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(No Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 1.
Patented Sept. 15,1891.
in c2, Ilv
(NuModel.) t zsheecs-sneete. C. H. GOGGESHALL. CHECK MARKER.
No. 459,544. Patented Sept. 15, 1891.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 459,544, dated September 15, 1891.
Application filed July 22, 1890. Serial No. 359,526. (No model.)
To @ZZ whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, CAROL H. COGGESHALL, 'of the city of St. Louis, in the State of Missouri, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Check-Wlarkers, of which the following' is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forminga part of this specification.
This invention relates to a device for marking a check with perforations, outlining any required number, and inking the edges of the perforations.
My improvement consists in features of novel construction hereinafter described and claimed.
FigureI is a top View of the machine, except that the upper frame and push-rods are removed. Figllisafrontview of the machine. Fig. III is a vertical transverse section at III III, Fig. I. Fig. IV is a detail vertical longitudinal section at IV IV, Fig. I. Fig. V is a top view of the pawl-frame. Fig. VI is a detail perspective view of the end of the pawlframe. Fig. VII is a detail perspective end View of the same.
The base 1 has a table 2, which may serve as a support to the ends of the check 3 or other paper being marked. (See Fig. IV.)
In the middle of the table is a recess 4 to contain a pad 5 of porous material-such as felt, cloth, loose wool, cotton, sponge, dac.- that will hold the ink in suspension and into which the marking needle-points may easily pass and from which they may be freely withdrawn.
6 is a plate adapted to lie dat on the table and connected thereto by hinges 7, so that it may be raised to allow free access to the recess 4. The plate 6 has an orifice 8 over the recess for the passage of the perforators. Over the plate 6 is a plate 9, having an orifice 10, for the same purpose as the orifice 8 of the plate 6. Theplate 9 is connected t0 the plate 6 by hinges 11 and lies over the check or other piece of paper to be marked. The lower plate 6 prevents the paper coming in contact with the ink-pad and thus the soiling of the paper is avoided. The plate 9 keeps the paper in place and prevents its ascent with the perforators. Twelve perforator-heads 12 are shown,
of which those at the ends have the dollarmark, (59,) while the others have the regular Arabic numbers, from 1 to 9, inclusive, and followed by O. Thevigures, however, may be of any preferred description and have any preferred arrangement. The heads are at the ends of levers 13, fulcrumed at 14 in the rear wall15 of the base, the construction and arrangement being such that all the figures are made in the paper at the same point and all in an upright position. Each figure consists of a number of needle-points 16, arranged in the manner described and cast or otherwise fixed in ablock 17, having acylindrical shank 18, which is preferably screw-threaded and screws into a socket or collar 19 at the end of the lever l13. The shank is prevented from turning in the collar by a set-screw 20.
21 are Auprights of a standing frame having ahori'zontal curved bar 22. The bar has holes through which pass the push-rods 23, said rods being hinged at the lower ends 24 to the levers. The upper ends of the rods have knobs 25, upon which a iinger is pressed to force down the lever-head 12. Each rod is connected byalifting-spring 26 to the bar 2 2.v The spring acts to draw up the rod and lever on the removal of the nger from the knob. As the heads 12 ascend they impinge against the soft pad 27, which prevents noise from concussion.
28 is a frame supported on springs 29 and having a curved bar 30, upon which ilnpingesv a projection 31 of the lever 13 when the lever reaches its lower position. The frame is held in a horizontal position (in its descent) by the dovetail ends 32, which work in dovetail recesses 33 of .the table. The position of the sustaining-sprin gs 29 is also such as to tend to keep the frame in a horizontal position.
34: is a spring-pawl hinged to the straight l bar 35 of the frame and acting on a ratchetwheel 36 to turn the wheel. The wheel 36 is fast upon a shaft 37,which also carries a feedroller 38, upon which the check 3 rest-s.
39 is a roller turning freely in its bearings and bearing upon the top of the check. The roller 39 is vertically over the roller 38 and presses the check with sufficient force upon the feed-roller so that when the feed-roller is turned the check moves forward, so as to bring another part in position to receive the mark of a number. The pawl is held to the ratchet- Wheel by a spring 40.
rllhe operation of the machine is as follows: The plate 9 is raised, and the check beinglaid on the lower plate 6 and its end passed between the feed-roller 38 and presser-roller 39, the plate 9 is laid down over the check. A finger is now placed on the knob of one of the push-rods connected with the lever of the dollar-mark head, and the head descends, forcing the needle-points 16 through the check and into the ink-pad and moving the paWl 34 down one tooth on the ratchet-Wheel 36 by means of the descending frame 28. As the finger is raised from the knob the head 12 ascends, carrying` up ink from the pad and marking the edges of the perforations with the ink. At the saine time the frame 28 `is raised by the springs beneath it and the ratchet-Wheel and feed-roller are turned by the pawl and anotherpartof the check brought into position for marking.
I claim herein as new and of my invention- 1. The combination, in a check-marker, of a number of marking-heads 12, each furnished with needle-points and supported on levers and adapted to reach a common point, and an ink-pad by Which the needle-points are inked 3o before their return, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.
2. The combination, in a check-marker, of
a number of marking-heads 12, each composed of marking needle-points or perforators 16, supported on levers 13 side by side, and al1 adapted to reach a common point in their descent, tlie table having a recess and an inkpad in the recess, substantially as set forth.
3. The combination, in a check-marker, of the heads 12, carrying needle-points or perforators 16, levers 13, push-rods 23, springs 26, the table 2, having a recess 4L, andan ink-pad 5, located in the recess, all constructed and adapted to operate substantially as set forth.
4. The combination of the marking-head 12, carrying needle-points or perforators 16, the lever 13, with projection 3l, the frame 28, supporting-springs 29, pawl 34, ratchet-Wheel 36, shaft 37, rollers 38 and 39, the table 2, having a recess 4E, and an ink-pad 5, located in the recess, all constructed and arranged to operate substantially as set forth.
5. The combination, in a check-marker, of the levers 13, push-rods 23, springs 26, heads 12, with perforators 16, the plates 6 and 9, having apertures for the passage of the perforators, the ink-pad 5, paWl-frame 28, paWl 34, ratchet-Wheel 36, shaft 37, and rollers 38 and 39, all substantially as set forth.
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