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Specification of Letters Patent No. 32,638, dated June 25, 1861.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, GEORGE A. hilrrcnnim, of Turner, in the county of Androscoggin and State of Maine, have invented a new and useful Method of Securing the Upper, the Soles, and the Heels of Boots and Shoes Together; and I` hereby declare that the following specification, in connection with the accompanying drawings and letters of reference marked thereon, constitute a full, clear, and exact description of the construction` application, and use of the same.

'In referring to the said drawings, Figure l, denotes a side elevation of a shoe with my invention applied thereto. Fig. L), an inverted plan of the same a portion D, of the heel being detached. Fig. 3, the detached portion D of the heel.. Fig. 4, a section on line A. B, when the part D, Figs. 2 and 3, is attached to the shoe. Fig. 5, a transverse section on line G, D, Figs. l and et, and showing` the parts beyond. Fig. G, an end view of the portion D, of the heel. Fig. 7. a plan of the pad or piece E of the heel. Fig. S, an inverted plan of a portion of sole I3, and piece E.

Invention-The' nature of my invention consists in securing the outer and inner soles and the upper between them, iirmly together at the heel portion of the shoe or boot, by a pad of metal or any suitable material, -covering this portion of the soles, and secured firmly thereto by screws, rivets, or by any desired means and to which the outer portion of the heel is secured, thus making an indestructible heel portion to the boot or shoe, and effectually securing the heel' thereto; all as will be hereafter seen.

Construction-filo enable persons skilled in the art to which my invention appertains to construct and carry out the sam'e I will describe it as follows.

The boot or shoe may be constructed in any desired form or manner, or as seen in the drawings, the upper being seen at A, the outer sole at B, and the inner sole at C. The outer sole B, Ymust be cut short at its heel end, seen at r, Fig. 4L, which is also a matter of economy as well a's necessity resultant from my invention: and to still further economize in material, the sole' B, may end at red line a., Fig. S, and the piece ll'. added to complete the desired length of sole; thus saving an important portion of every outer sole, which saving may be replaced or made good by pieces of waste leather. I now construct a pad seen at E, Figs. 2, el., 5, 7, and 8, which is so formed that its surface will conjoin with the sole B, at the heel, of the shoe or boot, and secure it thereon and to the inner sole C, and 'also the upper between the soles; by screws n, or rivets, or by any efficient means, thus overlapping the piece II, and firmly securing this entire part of the heel to the boot or shoe, and firmly together, thereby cheaply, imparting a great durability to it.

A slot J, 2, 7, and S, is formed through the pad E through or into vwhich the spring -F, may be sprung in putting on the outer portion D, of the heel, the spring F, is secured to the pad E, by rivets z', z'. The circular edge of pad E, must be in the same plane, even, true, and uniform. I now constructthe outer portion of the heel seen at D, of metal or any suitable material or substances, and form la channel or groove, or projecting edges around in the inner part and near the top of it, as seen at a., Figs. il, 5, and G, so that by this groove or projection the portion D of the heel may be slid and firmly held upon the pad E, the edges of which fit snugly into groove a, tosecure part D, to the shoe or boot efficiently and beyond the contingency of removal by accidentas well as to prevent ingress of water or dirt into the interior of the heel.

In sliding on the portion-D, to the pad E, the spring F, is sprung into the slot J, and when the part D, is in its place as seen in Figs. l, d, and 5, then the end of spring F. will recoil and remain against surface 7c, of part D, of the heel which prevents its slid ing back or moving from pad E, andfrom the shoe or boot: a catch or button may be used in lieu ofspring F.

I form a slot in part D, and seen at c, Figs. 4:, 5, and 6, into which the key Gr, may he inserted the point pressing the spring F, into slot J, so that the part D, can be readily removed for renewal or for changing them from shoe to shoe to secure an evenness of wear where the tendency is to wear unevenly or run down. v

hole may be drilled through portion D, as seen at e, and a wire inserted to press down the spring F, to allow portion D, to be removed, this hole c, being filled with a piece of cork or otherwise, to prevent ingress of water or dirt, and I prefer this method of removal to that previously described.

rIhe entire expense of my within described heel is much less than a leather heel; they need no repairs, and they are far more durable than any shoe or boot and. capable of being readily Changed from right to left, and vise Versa, by any person Wearing them, they are also lighter than the leather heel, and the part D, may be cast with its under surface chilled hard for great durability. The pad E, may be made of sheet iron, and it adds great strength to the heel portion of the shoe or boot. The spring- F, may be made of either iron or steel as may be desired. The 'part D, ina-y be colored bleek .by zly of the known processes for that pur- 15 by screws or rivets, for securing the heel 20 portion of the boot or shoe rmly together as described, und for receiving the heel, to be thereon secured for the purpose set forth.


witnesses JAMES B. VALKER,


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