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2 Sheets-Sheet 1.
(No Model.)
No. 451,524. Patented May 5,1891.
(No Model.) I 2 Sheets-Sheet 2. C. W. SALADEE.
' RUNNING GEAR FOR ROAD WAGONS. No. 451,524. Patented May 5,1891.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 451,524, dated May 5, 1891.
Application filed July 8, 1890. Serial No. 358,094. (No model.)
To aZZ whom, it ntcty concern.-
Be it known that I, CYRUS XV. SALADEE, a citizen of the United States, resident in the city of Cleveland, State of Ohio, have invented certain new and usefullmprovements in Running-Gear for Road-\Vagons, of which the following is a specification embodying my invention.
My invention has for its object the short turning of the vehicle by the employment of an improved spring-platform adapted to support the body at one or both ends without the use of a rigid perch connecting the axles; and it consists, first, in the arrangement of duplex side springs in different horizontal planes, one member above the other, having their inner ends connected with the bottom of the body and obliquely extended therefrom and pivotally secured to the axle; second, in the novel construction and arrangement of a fifth-wheel consisting, preferably, of two semicircular or D plates, the-upper of which is rigidly secured to the bottom of the body, and the lower plate having laterallyextended sides adapted to support the inner ends of side springs that are extended therefrom to the axle, all as hereinafter morefully set forth and pointed out in the appended claims.
In the drawings, Figure 1 is a side elevation of a complete road-wagon embodying myinvention. Fig.2 is a detached plan view of the front platform; and Fig. 3 is a like view of the hind platform, represented in the side elevation, Fig. 1.
To the bottom frame of the body N is rigidly secured the upper plate D of the fifthwheel, which in this instance is preferably of the D shape. (Seenin Fig. 2.) The lower plate C, as shown in the last-named figure, has laterally and extended sides 0 C beyond the outer periphery of the upper plate D. To these extended sides are secured the inner ends of the upper sidesprings AA, by means of the bolts 1 2 3 4t, and their outer ends pivot-ally connected to the axle, preferably as at T, Fig. 2. The lower member A on opposite sides of the king-bolt E (see Figs. 1 and 2) has its rear end rigidly connected in its proper relation to the upper spring by the intermediate brace L, and its front end shackled to the under side of the axle, as at T. The clip-prongs. of the shaft-shackle S in this instance serve to connect both the upper and lower shackles T T, Fig. 1, to the axle; but, if preferred, the shaft-shackle S may be secured to the axle independent of the spring-shackles:
The lower plate C of the fifth-wheel, being rigidly secured to the inner ends of the springs A, as shown and described, is pivotally connected to the upper plate D by the vertical king-bolt E and friction-loop H', the opposite ends of the latter being bolted to the bottom frame of the body (see Fig. 1,) and which supports at this point the rear side of said lower plate 0. If preferred, a frictionroller may be substituted for theloop H upon the plan shown in either of my former patcuts.
The springs A and A are not necessarily arranged one above the other in the same vertical plane, but in any position they may be placed. It is only requisite that they should be in different horizontal planes throughout their entire length, or nearly so, whereby to preventthe rotation of the axle which would otherwise result from the vibration of the springs, nor are the lower members A and A necessarily required to be spring duplicates of the top members A and A but, if preferred, said lower members may take the form of axle-stays suitably connected attheir opposite ends in relation to the upper members,whereby to prevent the rotation of the axles; but in all cases when greater carrying capacity is required than the two upper spring members would afford, the spring members A and A as shown in the drawings, will be preferred. The extended sides C of the plate 0 are required only when it is desirable to have the inner ends of the springs A as widely separated as possible, and they are dispensed with when the radial portion of the side springs takes the position indicated by the dotted lines A, Fig. 2, or when the upper and lower springs are in different vertical planes, as indicated by the dotted lines A. In either of the last-named positions of the springs I propose to make the lower plate C preferably from one solid sheet or plate of metal, or other requisite form admitting of the attachment thereto of the inner ends of the side springs A or A at any desired point or angle. The steps J may be secured to the lower springs A, as clearly seen in Figs. 1 and 2.
The rear platform, Fig. 3, is the same as that described for the front platform, omitting the fifth-wheel, and in its stead adopting the plate D D which latter is secured to the bottom of the body and adapted to support the inner ends of the springs.
The dotted lines A, Fig. 2, and A", Fig. 3, represent a longitudinally-arranged central spring, which may be employed, in connection with the side springs A A, in any case where greater carrying capacity is requisite.
\Vithout limiting my claims to the precise arrangement of the several parts shown and described, I claim 1. A spring-platform for road-wagons, consisting of a fifth-wheel device secured to the bottom of the body, an upper pair of spring membersA A extended therefrom to the axle, an under pair of spring members or stays A A, also extended from said fifth-wheel to the axle, the front ends of said upper and lower members being pivotally connected to the axle and their rear ends secured in such requisite relation to said fifth-wheel device as will suspend the opposite ends of said under members in a lower plane than the opposite ends of the upper members, whereby to prevent the rotation of the axle, substantially as set forth.
2. In a road-wagon, a fif th-wheel or kin g-bolt coupling secured to the bottom of the body, and duplex side springs obliquely extended therefrom to the front axle in different horizontal planes and pivotally connected thereto at suitable points above and below said axle, substantially as shown and described.
3. A rear spring-platform consisting of duplex side springs having their members arranged in different horizontal planes, with their inner ends secured to the bottom of the body and their outer ends secured to the axle above and below its axis, respectively, whereby the thrust of the two members may balance and rotation of the axle be avoided.
4:. The combination, with the converging duplex springs having the front ends of both members pivotally connected to the axle, of
abrace interposed between the rear ends of said members, and a fifth-wheel secured to the body above said rear ends, said rear ends, said brace, and one member of said fifthwheel being all rigidly connected together.
CYRUS W. SALADEE. \Vitncsses:
J. M. Oxmnxtrrox, A. C. Samoan.
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