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(No Model.
GOIN OPERATED GRIP TESTING MACHINE. No. 400,839. PatentedApr. 2; 1889,
' X I j WIITNESSES+ W INVENTOR} jg WM Q/W n PEYERS Mania-Lithographer. Washington. a c.
SPEGIFIGATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 400,839, dated April 2, 1889.-
Application filed September 14, 1888. Serial No. 285,392. (No modeli) To all whom it may concerrt:
Be it known that I, PEROIVAL EVERITT, of London, England, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ooin=0perated Grip-Testing Machines; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to letters of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.
To illustrate my invention I will describe the accompanying drawings.
Figure lis a side elevation partly in section; Fig. 2, a plan View of the same Fig. 3 is an end view showing a section of the top casing. Fig. 4 is a section through line 4 4, Fig. 1.
The same letters in all the figures represent the same or similar parts.
In the drawings, A represents a hollow tube fitted to any su table base, a a, and on which is a strap, B, pivoted to which at O is the arm D, which, together with tube A, is grasped by the operator. Fitted between the arm D and the tube A is the coiled spring e. The tube A supports a plate, E, provided with grooved ribs 5 b to receive glass plates 0 O. The semicircular top casing, P, is also provided with similar ribs, 19 p, for the same purpose, and is bolted to the plate E by means of screws T T, thus securing the glass plates 0 O in their places. The arm D carries a lug, F, to which is pivoted the arm or finger G.
W is a spindle. Pivot-ed at H on spindle WV is the dial-finger I, and pivoted to the dial-finger at J is the arm K, bent as shown, to partly encircle the coin M, which rests, when first dropped into the machine, in the bend of arm K, as shown at M, (see Figs. 1 and 2,) the top of the pipe A being provided with lugs L L, to prevent the coin falling through until the proper time. The coin M can be carried into the bent part of the arm K by any suitable slide, guide, or passage way, as N N.
The figures used to indicate the force of the grip are shown upon the glass 0, or by any suitable graduated scale thereon.
The action is as follows: Before the introduction of a suitable coin or token, when the tube or pipe A and arm D aregrasped by the operator and the spring e compressed, the arm G is free to pass through the bent portion of arm K (see Fig. 4) without actuating the dial-finger I, and therefore the force of grip is not ascertained; but when a coin is placed in the machine it falls Within the bight or bend of the bent portion of arm K, as shown at M in Figs.- 1 and 2, and rests on the lugs L L, the distance between these lugs being less'than the diameter of the coin. Any forward motion of the arm G now serves to press the coin against the bent arm K and carries it with it, thereby actuating the dial-finger I forward by reason of the connection of arm K with the finger I at the point J, and thus in dicating on the dial the force of grip by means of the numerals, commencing with the zeropoint at the left. When the operatorrelaxes his grip, the pressure of the arm G on the coin M is released and the coin drops down the hollow tube A, the action of the machine having pushed the coin beyond the projecting lugs L L. The dial-finger I, having, as above stated, been actuated by the movement of arm G and its connections, then stands at the particular figure indicating the force of the grasp until returned to its normal position by the operator by means of the spindle W and milled button X. The arm D can also be used to actuate a cigar-clip, as shown at S R, (see Fig. 1,) in which S represents the movable blade or cutter of the clip secured on the lever-arm D, and R the fixed blade or cutter on the tubular standard A, the larger and smaller circles, r r, on this blade R indicating holes to receive the tip of the cigar to be clipped. The act of gripping the parts A D actuates the cutters.
I make no claim, broadly, to lever D or to spring 6, nor to a dial-plate and indicatinghand.
I claim 1. A coin-operated machine for testing and indicating the force of a grip of the hand, having, in combination, a coin receiving and releasing mechanism, a hollow post serving as a hand-support, and also as a coin-receptacle, an inclined grip-lever pivoted to the base of such post, and an indicating finger and dial, the pivoted grip-lever causing the bent arm, K, coin rest 01' support, arm G,and release of the coin, and also actuating said an indicating-hand, substantially as shown finger. and described.
2. In a coin-operated machine for testing PEROIVAL EVERITT; 5 and indicating the force of the grip of the \Vitnessesi hand, the combinatiom with the grip lever, PERCY RUSK IN ADLEN;
of a stationary post to support the hand, a TYRRELL COOKE.
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