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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 24,031, dated May 17, 1859.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLIAM J osLIN, of the city of Cleveland, in the State of Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Machines for ThrowingBalls by Oentrifu gal Action; and I do hereby declare that the folmake and use my invention, I will now describe its construction and operation.

In the drawings, Figure l is a vertical section. Fig. 2 is a top view with the cap removed. Fig. 3 is aside view of the slide.

In Fig. 1, A represents the legs, upon which is secured the cast-iron bottom B. From said bottom rods or supports rise and sustain cap D. Each of these parts is so adjusted and put together as to form afirm and substantialframe.

p is a crank which operates the bevel-wheel q.

m and n are also two beveled wheels placed at the bottom and top of wheel q and operated by it. Consequently they revolve in opposite directions. V

O is a shaft which passes through a sleeve on bevel-wheel n and up through the center of plate t. On the upper end of said shaft is secured cog-wheel 70, while on the lower end of the same shaft is fastened beveled wheel m. These two'wheels m and It therefore revolvein the same direction and also at the same speed.

iis a circular plate, on the under side of which and in its center is secured bevel-wheel n. Said wheel is for the purpose of operating plate 2'.

F is also a cog-wheel placed cccentrically on and near the periphery of plate 2', and is operated by wheel It, as fully shown in Fig. 2.

G is the barrel, which is firmly secured on cog-wheel F. Said barrel has an upright c3 1- inder at its rear end, which extends up eccentrically into revolving bottom J. The bore of said cylinder descends in a straight line a little below the bore of the barrel, and then turns in a curve toward the breech of the barrel, as fully represented by the line of balls in Fig. 1.

The cylinder and barrelmay be made of one and the same piece of metal, and the object of having the bore of the barrel above that of the cylinder is to prevent more than one ball from escaping at thesame time, and also to afford the ball a more firm bearing than it other-wise would have by resting against the other balls. This, however, will be more fully seen hereinafter.

a is the slide,'which extends perpendicularly through the breech of the barrel. Said slide has a hole through it of the same size as that in the barrel and breech, and when in its natural position is immediately opposite the bore of the breech but when operated upon by bevel-table d it is thrown up, and said bore in the slide is forced up in a direct line with that of the barrel. This arrangement is for the purpose of taking up one ball at a time and placing it opposite the bore in the barrel, so as to be effected by the rapid centrifugal action of said barrel.

J is the revolving hopper-bottom, in which cylinder 0 works eccentrically. Said bottom has a passage for balls running from the bottom of the hopper t0 the mouth of the cylinder, as is fully shown by the line of balls in Fig. 1.

E is the hopper in which the balls areplaced.

It will be observed that the peculiar arrangement of the spur-gearing with the plate 1' and cog-wheels k and F, all of which have been described, give the barrel two'distinct motionsnamely, one around the center of plate t and the other around the axis of cog-wheel F. Thus we get very-rapid motion with comparatively a small amount of gearing.

d is the bevel-table, for the purpose of operating slide a, and should be so located on the cast-iron bottom B that when the barrel performs its greatest sweep the slide is thrown up and theball discharged.

The operation of my machine is as follows: Force being applied to crank 0, motion is commnnicated to bevel-wheels m and a by bevelwheel q. 0 being the shaft upon which both cog-wheel k and bevel m are secured, motion is at once imparted to cog F, upon which the barrel is secured. The bevel-wheel n being independent of the shaft 0 and firmly secured to plate 2', they both revolve with the same velocity and in an opposite direction to m or k. Double motion being thus given to the barrel,

balls are dropped in the hopper E, which immediately fills up the passage of revolving hopper-bottom, and down the cylinder to the slide a. One ball enters the bore of said slide, which, when operated upon by bevel-table a, the ball is elevated in a direct line with the bore of the barrel, as represented fully in Fig. 1, and is consequently discharged with forcein proportion to the speed or velocity of the barrel.

Having hus fully described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

1. Arranging the barrel G upon the samesbai't with cog-wheel F, which is secured near the periphery of the plate I, and revolving the barrel around the wheel Ir, substantially in the manner and for the purpose herein set forth.

barrel, as is herein fully set forth.


Witnesses G. H BENHAM,


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