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. R. G. BROWN. Electric; Speaking-Telephone. No. 224,138.

7 I Patent e' d Feb. 3,1880.



"ROBERT e. BROWN, oP'nnwYoRK, n. Y., ss1enontro SAMUEL s. WHITE,



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 224 138, dated February 3, 1880.

Application filed September 29, 1879.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ROBERT G. BROWN, of the city, county, and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Electric Speaking-Telephones, of

' which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to a device for holding a transmitting and receiving telephone in such manner that they can be applied simultane- Io ously to the mouth and ear, respectively, with a single hand and bya single movement, which end I attain by mounting a transmitting and a receiving telephone upon a suitably-curved bar-magnet, one or both of the telephones being adjustable thereon to adapt the instruments more readily to the convenience of the user.

I do not broadly claim the combination in one instrument of two telephones so arranged that when one is applied to the mouth the other will beapplied to the ear, and vice versa, nor a telephone-magnet bent at right angles,

or nearly so, and having a diaphragm and a mouthpiece attached to one end and a diet-- 5 phragm and earpiece at the other, as I am aware such subject-matter is not new, and therefore limit 1n y claim to the specific organization of devices hereinbefore set forth.

In the accompanying drawings, which show 0 my improvements as embodied in the best way now known tome, Figure 1 represents a plan or top view, and Fig. 2 a side elevation, of my improved apparatus.

A receiving-telephone, A, of any suitable 3 5 well-known construction, provided with binding-posts a, asusnal, is shown as mounted 'on a bar-magnet, B, which may be of any suitable form in cross-section,curved in a way best adapted to present the telephones mounted 4.0 thereon to the ear and mouth, respectively, of

the operator.

A transmitting telephone, 0, likewise of well-known construction, and provided, with the usual binding-posts, is secured to the barmagnet by means of a slotted ring, collar, or sliding clamp, G, capable of sliding freely lengthwise of the bar-magnet, and of being secured inany desired position by a set-screw or other suitable clamping device.

Additional freedom of movement and ad-' justment is imparted to the transmitter by pinjointing or pivoting it to the sliding clamp in the usual well-known way, so as to allow the instrument to rock in its bearings to vary its an gle'of inclination relatively to the bar-magnet and receiving-telephone. The latter may also be made adjustable, or to rock on its connections with the bar-magnet, if preferred but the construction set forth is simpler and answers every purpose. The instrument is thus rendered readily adjustable, and can be applied simultaneously with facility to the mouth and ear of the operator by the use ofone hand, leaving the other hand free for other purposes.

I claim as of my own invention- 1. The combination, substantially as hereinbefore set forth, of thebar-magnet, the sliding clamp, and the telephone pivoted on the sliding clamp.

2. The combination, substantially as hereinbefore set forth, of the bar-magnet, the telephone secured at or near one end thereof, the adjustable sliding clamp'on the other end of the bar-magnet, and the telephone pivoted on the sliding clamp. I

'In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name.


Witnesses Ron'r. M. HooPER', DAVID T. S. FULLER.

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