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    • F23D11/00Burners using a direct spraying action of liquid droplets or vaporised liquid into the combustion space
    • F23D11/10Burners using a direct spraying action of liquid droplets or vaporised liquid into the combustion space the spraying being induced by a gaseous medium, e.g. water vapour


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. A. L. HOLLAND. EYDRDGAREON GENERATOR AND BURNER. No. 430,854. Patented June 24, 1890.
TN: Noms vm'cns co., mom-uma., wnsnmarcu, o. c,
VUivrrnn STATES.
SPECIFITION forming part of Letters Patent No. 430,854, dated June 24, 1890. Application filed October 29, 1889. Serial No. 328,562. (No model.)
To all whom t may concern:
Be it known that I, ALBERT L. HOLLAND, of Minneapolis, in the county of Hennepin and State of Minnesota, have invented certain new Improvements in Hydrocarbon Generators and Burners, of which the followingis a specification.
My invention relates to improvements in devices for burning oils, its object being to provide means for burning crude oil in an ordinary stove or heater.
The invention consists, generally, in means for generating by the heat of the burner the steam used in atomizing the oil consumed in the burner, so as to make it separate from and independent of any outsidesouree of steamsupply, and obtaining a positive circulation of the water through the generator.
The invention consists, further, in the construction and combination hereinafter described, and particularly pointed out in the claims.
In theA accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, Figure 1 is a front elevation of my improved device shown con nected with a stove, the walls of the stove and inclosing iirebox of the burner being broken away to show the construction and arrangement of the parts. Fig. 2 is a detail of the steam-generator and steam-dome and their connections. Fig. 3 is a detail side elevation of the steam-dome and water-gage. Fig. e is a detail of the injector, and Fig. 5 is a detail of the top of the lire-box. Fig. 6 is a plan view of the fire-box with the top removed.
In the drawings, 2 represents an ordinary cooking-stove in which is arranged the firebox 3, having the top 4, provided with a series of perforations 5, serving as Vents for the heated gases or products of combustion. These perforations are preferably larger at the end at which the jet of mingled steam and oil enters than the other.
The lire-boi; into which the gases pass from the injector is heated to a high temperature, and the gases passing in at one end near'the bottom are ignited and passing the full length of the box strike the opposite end, which is of a curved form, preferably, and are there caused to turn and pass backward toward the other end of the boX. As the current loses its force the ignited gases rise to the top of the box and pass out through the perforations in its top. The larger perforations being toward the end at which the gases enter and at which the return-current will have the least force, the iiame will be equalized over the entire surface of the box. Suspended longitudinally in said box is the steam-generator 6, preferably a metallic tube or pipe, in which the water is vaporized by the flame to supply steam for atomizing the oil.
Arranged preferably directly underneath the generator and parallel therewith is the feed-water pipe 7, by which water is conveyed into the generator from the tank or reservoir 8, arranged in a convenient place, as on the wall of the room in which the stove is placed, and having the connecting-pipe 9, provided with a suitable regulatingevalve l0.
Arranged preferably outside the stove is the steam-dome 11, which may be a receptacle of any desired form or shape, with which the steam-generator is connected by means of the pipe 12, leading from the generator at the end opposite its connection with the feedwater pipe. The pipe 12 is preferably-"turned upward in the steam-deine and carried nearly to its top. An outlet water-pipe 13 is arranged in the bottom of the steam-dome and connects directly with the feed-water pipe 7.
Arranged in the top of the steam-dome `is the Weighted puppet-valve 14, which serves as a safety-valve for the inclosed steam, suitable side vents arranged in the side `walls of the tube or box 15, in which the valve-stem plays, allowing the escape of the steam with the rise of the valve.
Arranged similarly to the watern'eservor S is the oil-reservoir 16, in which the supply of crude oil is contained, having the pipe 17 for conducting the oil to the stove,a suitable Valve 18 regulating the flow ot' the oil from the pipe 17 into the pipe 19, to which it is connected, and which leads into the fire'box directly underneath one end of the steamgenerator, and is provided with a narrow point 0r nozzle 20, through which the contents are forced.
Leading from the steam-dome to the pipe 19 is the pipe 2l, which leads out from ar IOO point near the top of the dome, by means of which steam is conveyed from thev steamdorne into direct contact with the oil, which f enters from the pipe 17. A nozzle or injector 22, which is arranged with its opening just beyond the inlet of the oilrpipe, is arranged in the end of the pipe 2l, and serves, as steam is forced through it from the steam-dome, to carry oil through the pipe 19 and mingle the steam with it, and thus atomize it, so as to be ignited as it issues from the nozzle.
Operation: The valve l0 is opened to allow Water to enter the generator 6, and when a small quantity of water has entered the generator the valve 10 is closed and the valve 18 is opened to allow a slight flow of oil into the fire-box, which is then ignited, heating the generator and converting the water therein into steam. The steam passes into the dome and through the pipe 2l to the injector. After there is sufficient pressure of steam the valve in the water-pipe is opened, and the water is supplied thereafter as needed to the generator. The water also risesin the steamdome as far as the pressure of the steam therein will permit. The steam passing through the injector strikes the oil, and the oil is thereby atomized. As the end of the pipe that enters the tire-box is contracted, the' pipe forms a miXing-tube,in which the steam and oil are mixed and the oil atomized and sprayed into the hot lire-box.
The water of condensation accumulated in the steam-dome is carried by the pipe 13 into the pipe 7, whence it is returned to the steamgenerator, thereby causing a continuous circulation through the steam-dome, generator, and their connecting-pipes as long as heat is applied to the generator, and absolutely preventing a lack of Water in the generator. The supply of water is regulated and controlled by the valve l0, the height of the water in the steam-dome being indicated by the water-gage 23.
Various inoditications in the construction and arrangement of different parts of the device may be made within the scope of my invention to adapt it to different purposes.
The fire-box may be of any suitable shape and adapted to any stove or other heating apparatus.
I claiml. The fire-box 3, having the perforated top l, the generator G arranged therein, a waterreservoir connected with said generator, the steam-dome l1, provided with a suitable steam-valve and connected with said generator, a burner arranged underneath said generator, connected with said steam-dome and with a suitable oil-reservoir, whereby steam passing from said dome through said burner mingles with and vaporizes the oil passing through the same, combined and adapted to be operated substantially as described.
2. The combination, with a iire-box, of a generator arranged therein, a steam-dome outside said iire-box connected with said generator, a water-reservoir connected with said steam-dome and generator, whereby when steam is generated in said generator a circulation is enforced through it and the steamdome and their connections, and a burner arranged underneath said generator, connected with said steam-dome and with a suitable oilreservoir, whereby steam passing from said dome through said burner mingles with and atomizes the oil passing through the same, substantially as described, and for the purpose specified. j
3. The combination, with the generator 6, of I[he steam-dome ll, a pipe l2, extending from said generator into said steam-dome, a water-supply pipe connected to the bottom of said steam-dome and to said generator, an oil-burner arranged beneath said generator, and a steam-pipe leading from the upper part ot' said steam-dome and connecting with an injector arranged in said oilpipc, substantially as described.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this 17th day of October, 1889.
In presence of- A. C. PAUL, A. M. GAsKILL.
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