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(N0 Mndel.)
N0. 408 306. Patented Aug. 6, 1889.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 408,306, dated August 6, 1889.
Application filed March 2, 1889.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, IVILLIAM C. HUMAN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Meriden, New Haven county, Connecticut, have 5 invented an Improvement in Argand Lamps,
of which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to that class of Argand lamps in which an inner air-distributer passes over a central air-supply tube and between :0 said tube and the tubular wick ofv the lamp.
It is intended to increase frictional adhesion between said distributer and said tube without interfering with the flow of oil between them, at the same time facilitating the re- F moval of said distributer when desired.
In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents so much of an Argand lamp as is necessary to show my invention, partly br0- ken away to show the construction; Figs. 2
and 3, modifications ofthe inner air-distribufor.
Similar letters refer to like parts in the several views.
A designates a lamp bowl or body; 13, a wick; C, a central air-supply tube; D, an inner air distributor or thimble; d, a spring; d, an annular shoulder; cl", a perforated portion; 6 an enlarged lower portion, the last four being parts of the thimble D.
The example of my invention. illustrated in Fig. 1 of the drawings is constructed and operated as follows: The lamp-body A, wick B, and central air-supply tube C are of ordinary or convenient form. The inner air distribut-er or thimble D consists of an upper perforated portion cl, of an exterior diameter preferably less than that of the central tube C, of an annular shoulder d, and of a lower-Icylindric portion of an interior diameter slightly greater than the exterior diameter of the central tube C and adapted to slip over said central tube between said tube C and the wick B. It is desirable that the annular space between the interior of the lower portion 66 of the thimble D and the upper end of the central tube C be sufficient to permit the flow of oil between them, so that any oil which may accumulate on the inner side of the thimble D may be returned to the wickspace outside of the tube C. It is also essential that sufficient frictional adhesion be- $erial No. 302,545. (No model.)
tween the tube C and thimble D be provided to prevent the latter being displaced by the upward movement of the wick B. To provide such an oil-space, and at the same time to se- 5 5 cure such adhesion, I cut or punch in the lower portion cZ of the thimble D one or more pairs of substantially parallel slots and indent or force inward the strip of metal between these slots so as to form one or more 6( springs (Z, adapted to press inward against the outer surface of the tube C. These springs (Z are in practice found to fully compensate for any accidental variation in the diameter of the tube C and the lower portion d of the thimble D, so that the liability of the thimble D to accidental displacement is obviated without interfering with its reinova bility. It will also be seen that a suflicient passage is provided for the return-flow of the oil between the tube C and the thimble D.
I have described the slots which define the sides of the spring (Z as substantially parallel; but it is evident that they may diverge considerably without altering the function of the spring.
I11 Fig. 2 of the drawings I have shown a modification of the form of the spring 61. Instead of punching two slots in the portion 61', I'punch one of an inverted U shape, A
leaving the spring d in the form of a tongue, the upper end of which is forced inward to secure frictional contact with the tube C.
In Fig. 3 is also shown a single arc-like slot, leaving a segment-shaped portion, the free side of which is stamped or forced inward to form the spring d. It is evident that further change may be made in the shape and position of the slot, and consequently of the spring (Z, without departing from my invention.
In construction and action the inner air distributer or thimble here shown and described is similar to the auxiliary tube described and claimed in United States Letters 5 Patent t-o Rhind, No. 364,438, dated J one 7, 1887. As the present invention is intended to be an improvement on the one protected by said patent, I do not wish to be understood as claiming anything therein described or claimed.
\Vhat I claim as my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent of the United States,
is as follows:
1. In an Argand lamp, the combination of a central air-supply tube, an inner air-distributer, the lower portion of which is of an interior diameter slightly greater than the exterior diameter of said central tube, and one or more springs formed in said lower portion, substantially as described.
2. In an Argaud lamp, the combination of a central air-supply tube, an inner air-distributer, the lower portion of which is of an interior diameter slightly greater than the exterior diameter of said central tube, and one or more springs formed in said lower portion by the indentation of a strip of metal between two parallel slots, substantially as described.
3. In the inner air-distributer of an Argand lamp, the combination of a perforatedcylindric portion of an exterior diameter less than that of the central air-supply tube of the lamp, an annular shoulder, a cylindric lower portion of an interior diameter slightly greater than the exterior diameter of said central air-supply tube, and one or more springsin said lower portion adapted to frictional engagement with said central tube, substantially as described.
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