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    • F42B15/00Self-propelled projectiles or missiles, e.g. rockets; Guided missiles
    • F42B15/22Missiles having a trajectory finishing below water surface




No. 245.804. Padzented Aug. 16,1881.

I UNITED STATES JOHN naicssos, or new roan, n. LIUS H. DELAMATER arm eaoses Hindi-lud- Me later st il? a arena FFICE;

MARlNE; "reaseool SPECIFICATION forming part'of Letters Patent 24%,804, dated August 16, 1881.. 7

Application filed May as, 1881.

1.0 an whomit may concern:

Be it known that I, J can ERIcssoN, of the city, county, ,and State of New York, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Explosive Projectiles, of which the following is a specification, reference being had to the ac companying drawings. I

This improvement relates to that class of explosive projectiles known as submarine tor- I0 pcdoes to be projected irom guns placed under water or below the waterdines ot the vessels which carry them.

It consists-in a novel construction of. apro jectile of this class having a wooden body and tail, whereby such body and tail are made capable of resisting the tendency to crush them lengthwiseconsequent upon the force applied to project the projectile from a gun.

Figure 1 in the drawings is a central longi- 2o tudinal section of a torpedo constructed accord ing to myinvention. Fig.2is a rear end View of the same. Fig. 3 is a transverse section of the same on a larger scale in the line :0 a: of

Fig. 1.

The form of the projectile represented is cylindrical at and near its center of displace ment and conical in front and rear thereof, the conical profile ot' the front part or head, B, presenting a greater, and the conical profile of the rear part or tail, 0, a lesser, angle to the axis, thereby providing for a capacious powderehainber in the head for the exploding charge, and producing an elongated tail. ()n the tail are four radial and longitudinal steadying 5 wings orfins, 1 F. The ccntcrol' displacement is intended to be forward of the middle of its length, and the weight of the projectile when charged; and ready for use should be nearly equal to, but not greater than, the volume of o water which it displaces.

The cylindrical portion A of the body is made of a solid piece of wood, with a ring or band,f, of iron firmly secured to its rear by screws i 1'. The tail-piece U is also made of wood, and is solid except that it is bored cen trally for the receptionof an iron rod, which (No model.) Patented in England December 21, 1880. it

fits it tightlyand runs through i ts entirelength with a head at its rear end. The front of the tail-piece has firmly secured to it by screws j j a socket or flanged abutment-piece, receives therearportion theringf-andis secured thereto by screws k k, as best shown in Fig. 3. The rod gabuts against the plate forming the front of the socket h, and it is secured in the wood by iron pins 1 l, inserted transverselythmngh the wood of the tail-piece and'enteeiszg holes in-the red, as best shown in Fig. 1, E iminate I 31 are also represented 'of Wood halving theedges faced with plates of i ma or steel. "Thepowder chainber B'fits over the frontof the wooden body .A lfld is secured thereto by screws 1' l.

The firingdevice orpercussioafuse S, which I is provided in the head of the projectile for firing the explodingciiarge, may be ot'any suitable construction; but I prefer to use a firing device such as is the subject-matter of my application for patent filed June 18, 1881.

The within described construction of the wooden tail-piece with the central rod of iron and the connection of the tail-piece with the wooden body by the iron abutment piece, against which the said central rod abuts, gives the wooden bodyand tail-piece all the strength and support necessary to enable them to resist the impact of the explosive force of the charge of powder employed to discharge the projectile from a gun.

'What I claim as my ii.lvention,and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-- The combination, in a projectile having" a cylindrical body and conical tailpiece of wood, of an iron abutment-piece connecting the said body and tail-piece and a central rod of iron abuttin against said abutment-piece and extending to the rear of the tail-piece, substantially as specified.




h, which o

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