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(No Model.)
Patented Dec. 14, 1886.
mf VENTOR Juri.
ifi G r-rrnnr Prion,
PBClIFQ/fiii' forming eert of Leelzers 'Parent No. 35i-,240, dated December 14, 1886.
.ipplicuinu ledilunnuryt 1F86.y Serial NOJSMVI.v (No model.)
To @Z5 when@ if; muy Concern:
lle it known rhin, i, 'iiii'ni Prrr ROBERTS, n,- ciiizen ol` ilie 'ilniocll Etnies, residing nii .lnniesiowi7 in ihc reuniy oi" Chuulnnquunnd Seite ol New 'lil'orir, hure invented cernin new und useful linprol'eineniu in iieunrijoohcrs, oi' "whieh the foliowiu n. lull, elem', und ennuh tiem uieheiiighud ioihcnocoin- ,fr dro forming puri ol' this speeilr in u eins,
in; eozisiruviion und imei-:nimh
Qn ih L ".'1 1u: .represenisille-boiler `y Cooke-r, ieh muy he oi unysuii'nhlc il, heine provided .rillihnndlcs (l, 'oerrrnisporied. The ined u'iih u perl'ornlod r, I, und :i menus where hy ihr eonilrnf'ml storni, when depooii'ed into rho iun,V 4 he rriurned lo ihe interior of iiie iioiler, ns shell h ieiiiziiiei-l'lilly describe. in uiirliiien io these ibz'iiurcs. ihni portion oi' Lilo lioiler ."r obere ihc iinnge is provided with n'sirzinjo or bend, i', :nui n wire, il, which is secured rigidly; le .sind boiler n. shortJ distance from he inside el" ihe houd, so ns to provide ineens l'or he pussun'eol iheusceuding,` stoom, whil'l uit ille huw nl' llie l-ioiier, undushoridis tunen ubore iis hoiiom, if@ nrrnngcil n coni ulslmpoh pluie, i", hnring un :run-uhu' series o( wherci'iji ri boiler A nino pro.
ernziroiiiug flushed iin holes, p, through which the waiter from the iron i Si.' pesos 'in smufli jets. ily this consirnriion siii-nin is more quickly generni'ed than il' the whole body ol' sluier were brought dr reoiiy nvoinsi. the hoiioni of ihe boiler. This eneirclioffrire l is designed to furnish the f for supper-Ling the dish or r' el l, wir h in iziie present instance is the vessel tha; enters ihr: lower portion of the boiler, und muy come in dire/e5 cominci. with the wuer hcrein cof. einen. wir second dish or vessel, C, is supported upon the top of the vessel B, its contents being protected by a. cover or lid, I), as shown in Fig. 2. It' the circumstances. require it, another dish or Vessei--sneh as the performed dish .li-may be employed, in which cose the seid dish would 'ind u sont upon the upper edge of the boiler, und between said boiier :rnd e; suitable cover. In the use oi' the cooker either one or more of these dishes may he employed, and thedishes being cach provided with wire eyes e, are readily removed i'roni the interior of the boiler hy o. suituhlebnil (uol: shown) vwith which the eyes c are engaged.
The cover .Fof the cooker is of peculiar format-ion, und being oi' o. diameter somewhat larger than the diameter o1 the boiierbis designed no pass over rue upper portion of said boiler, with iis lower edge resting upon she enei reihig-hongo b, therein formed. ln the upper portion of the cover is n diaphragm or plete, (i, from which extends upwardly o. tube, H, through which iuhestcnmpusscs as it; lenves the nluic G- und the iop of the cover, iinds un oublet through un annular series of perforations,
y, formed near the outer circumference of the diaphragm G, ns shown in Figa 2.
It will be observed the diaphragm is depressed nenr the annuler series of peri'orations, thereby forming a seni; for the upper edge oi' the hoilc.i,nnd permitting the steam, :is it escapes through the perforations, to be discharged in the splice between the outside of bhe boiler and the inside of the oever.
From the foregoing description il; is munifcsithat water being poured into the trough A oi' the boiler passes through the holes p in thc lpluto l und enters the interior of said.` boiler. The slieeni es it is generated passes upward through the upper open cud of tho conical plnte,nnd thence uroundthe dishes into the cover F.' The ascending stormy, as iii passes through the inbe H, impinges upon the under surface of the top of the cover and heats suidsurface. The steam, nicer entering the chamber or stennrsp '.rcobetlween tl i o diaphragm G und top of cover, is deiieeted downward and passes through the annuler :series ofperi'ora.- tions g, und thence into the space between the boiler und cover, where, in its further descent, ib moois currents ol' cold nir entering u series whenee it passes through orher openings, m,Y in the boiler sind is returned to the inside oi the some. By this arrangement. n eont-innons circulation of steam is maintained during the entire period the cooker is in use, and by di rooting the body oi steam. against the ninler side oi" he top of the cover it. is nienii'est, if :L coffee-pot or other vessel he placed upon the Cover, the steam will keep the contents ol' soin vessel ai; n boiling-heno The boiler A is provided vwith n ihneet., L, by'meons of whieh hoi; water non he drawn from theinterior of the boiler forsneh lomos tie purposes moy be desired.
Hoving thus described niy inrenioinwhot I claim os new, find desire to secure by Leiters Potent, is
l. The boiler A, in Combination with the cover F, o diaphragm orplafe, G, in the npper portion thereof having an opening in sziid 'plate for the passage of the steam, and on an nnlar series oi' perforations, g, through which the steam is discharged, substentioll y osherein described:
2. The combination, with o. suitohlyer'- ranged boiler, of a cover inelosing the upper end of the boiler and haring :i diaphragm or plate, G, in its upper portion, o tube, il, pro.-
35 jecing into the chamber between the dinphragni lsind top of the cover, en annnlurseries of discharge-perforations near the outer eirenrnfere'nee of the diaphragm, and o series of inlet-openings at the lower edge of the oever suitable handles or hails on' the cover and f Series of pei'forotions, m, in the iower poriion 4 5 of the boiler communicating with the trough, in Combination with fi Cover havngo (liaphrzigm, (i, in its upper portion pro'virledn'ih a tribe, H, sind an :innnlzir series of dischargeA perform-ions, o, and n series of colli-oir inlets 50 :it the base oi' the Cover, whereby the steam, aller being,` condensed, is deposited on the flange and is returnedV to the inteior o( the boiler, substantially :is and for the purpose deseribsxl An improved stennreooker, comprising the combination ol' the boiler A, having e, perforated exterior'lunge, o trough beneath the perforntions of the flange, a series of periorzitionsin the onse of the boiler eoinmnnr 6o eating with the trough, the dishes or vessels B, C, and ll within the boiler, o cover nelosing the upper portionof the sinne and provided with diaphragm or platte, G, with tnioel E projecting therefrom, an nnnnlzirseries of dis 65 eliargeepertures, g, nonrthe outer circumfer-l yence of the diaphragm, n series of Vcold-air inlets at the buse of the cover, a foncer, communicating with the interior ofthe boiler, ond4 70 boier, substantially as herein described.
in testiinonywhereof l :ilii x my signature in presence of two witnesses. i
.H ENI-LY lTT ROBERT?. Vifitnesses:
H. R. Lnwis, L. i-V. VfrL'rsrE.
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