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No. 460,257. Patented Sept. 29, 1891.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 460,257, dated September 29, 1891. Application filed December 5, 1890. Serial No. 373,701. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, J OHN STEWART, of the city and county of New York, in the State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Punches for Checks, (be, of which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to an improvement in punches for checks, &c., in which provision is made for punching or pricking through the paper or printing thereon the characters denoting the amount for which the check, die,
I is drawn.
The object is to provide a punch of the above character which may be manipulated by one hand without requiring any other support and which shall be simple and ineXpensiv'e.
A practical embodiment of my invention is represented in the accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is a View of the punch in side elevation. Fig. 2 is a top or edge View. Fig. 3 is a view of the stop-wheel and dog in detail; and Figs. 4 and 5 are views in detail of the guide for holding the check in position on the supporting or impression roller and of the link for limiting the movement of the punchcarrier from the check-supporting roller, respectively.
The supports for the impression-roller, upon which the check or other paper to be punched rests while being acted upon by the punch and for the punch-carrier, consist of a pair of jaws A and A, pivotally secured together, as shown at a, for example, and provided with operating-handles a and a in a manner quite similar to a pair of ordinary pinchers. The handles a and (L2, and hence the jaws, are held normally apart by means of a spring a here shown as fixed to one of the handles and having a sliding engagement with the other.
The roller 13, which supports the check while the punch engages it, consists, preferably, of soft metal or other yielding material, and is fixed upon a spindle I), journaled ator near the end of the jaws A and provided with a toothed wheel 0, fixed thereto. The toothed wheel G is adapted to intermesh with a corresponding toothed wheel D, fixed on a shaft or spindle (Z. The spindled is journaled in the jaw A, and has secured thereto, preforably upon the opposite side of the jaw from The punch-carrier F has the punchesffixed thereto and radiating from its periphery in position to be brought into engagement with the check on the roller B when the jaws are closed.
The teeth 0 on the wheels C and D are made long, so as to permit the jaws to open as far as necessary without releasing them from one another, and in order to prevent the jaws from opening too far a link G is provided, one end of which loosely embraces the spindle I), while the other end is provided with an elongated slot g, which embraces the spindle (Z. The stop-wheel E is provided with a series of shallow recesses e on its periphery, which engage a roller or stop it on a yielding dog H, secured to the jaw A. The dog H is here shown as provided with a pair of elongated slots h, through which studs 71 pass to secure the dog to the jaw. A spring I is secured at one end to one of the studs 7L2 and at its opposite end to the jaw and tends to hold the dog normally in contact with the stop-wheel, but permits it to yield when the stop-wheel is forcibly rotated. The dog I-I further forms a support for the inking-pad K, the latter being mounted in the present instance upon a bracketarm 70, secured to or formed integral with the dog. 7
The pad K is so located with respect to the roller B that when one of the punches or type is doing its work another will be receiving ink from the pad K. The inking-pad maybe re moved when the only.
A guard L is secured to the support of the roller B in proximity to the face of the roller, but leaving sufficient space between it and the face of the roller for the check to be inserted. The said guard is provided with an extended folded portion Z to receive the check and with an opening Z, through which the cutting or printing end of the punch or type is adapted to pass into engagement with the check.
In operation the handles a a are grasped in one hand and the check or paper to he operated upon is inserted between the guard L and the face of the roller 13. The punch-carrier having been turned-by the knob d so as to bring the proper character into position, the handles are pressed together, thereby forcing the punch into contact with the paper. As the punch-carrier is turned to bring the proper character into position the interlocking wheels 0 and D will rotate the roller B, so that the said roller will present all sides successively to receive the pressure of the unch.
The shallow depressions upon the periphery of the stop-wheel in engagement with the yielding dog tend to center the punch in the desired adjustment for use in case it is turned a little too far or not quite far enough, and also serve to prevent unintentional displacement of the punch.
What I claim is 1. A punch comprising a pair of pivoted jaws terminating in handles, a spring for holding the jaws normally open, a rotary impression-roller carried by one of the jaws, a rotary punch-carrier secured to the other jaw, intermeshing gear-wheels, one fixed to rotate with the roller and one with the carrier, a
link to limit the opening of the jaws and hold the gear interlocked, said link having a pivotal connection with a support upon one of the jaws and a loose slotted connection with a support upon the opposite jaw, the play of the link being less than the length of the teeth upon the intermeshing gear-wheels, and means for rotating the punch-carrier, substantially as set forth.
2. A punch comprising a pair of pivoted jaws, a rotary impression-roller carried by one of the jaws, a rotary punch-carrier secured to the other jaw, gear for causing the simultaneous rotation of the roller and punch-carrier, a stop-wheel fixed to rotate with the punch-carrier, a yielding dog adapted to engage the stop-Wheel, and an inking-pad carried by the dog and adapted to automatically adjust itself in the path of the punches or type carried by the punch-carrier, substantially as set forth.
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