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lA/VE/VTO/i Afforney mr w kr WlT/VESSES 025%. 1%MM N. PETERS, Phuhrlilhc'nphar, Washin tum D46.
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Patented May 13, 1884. 1.5.3.
N. PETERS. Pholo-Lkhognphnn wuhin ton, D. C.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 298,674, dated May 13, 1884. Application filed January 12, 1884. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that 1, JAMES L. DONNELLY, a citizen of the United States, residing at New York, in the county of New York and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Goin Holders and Deliverers, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawings.
This invention relates to certain improvements in money holders and deliverers; and it has for its objects to providea device or apparatus in which coins of different denominations may be collected and retained, each denomination in a separate receptacle, and from which the coins may be delivered with accuracy and rapidity, as required, to make change.
The invention further has for its objects to provide for locking the device securely,when required, to prevent the abstraction of the coin, to provide a drawer for the reception of notes, which may be securely locked, and to provide an alarm which will give forth a succession of sounds before the parts can be unlocked, and thus indicate when the parts are being unlocked, in order to prevent the fraudulent manipulation of the devices.
The above-mentioned objects I attain by the means illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 represents a perspective view of my invention 5 Fig. 2, a transverse vertical sectional view thereof on the line y y of Fig.
3; Fig. 3, a view with the top removed and a portion of the box broken away. Fig.4 rep resents a sectional view of the lower part of the box through the line 00 x of Fig. 3, showing the alarm mechanism. Fig. 5 represents a detached View of the alarm mechanism. Fig. 6 represents a detached cross-section of one of the money-receptacles, and Fig. 7 rep resents a detached view of a modification of one of the slides forming part of the delivering mechanism. Fig. 8 represents a detail perspective of the transverse shaft and the plates attached thereto.
A indicates a box or casing of wood or other suitable material, which is divided into two compartments by a horizontal partition, B.
In the lower compartment is located a moneydrawer, 0, having suitable knobs, M, in front, as shown. The forward end of the box is provided with a vertical extension, D, the front of which is glazed, for the purpose hereinafter described.
E indicates a series of money or coin receptacles, which are arranged at the front of the box, within the same, in a vertical position, their upper ends being supported in the top of the vertical extension D, through which they pass. These receptacles consist of octagonal or other polygonal tubes, open longitudinally in front, so that the collected coins may be perceived and counted, or their number indicated by a suitable scale at the front of the glazed portion of the box. The horizontal partition B, below each coin receptacle, and directly under it, is provided with an aperture, through which the coin may be delivered to the drawer below or into the hand of the attendant. Above the partition B, at the front of the box, is located a partition, F, which is provided with a series of circular openings, G, of the sizes of the respective coins, one of such openings being directly under each of the tubular coin-receptacles before mentioned. Between the partition B and the partition F are arranged to work the slides H, which are provided with circular openings of the size of the coin held in the receptacle above. These slides H, on their lower sides, have secured to them semicircular plates F, which, with the stationary plates 1, secured to the partition, form seats for the coin in the holders or receptacles, and permit the same to drop below when the slides are operated for the purpose as more fully hereinafter specified.
To each of the slides at the rear is pivoted a link, R, which is also pivoted to a lever, L, fulcrumed to the partition, the saidlevers being each attached by a pivot to areciprocating rod, L, by which the slide is operated to move back and forth. The rods L extend through the front of the box, and are provided with buttons. or knobs M. The levers L are hel'dnormally,so as to hold the slides normally by means of the springs N.
P indicates a transverse shaft, which projects at one end through the side of the box, and is squared, as indicated at the letter Q, to receive a key by which it may be turned. The said shaft is provided with cranks S T, as indicated. To the crank S is secured a rod, S, connecting with a lock-lever, U, fulcrumed in a slot, V, in the partition B in such position that its rear end may be made to engage the rear of the drawer and lock it when required, as indicated at the letter V in Figs. 3 and 4.
To the crank T is secured one end of a spiral spring,X,which operates to move the shaft P, in connection with the key, to lock and unlock the device. The shaft is provided with a ratchet-wheel, Y, having the ratchets extending around a portion of its periphery, which successively engage a pawl, Z, on the end of a hammer lever, A, fulcrumed to the inside of the box, and cause the hammer to strike a succession of blows upon an alarmbell, B, when the shaft is rotated, to unlock the device. The shaft is also provided with a series of plates, 0, which set up against the delivery-openings of the coin-holder when the device is locked, and thus securely close the same.
To the upper part of the vertical extension of the box is secured a frame, D, having a series of hoppers, E, provided with slots of a length equal to the diameters of the respective coins. These slots are directly over the coin-receptacles, so that the coins thrown into the hoppers will fall into the receptacles below.
The drawer may be divided into a series of compartments for the reception of notes or bills.
The advantages of my invention will be apparent from the above description.
It will be evident that the coins, if properly distributed to the hoppers, will fall directly into the respective holders, and by reason of their polygonal shape will drop rapidly to their seats, as there will be no resistance by reason of confined air below, the air escaping at the corners of the tube. Then the coins are seated, it will be seen that they can be removed one at a time by pressing on the push buttons or knobs, so as to fall into the front of the drawer or directly in the hand of the attendant having charge of the device. The number of the coins can be readily perceived through the glazed front of the device, so that a strict account of the same may be kept, and the whole device may be securely locked when desired, and guarded against unlocking by a repeating-alarm,which renders the device se cure against fraudulent manipulation.
In the modification shown in Fig. 7 the slide is provided with an arm extending through the front of the box, so that it can be operated directly by pushing it to the rear, thus dispensing with the levers necessary when operated in the opposite direction, as above mentioned.
Having thus described my invention,what I claim,and desire to secure by Letters Patent, 1s
1. The combination, with the box, of the drawer arranged therein, the transverse shaft, the alarm, and mechanism for operating the same, the plates secured to the shaft, and the lever locking device connected to a crank on the transverse shaft by a rod, and extending through a slot in the back of the box and engaging with the back of the drawer to lock the same, all the parts being arranged to operate substantially as described.
2. The combination, with the verticalholders and horizontal partition at the base of the same, of the slides provided with circular openings, and having semicircular plates secured to their under sides, the operating pushbars extending through the partition, the lever connecting them to the plates, the spring connected to the lever, the stationary plates secured to the partition, the transverse shaft. and the plates secured thereto, all operating as and for the purpose specified.
3. The combination, with the coin-recepta eles, of the slides and mechanism for operating the same, and the transverse shaft and locking devices, and the plates for closing the coin-receptacles, substantially as specified.
4. The combination, with the locking devices and the transverse shaft operating the same, and the plates secured to the shaft, of the alarm consisting of a ratchet-wheel having a part only of its periphery serrated and being secured on the transverse shaft, a pawl secured to the hammer-lever and operating the same, and a bell secured to the box, all operating to lock the device and to give a definite number of alarms when the same is unlocked, substantially as described.
In testimony whereof I affix my signature in presence of two witnesses.
Witnesses CHAS. D. DAVIS, J. J. lvicClxn'rnv.
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