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    • B43K5/00Pens with ink reservoirs in holders, e.g. fountain-pens
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www Q a o c o 5 @num/bow @MUM/4M4 WM @331g @Houtem N. PETERS. Pnnmlmmgwnen wmingm. D. c,
SPECIFICATION forming part; of Letters Patent No. 348,395, dated August 31l 1886.
Application filed MaylT, 1866. Serial No. 202,420. (No model.)
To aZZ whom, it may concern:
Be it known that I, WILHELM H. HILDE- BRAND, a citizen of the United States,residing at Indianapolis, in the county of Marion and State of Indiana, have invented a new and use ful Improvement iu Fountain-Pens, of which the following is a specification.
My invention relates to an improvementin that class of fountain-pens in which ink is supplied to the pen-point from a reservoir formed in the pelrstock.
The object of my improvement is to prevent variations of volume in the air contaiuedin the ink-reservoir from interfering with the regular iiow of the ink.
rlhe accompanying drawings illustrate my invention.
Figure lis a front elevation. longitudinal section at a, Fig. l.
A is an open tube, which forms the ink-reservoir and also the pen-stock.
B is the pen-holder, which isadapted to receive and hold the ordinary pen-point, C. Said pen-holder is screwed into and closes one end of tube A, and a short tube, d, conducts the ink from the reservoir-to the penpoint.
D is an air-chamber,which is screwed into and closes the upper end of tube A. A tube, E, of small diameter, extends from the bottom of chamber D nearly to the opposite end ofthe reservoir, and a second tube, F, is sccured lo the side ol' tube E, and communicates with the interior of said tube E at e, and with the reservoir at f. The lower end of tube Fis closed by a plug, z', which, for the purpose of cleaning the tube, is removable. Near the lower end of tube Z is a valveseat, j, to which is fitted a conical valve, k. Valve l; is mounted on a Valve-rod, Z, which passes through tubes (Z and E and air-chamber D, and out through ashorttube, m, which has aninteriorscrew-thread. The upper end of Fig. 2 is a rod Z is screw-threaded, and engages the tube m, the valve Zt being opened and closed by A portion ofthe screwturuing the rod.
threaded portion of rod Z is cutaway along one side, to permit the air to pass into or out of chamber D.
a is a cup-shaped collar secured to rod Z, for 5o the purpose of intercepting any ink which may work outward along the rod. The lower end of tube E is contracted so as to it closely to the rod Z, and prevent the ink from passing from the reservoir into said tube.
In operation, reservoir A having been nearly iilled with ink, valve le is opened by screwing rod Z outward, and the ink flows through tube (Z, and is discharged on the under side of the pen-point. As the ink ilows out 6o of reservoir A, its place is filled by air from chamber D, passing through tubesE and F to the upper part of the reservoir. In case the air in the reservoir becomes heated and thereby expanded, instead of causing a greater pressure on the ink, and an increased iow, as heretofore in this class of pens, the eXtra volume of air passes out ot' the reservoir through tubes F and E. Vith this construction, valve Zt having been once adjusted t0 per- 7o mit the ow of a suitable supply of ink, a regular flow is maintained u'ntil the reservoir is emptied.
I claim as myinvention- 1. In a fouiitaiupen, a reservoir, A, airchamber D, and tubes E and F, communicating at e, all combined and arranged to co-operate as and for the purpose specified.
2. In afountain-pen, the ink-reservoir, the air-chamber, tubes E and F, communicating 8o at e, the detachable pen-holder having tube d, provided with an interior valve-seat, the valve, the valve-rod extending through tubes eZ and E, and means, substantially as shown and described, for adjusting said valve-rod and valve, all combined and arranged to co operate as specified.
Vit nesses:
H. I). Hoon, V. M. Hoon.
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