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(N0 Model.)
Patented Feb. 14,1882.
N. PETERS. Phuln-Lllhugmplvm. \nllmglun. n. c
on NEW YORK, N. Y.
SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 253,570, dated February 14, 1882.
Application filed December 28, 1881.
To all whom tt may concern Beit known that I, JOSEPH WOODWARD, a citizen oftheUnitedStates esiding in the city and county of New York, in the State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Match-Boxes; and I do hereby declare that the following is afull, clear, and exact description of theinvention, which .will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.
My invention is an improvement in matchboxes provided with a compartment for containing a wick or flexible punk; and it consists in providing an open compartment for such wick, from which the wick may be readily taken when used and readily replaced after use, combined with a suitable catch or device for retaining the wick in its compartment when the box is closed. I show one form of such a box in She drawings, in which the lid is hinged to the Figure 1 is a view of such a box empty, and Fig. 2 is a view of such a box filled.
A. is the match-compartment, B a dividingstrip, and O the wick-compartment, provided with a suitable pin or tooth, D, for catching and holding the wick or flexible punk so that it will not slip or pull out when not in use.
In using matches with a wick or flexible punk it is found that generally the wick cannot be fired by the match in a current of air or high wind if the match is struck separately and after ignition is held to the punk, but thatif the match and punk are grasped at the same time, the match having the sulphur end pressing into the punk at the end the punk is to be lighted, and then the match isstruck, the flash of the ignition is always sufticient to fire the punk. In order,however,to accomplish thisconveniently, it is necessary to arrange the box so that when the box is open the full length of the wickis exposed, as distinguished from having only the ends of the wick accessible, so that the wick may be readily and easily taken outof the box for use and replaced therein after use. In combination with such open compartment for the wick, it is necessary to provide a catch or pin to hold the wick within its compartment when the box is closed. To accomplish this I make my box of any suitable material and in any of the usual forms, with angular or rounded cor- (No model.)
ners or sides, and provided with a roughened part on which to strike the match. On one side of the box, and at such a distance from itsouter wall as will leave a compartment of suitable size to contain snugly when the lid is closed the piece of \rick or flexible'punk to be used with it, I place a dividing-strip, B, to separate the matches from the wick; and at one end ofthe compartment for the wick I cut away two semicircular pieces, leaving a tooth or pin, D, projecting, which presses into the wick and retains it in its place when the box is closed, so that it cannot slip outot' the box. The cutaway parts should be cut so far down the side as will allow the wick to be compressed and held snugly in the opening on the side between the lid and the cut-away parts when the lid is closed, and this opening should not be so small that the expansion of the wick will force open the lid. Of course the size of this opening will depend generally upon the strength of the snap used for holding the lid in place when the box is closed and upon the thickness of the flexible punk desired to be used with the box.
If desired, the lid, instead of being hinged, may be made to slide over the box in the form of an outer case or sleeve, of a size to slide vthe wax matches in general use, end t o end, if
I do not limit myself to any form or shape of box, as these may be varied indefinitely, it being necessary in my invention only to have the box provided for the wick with a compartment, which will be open when the box is open, so that the wick can readily be lifted out when it is to be used and replaced after use, such compartment havingasufficientopening at one end to permit the extra length of the wick to project, together with a suitable pin or catch to hold the wick within its compartment when the box is closed, so that it cannot be drawn out.
In use the match is held with its igniting end to the end of the wick intended to be lighted. The match is then struck and the punk ignites at once, even in a strong current of air. In re- "placing the wick in its receptacle the burning end should be laid toward the closed end of the box and the box closed, when the combustion is at once smothered. Of course the wick should fit snugly in its compartment, and the joints between the compartment holding the wick and that holding the matches should be perfectly tight to exclude the air. When the wick has burned away so that it will lie in the box without its end projecting through the cutaway parts, the combustion will also be smothered if the burning end be placed at the closed side of the box, as sufficient air cannot reach the burning end from the opening at D through the body of the wick.
The principal advantages of my invention are convenience in having a box that can be used as a match-box only when desired, and which can also be used as a box for carrying, in addition to the matches, a wick or flexible punk in an open compartment, from which it can be readily lifted out for use and into which it can be laid after use when desired to use the same in the Open air, as in fishing, hunting, 860.; simplicity of arrangement, and cheapness of construction.
l-am aware thatmatch-boxes have been made with a separate tube, open at both ends, for containing a wick; but such boxes are constructed to be used without removing the wick from the box, and are not constructed so that the lighted wick can be readily replaced within the wick-tube, and in such boxes also no device is arranged to hold the Wick within the box.
I am also aware that in arranging wicks in the tube of cigar-lighters, so called, a spur has been attached to a device for actuating the wick in the tube, and I do not claim any such box when the box is closed, substantiallyas.
described and shown.
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