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Patented Nov. 20, 1883. Fig] :1
7 t. Y I:
N. PEYERS. mlm n mr, wzminmm D. c.
srncrrrcnrron forming part of Letters Patent No. 288,912, dated November 20, 1883.
Application filed February 13, 1883. No model.)
To all whom it may concern.-
Be it known that I, GEORGE H. ALLEN, of Ayer, county of Middlesex, State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improvement in Spindles for Spinning Machines, of which the following description, in connection with the accompanying drawings, is a specification, like letters on the drawings representing like parts.
The object of my invention is the production of a spindle in which that portion of it which carries thebobbin is unaffected by the band-pull, and is always free to move to find its true center of rotation, irrespective of the tension of the band instrumental in driving the said spindle.
My invention consists in a whirl spindle provided with an oil-holding sleeve extended upward into the base of the bobbin, and with a pintle below the band-groove of the whirl, a support for the whirl-spindle, a metal bushing placed loosely in the oil in the sleeve of the whirl-spindle, combined with a bobbincarrying spindle, and with a pin or projection to connect the latter and the said. bushing and sleeve loosely, but insuretheir rotation together, the said sleeve and' bolster being adapted to extend above the whirl of the whirlspindle into the base of the bobbin and form a support for the bobbin-carrying spindle at a point above the bottom of the bobbin, as will be described. I
My invention also consists in awhirlspindle having a tubular sleeve above and a hollow pintle below the whirl thereon, and meansto support the whirl-spindle, combined with a bobbin carrying spindle connected loosely with the said whirl-spindle, and providedwith a pintle to enter the hollow pintle of the whirlspindle, as will be described.
Figure 1 shows in elevation aspindle with a bobbin, whirl-spindle, and parts to sustain the said spindles, in section; and Figs. 2 and 3, similar views of modifications to be referred to.
The step-rail a has attached to it a support, I), which receives the bolster 0, preferably extended upward nearly to the top of the support, and provided with suitable passages for oil. The bolster receives the foot or pintle 2 of whatl herein denominatethe whirl-spindle d, it being composed of the said pintle, awhirl,
3, and a connected upwardly-extended sleeve or portion, 4, the latter being herein shown as a sleeve, chambered from its upper end downward for a suflicient distanceto receive loosely the bushing or tube a, in which is placed the lower end of the spindle f, that receives and retains adhesively upon it and drives the bobbin 9, the latter being cham- 6o bored at its lower end to surround but not touch the whirl-spindle. The bushing or tube c, placed in the sleeve 4, serves as alateral bearing for the bobbin-carrying spindle at a point above the bottomof the bobbin, and by placing the said bushing or tube loosely into a larger space in the sleeve 4 I am enabled to leave a free space between the outside of the said bolster or tube and the inside of the sleeve, in which the said spindle and bolster or tube may move radially in any direction in the presence of oil in the said sleeve, the said oil acting as a packing or cushion. The pintle 2 of the whirl-spindle has a running fit in the bushing c, and is kept lubricated by oil in 7 5' the space I) of the support, covered by the screw-cap 71 The pin on, held by the sleeve or portion 4, is extended loosely into holes of larger diameter than it in the spindle and in the bushing, so that while the bushing and the spindle in it together have the necessary amount of freedom to enable the spindle to move and center itself to its load, as is well understood, the said pin will prevent the spindle and bushing from rotating independently of the whirl-spindle. When the spindle is running in true central position, the bushing 6 will not touch the interior of the sleeve 4; but a'space will be left between the said parts for the reception of oil, which will work in between the said parts and constitute a thin film to serve as a cushion to lessen or obviate the jar which, to some extent, might be felt or experienced if the bushing and sleeve 4 ran in contact. The whirlspindle may be of 5 cast-iron, and all in one piece, or may be composed of separate but connected parts. The bobbin and bobbin-carrying portion of the spindle f, held as shown and described, and
driven from the whirl-spindle by the connect- 10o ingpin in, is free to center itself to the load in or with relation to the whirlspindle, irrespective of the pull of the usual driving-band, which will be applied to the whirl 3, as usual. The spindle f may have a pintle, n, to extend down into a hole or chamber made in the pintle of the whirl-spindle below the whirl. In Fig. 2 the pintle of the spindle is extended down a little farther into the pintle of the whirl-spindle than in Fig. 1. The pintle on the spindle adds to the steadiness of the spindle. In Fig. 3 the supportb or oil-cup is dispensed with, and the band-receiving portion is made as a collar, thus making a sleeve-whirl. If desired, the space between the bushing c and the sleeve 4 of the whirl-spindle may be made large enough to receive an elastic or fibrous packing made as abraided tube, such as shown in the Rabbeth Patent No. 227 ,129.
I do not claim a whirl-spindle on the upper portion of which is mounted a socketto receive the ball-like end of a bobbin-carrying spindle, the said spindle having an independent stationary bearing above its lower end, a bearing attached to and held by a fixed part of the frame of the machine, and in which the spindle is placed to be revolved.
I claim 1. The whirlspindle provided with the oilholding sleeve extended upward into the base of the bobbin, and with a pintle, 2, below the .for the bobbin-carrying spindle from above the band-gr0ove of the whirl-spindle to a point above the bottom of the bobbin, substantially as described.
2. The whirl-spindle having a tubular sleeve, 4, and hollow pintle, and means to support the said whirl-spindle, combined with a bob- 45 bin-carrying spindle connected loosely with the said whirl-spindle, as described, and provided with a pintle, a, to enter the hollow pintle of the whirl-spindle, substantially as described.
In testimony whereofI have signed my name to this specification in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.
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