the action is the same. As one boiler fills it regulates its own valve,
so as to cut off its own flow of water, and the pump continues to supply the other boiler until that is supplied, when that supply is also cnt off or regulated. This is true of any number of boilers which may be connected to one water and air pump.
Having thus described my invention, what I claim isl.. A water-valve for controlling the supply of water to a boiler, in combination with an air-valve for relieving the pressure in the governor of the water-pump, the ai r-val ve bearing against the stem of the water-valve, as set forth.
2. The combination of the water-valve I), the rod N, having the collar O, the water-valve governor K, and the ai r-valve m2 and its spring m3, the valve m2 being located under the collar O and bearing thereon, as set forth.
3. The thermostat C, having the hollow cap D, having the opening cl2, the diaphragm d, and the valve E, in combination with the steampipe I, the valve E being located where the pipe leads into the thermostat, as set forth.
l. The thermostat C, having the pipes c c', the rod Il, lever G, rod F, connecting-piece c2, provided with the passages c3 and f, the hollow cap l), the diaphragm d, and valve E, the latter being above the diaphragm and the rod F below the diaphragm in line with the stem of the valve E and resting on the arm g of the lever G, as set forth.
5. The combination of a boiler, a thermostat connected with the water and steam spaces thereof, a combined water and air valve providedwitha governor for the watervalve, a pipe leading from the thermostat to the water-valve governor and having a steamsupply pipe connected therewith, a waterpump for the boiler, having a water-pipe running to the boiler and a steam-pipe coming from the boiler, an air-pump connected with the water-p u n1 p, an air-governor for the waterpump, and pipes leading to the air-chamber of this governor from the air-pump and from the air-valve, as set forth.
(i. The combination of a thermostat for regulating the supply of water to a boiler, the water-valve and its governor, a pipe leading from the thermostat to this governor, and a steam-supply pipe leading into this pipe, as set forth.
7. A thermostat for regulating the supply of water to a boiler, a water-valve governor, a pipe leading from the governor to the therlnostat, and a steam-supply pipe leading into this pipe and provided with a valve having passages of different sizes, as set forth.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
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