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. (No Model.)
J. B. MOULAND. Steam Ship.-
Patented May/17,1885.
SPECIFICATION forming partof Letters Patent No.` 241,558, dated May 17, 1881.
Application filed December 20, 1880. (No model.)
To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, JOHN E. MoULAND, of Roby, in Lancashire, England, have invented new and useful Improvements in Steamships,
5 of which the following is a specification.
' Myinvention relates chieliy to improvements in the form or shape of steamships for passenger and freight service.
My improved Steamship is covered in at the top with an elliptical or circular dome, or, so to speak, with the bulwarks extended upward and curved until they meet, the covered projections forming an oval root' and au entire covering of the vessel, and it has no outside works except a smoke-stack, a wheel-house, and a wind-sail, and it is lighted from above by means of bulls-eyes or other suitable means of lighting; and that others skilled in the art may better understand thenature and use of my improvement I will illustrate the same bythe accompanying drawings, in which- Figure l is a side elevation of the improved Steamship. Fig. 2 is an end-yiew of one-halt' of the bow. Fig. 3 is an end view of one-half 2 5 of the stern. Fig. 4 is a vertical section of the Steamship in line :c x. Fig. 5 is the hull of an r ordinary vessel as heretofore built. Fig. 6 is a cross-section of the sanne at its greatest width.
Similar letters of reference indicate like 3o parts. t
The letter A represents the Steamship; B,
the wheel-house; C, the wind-sail; D, the upper deck; E, the middle deck; F, the lower deck; G, the hold; K, the keel ;.a, the wheel; b b, &c., bullseyes for lighting the inside; c, d, &c., Ventilating-pipes.
It will be observed by examining the drawings, Figs. 1, 2, 3, 4, that the general form or shape of the Steamship is oval transversely, (see especially Fig. 4;) that the bow is full, and the stern-run fine, so that there is little obstruction to the smooth and easy passage of the crest of the wave over and along the body ofthe ship `and beyond the rudder; that the shape, in fact, of a cross-section of the ship is nearly like that of an egg standin g on its small end from the stem of the ship to its run.
It will also `loe observed that the bottom of the keel is not straight from bow to stern, but
that from about one-third ot' the distance from the bow to the stern the bottom line of' the keel gradually rises toward the bow. This enables the vessel more easily to surmuunt the crest of the wave, and having passed the crest to fall with less dip, and rise out of the water and shake herself more easily from the waterin other words, improves her buoyancy at the head or bow.
Figs. 5 and 6 of the accompanying drawings illustrate the form or sh ape ot' the hull of a vessel as heretofore constructed, and a transverse section of the same at its greatest width, from `which the difference in form from my invention will readily be seen.
The improvements which I seek to cover by Letters Patent are confined chieiiy to the eX- ternal form of the Steamship; the upward curve of the keel and hull from apointathird or a fourth of the distance from the bow to the stern; the full bow, and great rise of door amidships, and the absence ot' all top weight; the exceeding fine stern-run; the covered deck with no outside works save the wheel-house; the curved egg-shaped hull and roof, which will not ship a sea, but allow the waves to roll up its sides and over its top without shipping water or slacking the speed ofthe vessel, and a Steamship the forward part of which will always be dry.
I am aware of the English patent of J oseph|` Burch for improvement in the forms of ships or vessels, of date 1852, No. 160, and of the patent issued to Hans Mortensen, of dateApril 16, 1878, No. 202,453, for improvement in torpedo-boats, and the patent issued to S. S. Merriam, of date October 9, 1866, No. 58,661, for improved submarine and torpedoboats, and of the patent issued to L. D. Phillips, of date November U, 1852, No. 9,389, for improvement in steering submarine vessels; but I do not claim as my invention any of the subjectmatter shown in the patents named.
What I claim as .my invention, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
I. A Steamship of oval cross-section from bow t0 run, and having its upper deck roofed in from bow to stern, in combination with the ventilator and wheel-house placed upon the ridge of said roof, substantially in the manner and for the purpose shown.
2. A partly-immersed steamship of oval cross-section from stem to run, whereof the bow portion ofthe lkeel is sloped upward and forward from about one-third ot' the distance tially in the manner and for the purpose shown and described.
4. A Steamship completely roofed in from stem to stern by a roof of a transverse contour, like that of the large end of an oval, and a longitudinal contour of a convex elliptical or flattened elliptical form, and having a stem which is not conical, but is of the shape of a "ertical full-sided wedge with rounded corners, substantially as shown and described.
Witnesses J. B. KENDALL, S. STEUART.
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