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. 2 Sheets-Sheet '1. O. F..SILGOTT.
(No Model.)
Patented Jan.3'0,1883.
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SHIPTING CASE. No. 271,283. Patented Jan. 30, 1883.
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UNrrED ATES Parent rrrca.
SPECIFICATION forming g rt ofLetters Patent No. 271,283, dated January 30, 1883.
T 0 all whom it may concern:
Be it known that l, OSCAR SILoo'r'i, of Felicity, in the county of Glen nt and State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Shippingses, of which the following; is a specification My invention relates to tha ping -cases known as knoc own cases, which, when not in use, or whe they are to be shipped empty, can be taken a1 rt sufficiently to be packed in aspacemuch s n tllerthan that occupied by the case when fill l, and my invention has special reference t the construction of the case to move readil and adapt it to the purposes to be served.
class of ship- The various features of myii ention will be apparent from the following a .scription and the drawings.
Referring to the drawings, 1 ming part of this specification, Figure l i a perspective view of the case as it appears hen ready to be tilled, the top being reinov Fig. 2 represents the under side of on of the heads. Fig. 3 represents a transverse ction through the case. Fig. 4 is an enlarg 1 detail view, illustrating the manner of cont cting the ends of the frame-work forming t body of the case. Fig. 5 is an enlarged p "spective "iew of one of the loops bywhich th heads are-connected to the body. Fig. 6 i a perspective sectional view,the section bein taken through the longitudinal center of the. ass. Fig. 7 is a perspective view,showing th anner of connecting the head to the staves The body or frame A consis of any desired number (preferably a multiple four) of staves or slats, a,eachof which iscon cted near each end to a hoop or band, B, of fl ible metal by means of rivets or screws. f desired, another band may be placed no the center of the staves; but this will not necessary unless the case is to be very lar or the goods to be shipped very heavy. is case is designed especially for shipping ruit and vegetables, and for this purpose s ght spaces are left between the various stave to permit of a free circulation of air within he case. The opposite ends of the bands B. re not secured together as in an ordinary ho but each end of the band is bent around th tave nearest to ication filed September 18, 1882.
(No model.)
1 the end, as shown in Fig. 4, leaving loops 1),
in one of which loops is placed a double eye, 0. When the case is tobe set up for filling one of the loops b is placed between the branches of the double eye in the loop at the opposite end of the band, and a spring-pin or key, D, is passed through the double eye and the loop, and the two ends of the band are thus securely held together and the body in Fig. 1. Each end of the several staves or slats are beveled at the expense of the inner face, and the periphery of each head E is beveled at the expense of its inner face, the latcaused to assume a cylindrical shape,as shown ter bevel corresponding in degree to the bevel 6;
of the ends of the stares. ()ne of these heads E being placed at either end of the body and retained by appropriate means, the body is retained in a cylindrical shape, and the bevels prevent the heads from entering the body too far.
Various means may be employed for retaining the heads in position with relation to the body; but] prefer the means shown in the drawings as being the simplest and the most effective. secured a number (preferably four) of loops, (1, at equal distances apart around the said head. The number of staves a being a multiple of To the inner face of each head is four, and there being four of the loops d located at equal distances apart around the heads E, no matter in what position the head is turned, the loops 01 will coincide with and engage the ends of the staves. When the head has been placed in position a spring-key,
c, is passed through an opening, f, in each loop, and through the ends of the staves in the loops, the keys being retained in position by their inherent elasticity, and thus the heads are held firmly in position.
It is desirable'that the openings fin the loops (1 be countersunk, and the heads of the keys 6 be so shaped as to enter the countersunk portion, by which constructionthe heads of the keys will not interfere with the rolling 5 of the case. When it is desired to remove either or both heads the keys 0 may easily be withdrawn, after which the head may be lifted from the body.
The form of loop which Ipreferis that shown 1 O0 amnes a in Fig. 5, and at the lower part of Fig. 2; but loops of the forms shown at the upper edge or Fig. 2 may, if preferred, be used.
In shippingdelicate fruits it is desirable that the case be divided into compartments, to pre-.
vent too great a quantity from being crowded together, and for this purpose any desired number of movable partitions, F, may be employed, which partitions are heldin the desired positions by means of notched sticks G, which are made a little wider than the thickness of the staves a and thin enough to enter the spaces between the staves. The edges ofthese sticks, which project into the case, are provided with any desired number of notches, 9, preferably made quite close together. The peripheries ot' the partitions F are provided at intervals corresponding to the points at which it is desired to place the sticks G with notches h. These partitions may be placed in the case and pushed down to the desired point and then slightly turned, the edge engaging in the notches g in the sticks G, a little care being taken to cause the partition to engage the notches in the various sticks located at equal distances from thetop or bottom. In this way each partition is held securely in position. For shipping the more hardy fruits and vegetables these partitions are not needed, and may be dispensed with.
When the case is to'be filled it is put together after the manner described, leaving out one head, and the contents are then to be placed in the case. If the partitions are to be used, the desired quantity of fruit is placed in the case and a partition inserted and secured, which operation is continued till the case is filled, when the remaining head is to be secured in position.
When the empty case is to be packed away ortreturned it may be taken apart by simply withdrawing the various spring-keys. When taken apart a large number of these cases may be packed in a space which would contain but simple, and the bevel on the ends of the staves and around the heads makes the case very firm when put together.
I am aware that shipping-cases have in some instances been so constructed as to be taken apart for shipment, and I do not therefore claim this feature, broadly. g
The various features of my invention are preferably used together; but one or more of said features may be applied without the others to shipping-cases of any suitable construction.
What I claim as new and of mv invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is as follows:
1. The combination of the body A, constructed substantially as described, and the heads E, provided with loops (1, engagingwith the ends of the staves a, and held in position by means of spring-keys e, substantially as and for the purposes specified.
, 2. The body A, consisting of a series of staves or slats, a, secured to flexible bands B, the ends of said bands being bent around one of the slats to form loops I), a double eye, 0-, being -retained in one of said loops, the other loop being retained between the branches of the eye 0 by a bolt or key, I), substantially as and for the purposes specified.
3. The body A, consisting of a number of staves separated by interspaces, in combination with auxiliary strips G, located in said interspaces, and provided with a number of notches, g, and the adjustable partitions F,provided with notches h, for engaging with said .strips, substantially as and for the purposes specified.
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