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    • D01G15/00Carding machines or accessories; Card clothing; Burr-crushing or removing arrangements associated with carding or other preliminary-treatment machines
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I' 's nl 4I 1 mmm IH IIIHHI Hl lll IIII lll HIIIIIIHHH N.PETEliSy PHOT-LITNOGRAF'HER, WASHINGTON. DA C? setts, have invented UNITED NStratus Partnr Orifice.,


Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 3,@413, dated December 4, 1844.

To all whom t may concern:

Beit known that we, HORACE lzARBOUR and JOHN GLEASON, of Lowell, in the county of Middlesex and Commonwealth of Massachua new and` useful inode of stripping and cleaning cards by means of a revolvingmetallic brush called Barbour la Gleasons Self- Stripping Card, or new mode of stripping` and cleaning cards; and we declare that the following is an exact and i'nll description ot' the saine.

We make abrush of fine wire, with straight teeth about one inch long' thick set in leather, like the common card, covering a cylinder' as long as the card to be stripped 'and abouttive inches in diameter.

Our invention consists in a combination of this brush with the cards of the earding-engine, so as to strip the main cylinder orother cards while in motion witlnnit stoppingI them and without manual labor.

To strip the main cylinder, we place this brush D at any convenient point below the horizontal centerot' the main eylinderhl M' in drawing No. 2, side View, (which is to be taken as part el' this specilieation,) say at the point new occupied by the brush l). The shaft of the brush rests at cach end upon an arm II Il at both sides oi:` the engine, fastened to the frame, having an elbow-joint at the bolt P. A moving cam G is placed to operate upon the end et' t-he upright part of the arm. H H, so as to throw the brush Dat every revo lution of the cani G- into contact with the main cylinder M M, the teeth of the brush interseeting the teeth of the card. The brush driven by a belt taken from a pulley upon the shaft of the main cylinder tor any other pnlley near at hand) is made to revolve in the Same direction with the cylinder and at a greater velocity, so as to brush the waste and lirt from the card into a box below. The ve- .ocity of the cam G may be increased or diminished, so as to strip t-he card every hour )r two hours, as `the carder may wish, and the :am should be Vsb constructed, as to .hohl the )rush in contact with the cylinder only about me minute.

A shipper S S S, extending .troni cani G to he feed-rolls T T and resting upon a supporter I, is made to be moved by a side cani or pin upon the cam G, and by the means eta tork and pulley at the other end upon the shat't of the t'eed-roll the feed-rolls will be stopped in season 4for the card to be cleared of cotton be fore the brush strikes it for the purpose ci stripping, to be started again by U1@ S11-11313@ the instant the brush is taken oit. The main cylinder is to be kept in its regular motion.. lhis brush by change of arrangement, but similar in. design and purpose, may b e coinbined any with card in motion for stripping, and various plans of combination 'for the purpose of stripping` may be adopted, according to the wish of the carder or machinist.

Gears may be used instead et belts to drive the brush and cani. A

The shipper may be placed, as described, upon either side of the machine, and the brush may be composed with the main cylinder alone I'or strippingr with it and revolving top cards, as described in the drawingre ferred to.

llf'e do not claim the brush or any part oi it or any et the parts oi. the cardine-engine as our invention.

'What we elaiin isn The combination of the brush with the cards of the eai'dingengine, as above i'orth, for the purpose 0l stripping' and clcaning'the main cylinder or other cards while in motion, as our invention.

The advantages ot' this inode of stripping; and cleaning;- cards are a saving of all `time lost heretofore in stopping` and starting np the card to be stripped and most ot' the time actually consumed in stripping the caroj pre vei'iting the common and great damage to cards from blows and crosswise scraping-s oi? the hand-card, owing,` to accident or carelessness ot the stripper, and substitutin g therefor a regular mechanical inotion and long' ilexible teeth, and a saving oi all i'nanual labor in. the process and labor of stripping the cards and all. care and attention ot the earder,

lle it further known that, although we cla-i1 in in general terms as our invention the eon1bination ot the brush described and set :forth in the former part ot our specification `with the carding-eugine for the purpose of strip ping' any card in motion, yet we Wouldspeciiically and especially and do :further claim e este by the combination oi' said brush with Cranes self-stripping carding-maehine to have made an improvement upon said machine, and do set forth the same as follows: We plan the said brush D as in drawing No. 1, end View, (the same beingtaken as part of this specification, as also drawing No.

v 2, side View,) I I I I being revolving top cards passing over the main cylinder, according to the specification of E. da A. Crane in their Letf ters Patent of the United States dated January 30, 1841. The brush D is brought into contact with each succeeding top card as it passes along' the lower extremity of their endless chain or belt.. It is supported, as in drawing No. 2, side View, by arms I-I H, and is kept by cam G in contact with the top cards I I all the time, except when for a single minute it is thrown into contact with the main cylinder M M to strip that card. The brush D is made by belt or otherwise to revolve faster than the tops and in. the saine direction, and will thus strip and clean them as they pass along.

We do not claim attaching' or fastening the top cards to the endless chain or belt and taking them over rollers or any part of Cranes self-stripping carding-machine.

What we claim is the combination of this brush with their revolving top cards, so as to strip them as they pass along attached to the endless belt or chain, thereby dispensing with their sweeps, stripping and cleaning cards and cranks, and this combination we claim as an improvement upon their machine.





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