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(No Model.
' O. H. WOLF.
No. 453,456. Patented June 2, 1891.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 453,456, dated-Tune 2, 1891. Application filed August 20, 1890. Serial No. 362,549. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern.-
Be it known that I, CARL HUGO VOLF, a subject of the Emperor of Germany, residing at Zwickau, Germany, have invented certain Improvements 'in Automatic Lighting Devices, of which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to an improved automatic igniting device with friction priming or ribbon, which latter will, after being ignited by the igniting device, be automatically caused to protrude from the casing or box in burning condition. The ribbon itself is appropriately impregnated and will burn, after being ignited by the friction priming or pill of fulminating material, with a bright flame, so that my improved igniting device can not only be employed as is now customary with ordinary igniting devices for igniting orlighting lamps, lanterns, and the like, with very volatile hydrocarbons, such as benzine, but also for igniting carriage and other lamps or lanterns in which candles, petroleum, 850., are used, for miners lamps with the ordinary oil orpetroleum or other charge, or for igniting any other kindof light which it is desired to ignite from the exterior of the lamp, lantern, or the like.
Myimproved automatic igniting or lighting device can also be employed as a pocket-igniter for lighting cigars, &c.; and in order to cause my invention to be more perfectly understood I have represented the same in the accompanying drawings in the form of a pocketlighter.
It will also be evident that my invention can be used for very many useful purposes, for which reason I do not confine myself to the special form or arrangement of the parts herein specified, as these can be varied according to the object to be ignited or lighted. The length of movement and the compression of the spring will of course depend on the distance between the caps in the ribbon provided with pellets of friction-priming.
In order that my invention may be the better understood, I haveillustrated it in the accompanying drawings, wherein- Figure 1 is an elevation of a pocket cigarlighter to which is applied my improved lighting or igniting device. Fig. 2 is a vertical section of Fig. 1, showing the parts as operated for igniting the friction priming, ribbon, or strip. Fig. 3 is a like section representing the parts in the position they occupy when the knob has been released and the spring freed so that the burning ribbon can be automatically fed upward and outside the casing. Fig. t is a vertical section on the line 00 0c in Fig. 3.- -Fig. 5 is a top view with opened lid. Figs. 6, 7,and 8 represent, on an enlarged scale, the elevation and top views of the toothing to the pocket-lighter forproducing the ignition of the ribbon and the transportation of the same outside the device.
The igniting or lighting device consists of an exterior casing a and an interior casing or box I), the inner casing 11 being arranged to move or slide up and down in the outer casing a. The downward movement when the device is arranged vertically or rear stroke when arranged at an angle to the wick to be lighted is attained by means of a knob or button 0, extending from the inner casing Z) through a slot or orifice in the outer casing a. I11 this manner the spring d is compressed and will, as soon as the knob or handle is released, drive theinner casingb forward. The inner casing 12 serves to receive the primer or ribbon e of paper, linen, cotton, or other appro priate material impregnated with paraffine, wax or other suitable matter, and provided at given distances with primers, pellets, or caps of appropriate explosive material, which will ignite when subjected to friction. The ribbon e runs through a slot or orifice in one of the walls of the inner casing or receptacle 1), and is forced upward or outward in operating the receptacleb by the teeth f and the rod g, fixed to or formedintegrally with the outer casing a and through an opening in the lid or cover, when it burns with a bright flame.
The saw-like teeth of the rod 9 are so arranged that they will entirely prevent the downward or inward movement of the ribbon 6, but will in no way hinder the upward or outward movement of the said ribbon. The object of the teethf of the inner casing or receptacle b is to ignite the primers in the ribbon e, which is prevented from moving clownward or inward by the toothed rod 9 when the receptacle is moved to compress the spring (I. When the knob or button is released, the spring d will impel the inner cas ing upward, and with it the ignited ribbon e, by means of the teeth f, so that the said ribbon protrudes from the casing orbox a in order to light the wick of a candle or lamp and to allow a cigar or cigarette to be lighted.
In order to cause the teeth f of the inner case or box I) to firmly press the ribbon against the teeth of the rod 9 or against teeth projecting from the inner side of the outer box or casing a, and for securely transporting the said ribbon 6 when the spring (Z is released, the knob or button for operating the said inner casing is preferably arranged at one lower corner of the inner casing Z), and the spring d arranged to press obliquely or at one side only against the bottom of the inner box or casing 12, in order to tilt the same toward the toothed rod 9, and thus, in combination with the one-sided pressure on box I) in operating the knob a, cause the teeth f, together with the teeth on rod g, to remain in close contact with the ribbon e.
As shown in the drawings, the knob or handie 0 is composed of a small recessed slide, which, when the igniting device or box is turned on the one side, will drop into the interior of the same, so as to prevent all wear and tear of the pocket when the device is not in use; but I desire it to be understood that any suitable rod, knob, or handle can be employed.
Having thus described my invention, I claim- 1. In an automatic lighter, the combination, with a casing a, having an apertured cover and a toothed rod or projection g, of an inner sliding casing 1), bearing the igniting-ribbon c, said casing I; being provided with igniting teeth f, arranged facing the strip-holding-teeth on rod g, a handle 0 on said inner casing, which projects through the wall of the outer casing, and a spring under said inner casing adapted to drive said casing upward when the latter is released, the free ends of the strip e being arranged between the igniting-teeth f and the stationary holdingteeth on projection substantially as set forth.
2. In an automaticlighter, the combination, with the outer casing having an apertured cover and a toothed rod or projection to hold the igniting-ribbon against backward movement, of an inner casing 12 for the ignitingstrip, arranged to slide freely and loosely in said outer casing and provided with igniting teeth f, which face the strip-holding teeth, a spring (1 under said inner casing and hearing on same at the side opposite to the teeth f, and a handle 0 on the side of the said inner casing, where the teeth f are placed, whereby when the said handle is depressed in order to draw down the casing 12 the latter will be tilted, substantially as and for the purposes set forth.
In witness whereof I have hereunto signed my name in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
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