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(Nq Model.) l v S. A. DUDLEY.

LOOM SHUTTLE. No. 394,963. (a l Patented Dec. 25, 1888.




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 394,963, dated December 25, 1888.

Application filed `Tnly 23, 1887.

To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I, sUMNnR A.- DUDLnv, of. llopedale, in the county ot' lVorccster, State ot' Massachusetts, have invented a certain new and uset'ul Improvement in Loom-Shuttles, of which the following' is a description sufficientlyv full, clear, and exact to enable any person skilled in the art or science to which said invention appertains to make and use the same, reference being' had to the accompanyingl drawings, formingpart otl this specification, in which Figure l is a sectional view oi' a loom-shuttle, showingI the bobbin on the spindle and the spindle depressed orin position for use, a portion of the shuttle-body, bobbin, and spindle being represented as broken oft; Fig 2, a side elevation ot the spindle detached, the head et' the spindle being,- shown in vertical section; and Fig. 23, a bottom plan view of the spindle detached.

Like letters oll reference indicate corresponding parts in the ditterent figures of the drawings.

My invention relates to means for lockingl the bobbin to the spindle; and it consists in a novel construction and arrangement of parts, as hereinafter more it'ully set forth and claimed, the object beingl to produce a simpler, cheaper, and more effective device ot' this character than is now in ordinary use.

The nature and operation of the improvement will be readily understood by all conversant with such matters from the following explanation.

In the drawings, A represents the body of the shuttle; l, the spindle, and C the bobbin. The body is mortised longitmlinally to receive the spindle and bobbin, and is otherwise ofthe ordinary form and construction, excepting as hereinafter set forth. The head f oit' the spindle is provided with a socket, from the bottom ot' which a hole, t, extends vertically th rough said head for the reception of a pushpin, nz, which is 'fitted to work freely therein.l A horizontally-arrai'iged finger, is secured to the lower end ot' the pin on beneath the head f, said finger bein g curved in cross-section at its forward or free end to correspond with the contour of the head of the bobbin C, as shown Serial No. 245,05Gf (No model.)

at The pin m is provided with a head, d, and disposed in the socket a?, around the body ot' said pin, there is a coiled spring', y, the lower end oli' which rests on the bottom of said socket and the upper end against said head, said sp ring acting' expansively to draw the rear end of the linger Z upward toward the bottom of the head fand cause its forward or free end to press `forcibly on the head ot' the bobbin. The rear end ot' the lingerl is secured to a block, yr, through which the lower end of the pin ym also passes, and beneath which it is headed, as shown at fi. The lower side et' the head f is cutout or rabbeted to receive the block and form abearingorshoulder, k, against which the rear end ot' said block presses when there is a strain on the finger I, thus bracingl or staying the pin m and preventing it from wearing' away its bearings in the hole t as rapidly as it otherwise would.

The bobbin C is provided with the usual hole through its center for the reception of the spindle B, and also with an interiorly-disposed annular `groove, lr," for the reception of a iiang'e, g, which is formed on the body ot' the spindle B near the head f. The spindle is pivoted in the body of the shuttle in the usual manner on a pin, 7L, which passes transversely th rough a hole, a, in the spindle-head f.

Any of the ordinary .means adapted to this improved shuttle .may be employed for holding the spindle in closed or open position. The means shown comprise a headed movable pin, 4, in. a longitudinal socket, 2, in the body ot' the shuttle, and a spiral spring, 3, interposed between the bottom ot' said socket and the head of the pin, said springr acting' expansivcly to press the head ol the pin 4 against the head fot' the spindle,wherebythe spindle is held in closed or open position in the ordinary manner.

A projection or stop, j, is :formed or disposed on the linterior of the body A, against which the head (l ot' the pin on, strikes when the spindle is elevated to dell the shuttle.

In the use of my improvement, the shuttle being; empty the spindle is raised, as shown by the dotted lines in Fig. l, thereby bring;- ing the head d of the pin c' into contact with the projection j, compressingI the spring y, and

l`oreinl the linger l away fronl the spindle l a sll'l'tieient distance to perlllittlle head of the l'lollhill to pass 'between the outer end oi' said linger and the onterend of the flange g. The hollhin C is then plaeed on the spindle and the spindle depressed, and as the head (Y of the pill nl is withdrawn tfronl the pl'ojeetiollj the exl'lansive action ol" the spring 1l/ eanses the elld ol the linger i to press on ille head olf the llollllin and the flange g/ to enter the groove r, thereby looking' lhe llollllill on the spindle ill a nlanner which will be readily oll- \'ions without a nlole exl'llieit deseription.

I do not online nlyselli' lo the use olf the lllolk 'l' and shoulder ll', as these nia);Y lle onlilted, ii desired; neither do l eollline nlyselli' to latelall \v ein-vingl the enter end oli' the lilleer as shown at ,2, as this lealllle nlay also head and with a flange near its head for e1l lle onlili'ed; nor to eonslrneting' the .slop integral with the hollyY A, as a serew inserted ill said llody, at or near that point against which the pill nl nla)v strike, will serve ille sanle l'lllrpose; Vllol lo (-onstrlleting' the stop ill the l'ornl shown, as the llody nlay lleotherwise so fornled as to eonstiinte a stop against wlliell thepin nl will strike as the spindle is elevated and therelly eolnpress the spring lj.

lll'lvillg tllns explained nl 5v invention, what l elailn isl.. rl`lle eonlbination ol` a shuttle-body, a spindle pivoted therein and provided with a head and with a flange near its head For engaging' the llellllin, said head having' a socket' and hole extending therethrough, a pin movable in said hole and socket, a linger on said pin, and a spring' within said socket around said pill folaetllating tllepin to Cause the fin.- `iger to press on the llollllin.

2. The eonlllination of a shuttle-body, a spindle llivoted therein and provided with a head and with a Mange near its head 'for engaging' the llollllin, said head llaving'a socket and hole extending' theretllrong'h, a pill nlovaille in said hole and soeket, a linger on said pill, a springI within said socket around Said pin Vfor aetlllallill` the pin to canse the linger 1o press on the llollllin, and a stop on said body with which said pill eolnes ill eolltaet to release said linger when ille spindle is elevated.

23. 'llle eonlllillation olf a shuttle-holly, a spindle pivoted therein and provided with a gagin the llol'lllin, said head having a socket and hole extending tllerethrongll, a pin movable in said hole and soeket, a 'linger on said pin, anda springwitllin said socket around said pill l'or aelllating' the pill to eanse the Vnlger to press on the llollllin, said head llaving a shoulder on its under side against which the shank o1' said Yfin ,1'(;n rests when the finger presses on the llollllin.


W i1 ness GEO. G. PARKER, ANNA A. WoonnUllY.

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