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    • B27C1/00Machines for producing flat surfaces, e.g. by rotary cutters; Equipment therefor





To all whom t may concern:

Be it known that I; HENRY HAYs, of the city and State of New York; have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Machines for Dressing Staves; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the construction and operation of the same, reference being had to the annexed drawing; making part of this specification, wherein- Figure l, is a plan and Fig. 2, is a vertical longitudinal section of my said machine.

Similar marks of reference indicate the same parts.

In machines for dressing staves that have heretofore been constructed, one or more of the following difficulties have arisen; varying length of staves could not be entered in the machine without loss of time resulting from the stroke of the machine requiring to be as great as the longest stave; crooked or winding sta-ves could not be properly dressed unless suiciently thick on account of the parts not accommodating such wind7 and a slight wind is not injurious because it is straightened in trussing the barrel; beside this if the knives take an equally thick shaving from the outer and the inner faces of the stave, the outer surface, in view of a thick shaving being removed; will not be so smooth as if a thin smoothing shaving were removed; and again where thin staves are dressed there may be portions where both knives will not touch; hence the dressing should continue on the outside or convex part of the stave; and the cost, and extent of room heretofore required have been a source of trouble in practically operating machines.

The nature of my said invention consists simply vin the arrangement of pressure rollers with peculiarly formed cutters whereby I am enabled to avoid all the 'difficulties before mentioned; that is to say any stave can be passed into the machine regardless of its length; the wind or twist of split staves does not interfere with the dressing; a thin shaving is taken from the outer or convex side under all circumstances whether the stave is being operated on by the other cutter or not.

My machine is compact, cheap, durable and reliable.

In the drawing a; a, is a frame of wood or metal of suitable size and shape.

Z), is a cross shaft carrying a roller c; which in turn is connected by long cogs f. f with the roller cl on the shaft c; and both rollers are to be driven by a gear wheel g, on the shaft b, and a pinion it, on the shaft z' with a pulley or its equivalent k; to which motive power is applied. The boxes of the shaft e, slide in the side frames o; 0, and the two rollers (c and cl) are kept toward each other by springs r, or their equivalents acting upon slings 20, p.

s, is a cross piece beneath the springs r, and above the lower ends of the slings p; s, is a similar brace shown as broken open in Fig. l, the ends of which rest on the journals of e, at which point the screws g, g, act to regulate the pressure for driving the stave through the machine.

u, is a concave cutter to dress the convex or outer side of the stave and e, is a convex cutter to remove the wood from the inner side of the stave: These cutters are sustained in the frames o; o, by set screws 0c, and a metallic wedge w, serves to keep the cutters apart as well as to adjust the distance the one is from the other by sliding the wedge endwise previous to tightening screws m.

15 is a fixed mouth piece of a concave form corresponding to the knife u and setting between the same and the roller c.

The operation is as follows: Lay the stave on the bed Z, with the smoothest side down, press it into the rollers which being revolved carry the stave through; the inclination of the bed Z; insures the convex side being dressed by the cutter a, and the mouth piece z5, prevents too thick a shaving being removed; the cutter or knife e, dresses out the inner side of the stave making the same uniform in thickness by the removal of a thick or thin shaving, and this is done regardless of the length of stave and without loss of time, because the attendant follows one stave through by the feed of the next.

m; is an incline onto which the completed stave falls.

Having thus described my said invention I remark that I do not claim feeding rollers, as I am aware that the same have been used in planing machines; neither do I claim concave cutters in themselves but I am not aware of any previous instance in which adjustable concave and convex cutters; provided with the mouth have been combined with feed rollers adjusted in their pressure outer side of the stave under all circumstances, and split out more or less from the inner side to reduce the stave to a uniform thickness as specified.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my signature this, fifth day of August, 1859.


on the stave by the means set forth, and these been applied in the manner and for the purpose specified therefor.

What I claim as my invention and desire 5 to secure by Letters Patent is- Dressing staves by a continuous operation regardless of length or thickness, by the combined action of the feed rollers 0, d, and I W'itnesses: cutters u, lv, when said parts are arranged LEMUEL W. SERRELL,

10 as set forth to remove a shaving from the i CHAs. H. SMITH.

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