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llnrrnn STATES Parana @FHQE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 384,357, dated June 12, 1888.

Application filed March '22, 1888. Serial No. 268,105.

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, WILLIAM HUGH GAR- RETT, a citizen of the United States, residing at Geneva, in the county of Fillmore and State of Nebraska, have invented new and useful Improvements in Cattle -Feeding Troughs, of which the following is a specification.

The invention relates to improvements in cattle-feeding troughs, the object being to furnish a trough by means of which the animals may have provided for them a suflieiency of water and of soaked food for a considerable time; and it consists in the construction and novel combination of parts hereinafter de- I scribed, illustrated in the drawings, and pointed out in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents aperspective view of a trough embodying the invention. Fig. 2- represents a central transverse section of the same.

Referring to the drawings by letter, A designates the base of the device,preferably rectangular and provided with the upright sides a a and the transverse partition a, a suitable distance from the front side and raised centrally thereabove, as shown. The rear side, a has a centrallyraised portion and is in all respects similar to the partition a.

a a are longitudinal partitions running from the partition to to the front side of the base and situated at equal distances from the adjacent sides. Each partition a has in its lower edge, adjoining the floor of the base, a notch or opening, B, for the passage of water, and the partition a is provided immediately to the outer sides of the partition ct" with openings O G at a suitable distance above the floor of the base. Running between the partition 0 and the rear side, ahof the base are the boards 1), that converge upwardly at equal angles and form together the longitudinal ridge d at their meeting edges.

E E are gnide'strips secured at opposite points to the inner surfaces of the partition a and the rear wall or side, a The said strips are arranged in pairs, which incline downwardly and inwardly and form between them the guide and retaining grooves e e, the inner strips,E, resting at their lower ends on the up per surfaces of the corresponding boards 1).

F is a bottomless frame or hopper having vertical end boards, f f, that are notched at (No model.)

their lower ends, f, at the proper angles to seat themselves upon the crest or ridge dot the boards D, and which respectively rest against the inner surfaces of the partition Ct and the rear wall or side, (d, of the base.

The side edges, G, of the end boards, f, converge downward at angles to permit them to rest against the inner edges of the inner strips, E, when the hopper F is in place, and the side boards, 9 g, of said frame then rest upon the upper ends of said strips.

H H are removable boards that fit in the grooves .9 between the inner and outer strips, E E, respectively, and close the lower end of the hopper F when seated upon the boards D. The said boards H are provided on their outer surfaces with the upstanding arms 7:. h, by means of which they are handled.

In operation the space or compartment .T in the base between the partitions cf a is filled with water and covered. The water flows thence through the openings B into the side spaces or compartments, 7) b, which serve as drinking-troughs for the animals. The hopper F is filled with the proper foodsucl1 as corn or oatsand will hold usually from thirty to forty bushels thereof. The food is soaked in the hopper, and the water, flowing in through the openings 0 G, keeps it moist, particularly at the lower part, which is first discharged for the use of the animals. The spaces I I between the removable or sliding boards H and the adjacent sides of the base serve as feeding-troughs, and as the said spaces or compartments are intended to be always filled with water, when the boards H are lifted, the food will fall out and become thoroughly soakedand in fit condition to be eaten. The openings Gin the partition a. are aligned with the edges of the boards H, and can be more or less closed thereby.

Some of the advantages of the described trough are, that sufficient food can be placed therein to serve the animals for at least a week, and the food will not have to be prepared and soaked daily. Thus there is efiieoted a great economy of time and labor.

The animals always have abundance of water, and the food-and water are kept clean and not mixed with dirt or refuse of any kind, so that much food is thereby saved.

The device will require the attention of one man only, and that for a short time, as the food is practically soaked automatically. The device is intended for use principally in those parts of the country in which stock is raised upon soaked food.

Having described my invention, I claim- The herein-described feed-trough, comprising the base A, provided with the front and sides a, the transverse partition a, provided with the openings 0, the longitudinal partitions a provided with the notches B, and the rear side, a, similar to the partition a, the guide-strips E E, forming the guidegrooves e, the upwardly-converging boards D between the partition a and the rear side, a, the bot-

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