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APPABATUS FOR BURNING GULM. i No. 406.753. Patented July 9, 1889 J 5 H ?WL i w U %W w m c' ,W .W c W w z, i m M a 7/ a. O O 4. o o o J. E. 3 w w m E & n
SPECIFCATION formng part of Letters Patent No. 406,'753, dated July 9, 1889.
Application filed .Tune 8, 1888.
To cZZ whom it nuy cowern:
Be it known that I, ALLAN MASON, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvenents in Apparatus for Bnrning Culm, of which the following is a specification( My invention consists ot' an improved con trvance of apparatus for burning culm or pulverized coal by in jecting the pulverized coal scribed, reference being made to the accom-' panying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is alongitudinal section of a boilerfurnace eontrived with apparatus for carrying out my invention. Fig. 2 is a transverse section of the same. Fig. 3 is a horizontal section, and Fig. 4: is aperspective View of one of the burners for lump-coal.
In Fg. 1, a represents an ordinary returnflue bolcr; b, the conbustion-chamber of the `furnace; d, the fire-door; e, the ash-pit door;
f, the bridge-wall, and g the fine back of the bridge-Wall. In such afurnace, or any other suitable thcrefor, I provide deflecting-surfaces h 'i j, of refractory material, as shown, or in any approved ariangement, withan injector 76 for air to be forced in, preferably at the back of the chamber, by a fan l, or other means, and coal-dust charged into the airspout by a screw feeder nz, or other means,to be carried along for feeding the furnace and for being mixed and combined with the air and held in suspension for combustion by it.
It will be seen that the blast first impinges on the pan h, located a little above the ashpit, spreading more or less. Then it is turned upward violently by the defiecting-surface 72 diffusingin the upper space, where it is held up in cycles by the incoming jet below, repeatedly coming in contact with deflecting- Serial No. 276,529. (No model.) I
snrfaces i and j, whereby it is turned down- ,ward into the incoming blast; which takes along with it any yet-unconsu med particles, and prevents them from falling into the ashpit, and retains them in the Vortex of combustion until consumed, the resulting smoke and gases of combustion being at the same time urged along the flue g,- but instead ot' using the defiecting-:urfaces with the blast of coal-dust projected laterally a series of injectors 75 may be distributed in the area of -the furnace-chamber'and adapted for projecting the blasts upwardly from the lower space directly against the crown-sheet of the furnace or fire-box, or against the boiler, as represented in Fig. 3, with practically the same efiects in maintaining the suspension of the fine fuel during the period of conbustion. Together with such contrivances for the combustion of the fine fnel I also provide means for an auxiliary fire of lump-coal in the lower portion of the furnace-ohamber at or about 'the locality of the ordinary fire-bed, mainly for the purpose of starting the fire of coaldust in the first place and of renewing the same from time to time in cases of intel-ruption, to which it is liable by irregularityor clogging of the feed and other causes, but also for adding to the Capacity of the furnace for useful eifect, for which means I employ sectional burners p with wide spaces between them, through which the falling ashes from the upper fire may fall into the pit, because an ordinary coal or other fire of uniform spread over the area of the chamber would fail of this purpose by being clogged with ashes from the fire above said burners being of such limited transvcrse extent as that the ascending Currents from them will turn away into the pit such matters as might tend to fall into them, and thus be self-protecting so far as the falling matters of the upper fire are concerned. These burners p may eonsist of trough-shaped drawers adap ted to slide'in and out of the furnace through suitable openings p' of one side Wall of the furnace for receiving and introducing the coal. The tronghs Will be perforated in the sides and bottom for the supply of air for supporting the combustion of the coal in them and for the escape of the ashes through the bottom. The upper IOO edges of the troughs are flanged over horizontally and outwardly at t for bearings in the slidewztys in the openings p', and also for a useful effect in distributing the air through perforations in jets from below for adnixture with the gases and Vapors rising from the burners, said fiztnges being suitably perforated for the purpose.
It Will be noted that these burners can be wthdrawn indivdually for replenishing them With coal Without interrupting the burning of the finefueh as Would be the case on opening the fire-door and replenishing the fire in the usutl Way, care being taken not to draw them entirely out of the openngs, so that the part remaining in the opening constitutes a practictble closure thereto.
I disclaim herein the process of burning co tl and hydrocztrbon f uel as set forth in my application for a patent, Serial N o. 266382, filed March 5, 1888 also the process of burning euln and lunp-eoal as set forth in ny application for a patent, Serial No. 266281, filed March 5,1888.
hat I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
1. The combination, With ft furnaee-chmnber, of one or more ;Lir and pulverized-coai njectors and deflecting-surf tces for injecting and for :t time nztiutaining the coal in suspension in the furnace-chamber by the injecting forces, and independent or separate burners below the injected fine fuel, between Which the coal-ashes are precipitated, substantially as described. I
2. The conbination, With a furnztce-chanber, of one or more air and pulverized-coal injectors and deflecting-surftces for njeoting and for a time maintaining the cotl in suspension in the furnace-ehanber by the inj ecting forces, and independent or separate burners below the injected fine fuel, between which the cotl-ashesare precipittted, and consisting of trough-shaped drawers adapted for being inserted and WthdPLWn through the side Wall of the furnace and being charged With fuel independently, substantially as descrbed.
3. The combination, with a furnace-clmnber, of the improved burner consistiug of a fuel-holding trough having perforated sides and top fian ges and fittedin a slidew ty through the furnace-wall, substmtially as described. Signed at New York city, in the County and State of NeW York, this 4th day of June, A; D. 1888.
ALLAN MASON. XVitnesses:
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