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2 Sheets-Sheet A1. A. R. YOUNG.
v (Model.)
No. 264,400. Patented sept.v12', 1a8z.
d. d. ,uw mq, um I t I d (Model.) 2 Sheets-Sheet 2.
A.R. YOUNG. y FEED -WATEE HEATER. No. 264,400. Patented Sept. 12.1882.
FEED-WATER H EATEFLV SPECIFICATION forming part Aof Letters Patent N o. 264,400, dated September 12, 1882.
Application tiled April 22, 1882. (Model.)
To all 'whom 'it may concer-n Be it known that I, AUeUs'rUsR. YOUNG, ofStillwater, in the county of Washington, and in the State ot'Minnesota, haveinven ted certain new and useful Improvements in Feed-Water Heaters for Boilers; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof', reference being had to the accompanying drawings, making a part of this specication, in which- Figure l is a perspective View of my apparatus from the rear as applied to a boiler, the casing ot said boiler being indicated by dot ted lines. Fig.'2 is a front elevation of the" same, and Fig. 3 is a central longitudinal section of said boiler as set and provided with my apparatus.
Letters ot' like name and kind refer to like parts in each or" the gures. v i
The design of my invention is to utilize a portion of the waste heat within the lire-box or smoke-box of a steam-boiler by causing the same to heat the feed-water; and to this endit consists principally in combining with a steam-boiler water-pipes arranged across the rear end thereof, within the smokearch, and connected with the mud-drum, and pipes connecting said water-pipes with the steam-space ot' said boiler, whereby feed-water may be heated by being conveyed in a zigzag course from a point above said boiler downward to said drum, andtsteam generated within said pipes may pass directlyinto said boiler, substantially as and for the purpose hereinafter speciiied.
`It consists, further, in the means Aemployed for connecting the feed-water pipes with the steam-space ot' the boiler, substantially as and for the purpose hereinafter shown.
My invention is designed more especiallyrfor use in connection with the ordinary return-flue boilers, such as are employed upon Steamers navigating the Mississippi and its tributaries, although it may be. applied with equal advantage to other forms ot' boilers, and its operation will be sufficiently' illustrated by showing it as employed in connection with said returniiue boilers. i
ln the annexed drawings, A represents a :return-flue boiler of usual form, which has its lower portion inclosed with brick or oven B, so as to form beneath its front end a ire;box, and
from the saine to and in rear of its rear end a tlue, O, through which the gaseous products of combustion may pass from said lire-box to and into -the iues t of said boiler, through which tlues said gases pass forward to and into a smokstack, all inthe usual way.
At the rear end of the boiler A, within the smoke-line O, is 'a pipe, D, which extends in a zigzag form transversely across said tlue, with its upper end above the boiler-dues t and connected with awater-supply and its lower end beneath the bottom of said flue C and connected with a mud-drum, E, or in other manner placed in communication with said boiler, whereby water may be supplied to the latter to compensate for the loss occasioned by conversion into steam, leakage, &c.
The pipe D is arranged with its returnfbends d outside of the casing B, so as to be easily accessi-ble, and from each of said bends a pipe, F, extends forward and upward to and is connected with a pipe, G, which extends to and communicates with the upper portion or steamspace ot' the boiler A.
The apparatus is now complete andoperates as follows, viz; rlhe feed-water for the boiler A enters thc upper end of thepipe D, at which point is provided a check-valve, d', and from thence passes downward through said pipe, and tinally enters said boiler. Theheating escaping products of combustion from the lirebox, passing rearward through the ilue C, impinge upon said pipe and impart to the same and to its liquid contents a portion of their heat, after which they pass into and through the boiler-dues a. The heat receivedy by the water within the pipe D is sufticient to raise its temperature to or above the boiling-point, so as to cause the production of steam, which steam, instead of forming an obstruction to the free passage of water through said pipe, escapes through the pipesF and G into the boiler A, leaving said water free in its movements.
If desired, the sides as well as the rear end of the smoke-flue may be provided with water and steam pipes, or the same may be placed within the lire-box or smoke-box, it being a matter ofconvenience only how extensively and at what points said pipes are applied.
IThe apparatus described enables any desired proportion ot' heat contained within the IOO - be utilized for the heat-ing of feed-Water and the production of steam, and j nstin proportion to the extent of said pipes will be the saving in fuel effected by their use.
In addition to the advantages before stated, the feed-water is heated to suell a pointbefore entering the boiler as to prevent any injury to the plates thereof from unequal expansion, While When the usual apparatus is employed thc telnperature of the feed-water is so much less than that of the boiler as to cause the plates immediately around the inlet to contract and frequently to become ruptured.
Having thus fully Set forth the nature and merits of my invention, what I claim as new 1s l. In combina-tion with a steam-boiler, water-pipes arranged across the rear end thereof, within the smoke-arch, and connected with the mud-drum, and pipes connecting said Waterpipes directly with the steam-space of said boiler, whereby feed-water may be heated by being conveyed in azigzag course from apoint above said boiler downward to said drum, and steam generated Within said pipes may pass directly into said boiler, substantially as and for the purpose specified.
2. In combination with the boiler A, and with the feed-Water pipes D, arranged horizontallyacross the rear end ot' the same, the steam-pipes F, intersecting said pipes D at the bends (l and connecting the saule with the steam-space of said boiler, substantially as and for the purpose shown.
In testimony that I claim the foregoing I have hereunto set my hand this 29th day of' March, 1882.
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