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No. 370,342. Patented Sept.Y 20, 1887.

N, PETERS, Phnlo-Lmugnplwr, wnminmun. n. C,




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 370,342, dated September 20,1887.

Application filed July 5, 1887i Serial No. 243,422. (No model.)

To all whom it may concern.-

Be it known that I, ALBERT J. KLETZKER, of the city of St. Louis, in the State of Missouri, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Fountain-Pens, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.

This improvement consists,partly,in the construction of the device for feeding ink to the pen, and partly to the combination at the opposite ends of the handle of a stylograph and ordinary pen, respectively.

Figure I is a side view of the pen with both ends closed. Fig. II is a side view with the stylograph end exposed. Fig. III is a side view with pen end exposed, and part in section to show the partition between the two ink-chambers. Fig. IV is an enlarged detail axial section of the stylograplil Fig. V is a side view of the style and the block to which it is connected. Fig. VI is a cross-section at VI VI, Fig. IV. Fig. VII is a longitudinal section at VII VII, Fig. VIII. Fig. VIII is a longitudinal section at VIII VIII, Fig. VII. Fig. IX is a cross-section at IX IX, Fig. VIII. Fig. X is a crosssection at X X, Fig. VIII. Fig. XI is a crosssection at XI XI, Fig.VIII. Fig. XII is a perspective view-of the solid feed ing-plug.

The nib end will irstbe described and afterward the stylograph.

1 is the barrel,which I prefer to make with a partition, 2, separating it into two ink-chambers, 3 and 4, the former supplying ink to the pen or nib 5 and the latter to the stylograph. (See Fig. III.)

6 is the pen-section, which screws into the end of the barrel and which is bored through axially.

7 is the solid feeder, whose body consists of a plug, 8,which ts the bore of the pin-section, so as to prevent the escape of ink, except through the small passage especially provided for it. The plug is iattened at the outer part and has a thin slot or slit, 9, parallel with its under sides and extending, say, more than half the length of the body of the feeder. At its inner end this slot 9 communicateswith a similar slot or slit, 10, made in the rear end of the feeder. The slot 10 is not in the same plane as that 9, so that the `feeder is not divided into two parts. The slots 9 and 10 are shown at right angles to each other. (Compare Figs. VII with VIII and IX with X.) The out-er part of the slot 9 is made to receive the pen or nib 5, so that the pen or nib is held between the twotongues 1l and 12, that act as ink-feeders to the nib, and act by capillary attraction not only to feed the'ink at both the top and bottom ofthe pen 5, but also to prevent the ink dropping from the pen when there is a surplus. This feature of the combined bottom and top feed is of the greatest importance in causing the perfect action of the pen in giving an unfailing supply of ink and preventing the dropping of ink from the point of the pen.

I am aware that it is very common to have a single feeding tongue carrying'the ink along either the top or the bottom of the pen to the slit, which terminates at the extreme point 5 but in all these cases the ink is liable to become dry and hard upon the side of the pen opposite to the feed-tongue. 1

rIhe two feed-tongues are fiexible and serve to mechanically move the ink endwise upon the pen as it is bent in writing. The two feedtongues .keep the pen constantly moist upon both sides almost to the point, even when not in use, so that'it is ready for immediate use at any time.

The stylograph end has a point-section, 13, screwing into-the barrel 1, drilled through, as usual, to allow the passage of the needle 14. The inner end of the needle has bearing in a plug, 15, fitting in the bore at the inner end of -the pointsection. The needle has a limited endwise movement inits bearing, and is pushed outward by a spiral spring, 16, bearing at one end against a collar, 17, upon the needle, and' at the other end against the outer end of the plug 15.

18 is a collar on the needle, limiting its outward movement. The plug has channel or channels 19 for the passage of ink to the point. The caps by which the ends are covered are shown at 20. They are made with reduced ends 21, so' that one cap may be placed on another. (See-Figs. I, Il, and III.) f

Where the barrel has a partition, 2, inks of different colors or character may be used in the two chambers 3 and 4.v

I claim as my invention- 1. Asolid feeder, 7 ,for afountain-pen formed integrahextending into the reservoir, and having a body, 8, and feeding-tongues extending y forth.

3. The combination, in a fountain-pen, of a solid feeder, 7, formed integral with a body, 8, and two tongues and a pen, the feeder closing the orifice of the pen-section, except for an inkpassage made through the body of the feeder, and the two tongues,being of equal Width and length, extending above and below the pen nearly to its point and bearing against the pen so 'as to hold it in position.

4. The combination, in a. fountain-pen, of a solid feeder, 7, formed integral, having a body inserted in the pensection'and two ilattongues extending, above and below the pen, so as to hold a pen, and a pen having a slit extending from the point past the points ofthe tongues, substantially as set forth.

5. Asolid feeder, 7, for fountain-pens formed integral, having a plug, 8, tting the bore of the pen-seotion, and overlapping longitudinal slots 9 10, made angularly to each other and forming an ink-passage through the feeder, substantially as set forth.

6. The combination, in a fountain-pen, of a slitted peu at one end and a stylograph at the other, substantially as set forth.

7. The combination, in a fountain-pen, of two ink-reservoirs,'3 and 4, and a slit pen at one end com munieating with one reservoir and a stylograph at the other end communicating with the other reservoir, substantially as set forth.


In presence ofa SAML. KNIGHT, J As. E. KNIGHT.

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