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No. 460,759. I Patented Oct; 6, 1891.
Mr J J J vOOI n INVENTORS fl ttorney m: mama Parana 420., mzmrumu msymnrpu, n, c
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent N 0. 460,759, dated October 6, 1891.
Application filed May 8, 1891. Serial No. 392,113. (No model.) i
To all whom it may concern.-
Be it known that we, EZRAII. RIPPLE and ALOINZA D. \VILLIAMS, citizens of the United States, residing at Scranton, in the county of Lackawanna and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Convertible Trunks, of which the following is a specification.
Our invention relates to convertible trunks; and it consists in a novel and useful combination and arrangement of box-cots, covers, and fastening devices, by which a number of cots may be securely packed for transportation compactly, and at the same time form a commodious and convenient chest or packing-case in which numerous other articles may be carried.
In the accompanying drawings, in which like reference signs refer to like parts throughout the several views, Figure 1 is a perspective View of'a number of cots combined according to our invention, parts being broken away to illustrate the internal construction and arrangement. Fig. 2 is a plan view of one of the inner cots, showing it in use as a stretcher; and Figs. 3 and 4 are details.
The invention consists, broadly, in a number of box-cots arranged in juxtaposition, either one above the other or one Within the other, or arranged in several nests, as shown in Fig. 1 of the drawings, in combination with top and bottom covers and fastening devices for uniting all the parts together to form a chest or receptacle.
It consists, further, in various details-of construction, which will be hereinafter pointed out.
Referring to the drawings, Fig. 1 shows three nests of cots A, B, and O, placed. one abovethe other, each nest consisting of three cots a a a b I) Not gradually-diminishing size arranged one within the other. Above the series is placed a cover D and below a bottom cover E. Upon the corners of the covers are protecting-plates f, having depressions f to receive the heads and nuts of bolts h, which pass through from top to bottom of the case, firmly securing all of the parts to gether. For additional security plates f having similar depressions, may be placed midway between the corner-plates upon the covers and united by additional bolts h..v On
the outer cot of the middle tier are shown chest'handles 2' for the purpose of lifting the case. Y
It will be understood that while we have shown in the drawings three nests of cots, each composed of three single cots, that any number may be substituted, and that said chest or packing-case when complete may be composed of a single nest of cots, one within the other, or a single series of'cots, one above the other. i In order to prevent lateral displacement of the covers and to strengthen them and prevent warping, cleats F are fastened .upon the inside of the covers at each end, so as to fit against the ends and sides of the innermost cots. WVhere three or more nests of cots are used the inner cot of each nest, except those next the covers, is provided with corner-plates G, which are fastened by means of screws or otherwise upon the bottom of the cot and are provided with webs g, which extend across the corners,'and through perforations g in these webs the bolts it pass, thus preventing any lateral displacement.
Referring to Fig. 2 of the drawings, H H indicate cleats which are fastened to the outer side of the cots for the double purpose of securing the canvas bottoms in .place and strengthening the sides. These cleats are removed when the cots are to be assembled for transportation and may be rolled within the canvas and placed inside of the case. Headed screws I, or other suitable fastenings, are
placed upon the ends of each cot to hold the ends of the canvas bottoms.
WVe adapt the innermost cot of each nest to be used as a stretcher, as shown in Fig. 2, by providing handles J, in the form of rods or bars, which are free to slide in guides K, fastened upon the inside of the cot-frame. These handles are free to slide out through openings in the end of the cot, and they are prevented from sliding too far in either direction or becoming lost by pins j, which form stops. One or more convenient stretchers are thus included in. each outfit of cots at but slight additional expense.
Fig. 3 is a plan and section of one of the corner-plates f, showing our preferred form. These plates may be of cast or Wrought metal, and are formed with a considerable depression f to receive the bolt-head, which depres' sion is let into a countersunk opening in the cover. The plates f are formed in like manner.
The covers I) E form convenient tables when separated from the cots and suitably supported by trestles or stakes driven in the ground.
It will be evident that various mechanical changes in the construction and arrangement may be made without departing from the spirit of our invention. Therefore, without limiting ourselves to the precise construction and arrangement shown,
W'e claim 1. A convertible trunk or chest consisting of a series of box-cots placed in juxtaposition, top and bottom covers therefor, and fastenin g devices forsecurin g said parts together, substantially as described.
2. A convertible trunk or chest consisting of a nest of box-cots of varying sizes, top and bottom covers therefor, and fastening devices for securin g said parts together, substantially as described.
3. In combination, a series of nests of boxcots, said nests being placed one above the other. top and bottom covers for the series, and fastening devices for securingall of said parts together to form a trunk or chest, substantially as described.
4. In combination, a series of nests of boxcots, covers having cleats F, and corner-plates f and bolts for securing said parts together, substantially as described.
5. A convertible trunk or chest consisting of a series of nests of box-cots, in combination with the covers and securing-bolts, the inner cot of each nest, except those next to the covers, being provided with the perforated corner-plates G, substantially as described.
6. In a convertible trunk, the combination, with top and bottom coversand fastening devices, of a nest of box-cots, the inner cot being provided with sliding handles to form a stretcher, substantially as described In testimony whereof we afiix our signatures in presence of two witnesses.
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