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Beach garment

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    • A41D7/00Bathing gowns; Swim-suits, drawers, or trunks; Beach suits


C. M. HOGAN June 18, 1935.

BEACH GARMENT Filed July 9, 1954 M' ness.-

l... n .2,904,985v f Patented June 18, 1935 oFFl-ce -'Benen -GARMENT A Celiah'Mary ily-Ingang' Chicago, vIll. Application .my 9.12934.; serial No. 734,324

lMy' invention relates to garmentsand more beachy garment. particularly suitable for going 110 0r I'Om a bathnzpheach orsyvmming pool. i

street Wear they 4frequently4 Puts on slacks or` loose trousers, s.Weater. etc., andffrequently. even aliouse` dress or skirt. and sweater. `This is satisfactory for use in going, butyunless they remain until the swilmning suit is. entirely dry itis not suitable for Wearingy home, and conse,- quentlythey either c arry'the street costume home or put it on and go home with the same Wetas a result. .ci Contact of the garment with the Wet bathing suit. It is distasteful to many people, particularly women of refinement, to. step out of a pair of slacks or to step into them, and it is not pleasant to. Wear the yo.ver-garment.home if the same is Wet andunattractive.' Ifworn over awet bathing suit, the. water running downy inthe bathing suit tends lto.faccu'xmilate belowv the, hips and consequently the/street garment becomes soaked. If driving invanautomobile, it. is necessary to. place .some-protection .over the car seatsor the'sarne rwill be ruined, and

y then in 'gettingout of the automobile, the seat of.

" the garment is notonly Wet.. but being Wet has picked up dust and dirt, .and consequently the wearer presents a bedraggled' and unpleasant appearance. n l.

My.l limproved 4garment may 'be comfortably Wornl as a street, .costume `or for shopping while going to or from thebathingbeach or pool,l or

on the beach, or when returning, as it may bel pui-.pover vawet ordamp. bathingr suit without. injury tothe garment, and thewearer may: sit

down .on a chair, .automobile seat, or the *like` .Thesame is also.

without injury to the seat.. attractive in appearance andwhen Worn appears as any street garment of inexpensive or expensivematerial,A which may be laundered, dry

" cleaned, pressed, etc., so that it always vpresents 5o, pensive; eilcient, and. satisfactory for Vuse Whera ,neat and.: attractive appearance.

The invention nas-as` one of its objects. the

provision of a. garmentv of the` kind described which is convenient, durable, attractive, inexeverfmmnr applicable... .The same has particularly as an object the production of a garment of the kind described consisting of an outer garment of attractive appearance; and an inner (cile-74) garment which is particularly intended tor utili..` tarian purposes in the manner and for the pur... poses described. i,

Many other objectsandadvantages of the con' struction herein shown and described will be` obvious to those skilled in the :art from the dise, closure herein given. .To this end my invention consists in the novel. construction, varrangement and combination .oi parts herein shown and described, and more pan- A ticularly pointed out in the claims.

- 'In the drawing, wherein like reference characters indicate like and .corresponding parts: Fig. l is a perspective View illustrating 'one embodiment of the invention with a corner turned back to show the inside;

Fig. 2 is a View of the garment in opened up; and

Fig. 3. is an enlarged sectional view taken sub. stantially on line 3-.3 of Fig. 1.

Referringto the drawing, in which only one` embodiment of the invention is' shown, I repre. sents an outer garment .of suitable material, size and style, this depending upon .the individual. This garment is. preferably made of such material `and of such style that it is appropriate for use as a house dress, as a street costume, or to Wear when shopping. vThe .same is formed at, theftop. to provide a neck opening 2, the shape oi" elevation this depending upon the style .of the dress, and

the same is preferably open from top `.to bottom, either in the front as shown, or ateither side of the front, so that it may be put .on or taken off like a coat without requiring that it` be pulled over the head or that the wearer step into the same.

The meeting edges are provided with suitable fastening means such as snap fasteners 5 and E shown, or hooks and eyes, buttons, hook less. fastenersor equivalent means. As shown, the garment is provided with armholes 1 and it may also be provided with sleeves or semi shoulders 8, which may be provided to merely overlie the shoulders. The same may alsobe' provided with a. belt or the like 9 at the waist if so desired. No attempt is madevin the drawing to show a particular style of dress, 4as the dress mayv be modified in style, depending uponthematerial used as Well as the size and figure of the person for which the same is intended.

.Arranged with theouter garment I and-pref-4 erably detachably secured thereon is an innergarment Il which is of a size slightly less than? the cuter garment' and is: secured" tothe outer? garment so that it may be readily applied or removed. The upper portion I2 may be formed to itil at the body with ,the fuiiness at the bust and has shoulder straps I3. As illustrated the innerr garment is secured to the outer garment by snap fasteners I4, I5, along the front of the edges 'of the shoulder straps and I at the top of the back, it being undei'stood, however, that any equivalent fastening means may be employed.

Where not desired to remove the same it may even be stitched in place. The inner garment is preferably made of .thin rubber, rubberized cloth or such other' material as may be moisture resisting. When made of rubber the same is preferably bound at the edges by tape or bind,-v

ing I6, either of fabric or rubber. This tape may be cemented or secured in place and tends to reenforce the edges. The advantage of using a fabric tape is the act that it may provide edges and seams which are non-stretchable, and thereby maintain the inner garment in shape and affords a strong, durable and convenient edge'or part Afor the fastening of the inner garment to the outer garment. While the fastening means are shown only at the edges at the open side, on the shoulder straps and at the top of the back, it is obvious that this inner garment may be attached to the outer garment at a plurality of points within the confines of the same. Insteadl of the snap means above described for securing the inner rubber garment in place in and adapted for a one-piece construction., A`

reenforcing tape I9 may be arranged at all of the seams and if desired the tape may be employed as a reenforcement and to'prevent excessive stretching of the moisture resistingmaterial, if made of rubber, in the bodyy of the inner garment so as to hold it in shape.

Assuming that the dress is made in suitable' style and the inner garment provided, the user may take a vlaundered dress of attractive appearance and apply the inner garment. The

dressv may then be put on over the' bathingsuitl and the wearer is ready to go on the's'treet. Obviously, the inner garment may be interchanged from one outer garment to another so that a change in style of outer garment isv per. mitted. Indisrobing the wearer merely .un-

fastensv the front and removes the garment, and

when through swimming puts the same on and fastens it up.` 'I'he outer garment maybe' in the form of a dress or even an ornamental bath robe.

Adress, however, is not so conspicuous and is' notl embarrassing as it might be to Some persons to appear on the street in a bath robe. v

It will thus be seen from the preceding tha with my garment' a bath house is unnecessary, as the wearer of my improved garment may put on the Lbathing, suit at home and then put'on my garment and proceed to the beach. Insofar as appearance is concerned, the wearer is fully dressed and appears `neat and` attractive, and is satisfactorily lclothed for ridingin 'an automobile, street car orother means of transportation, or to go shopping. Upon reaching the beach the wearer has only to unfasten the outer garment,'slip the combinationgarment off and clad in a bathing suit, is ready for a sun bath or bathing or swimming. The garment is particularly desirable for present day uses with the tight iitting or scant bathing suits which are more or less the present mode. When ready to return, without waiting for the bathing suit to dry, the garment may be put on, fastened up, and the wearer is ready to return home without it being apparent that there is a bathing suit underneath or that the wearer vis not fully clothed. y .Y

The advantage of making the inner garment j' detachable is that it may be removed to permit washing or cleaning of the outer garment, or f in the case of expensive materials, such as silks or the like, permits the same to be dry-cleaned,

pressed, etc.

- Another advantage of having the inner garment detachable is the fact that there may bev several outer garments for convenience in laundering, as well as to give a change in dress, the inner garment beingadapted to be applied to any number of outer garments to which it may be applied and properlyfit. Y

The inner garment also adds a double thickness to theouter garment, so that thevattire is not as scantyas a single vgarment of thin material, the same being shadow-proof and more modest than the usual single garment.

Havinlg` thus described my invention, itis obvious that various immaterial modifications may be made in the.A samerwithout" departing from the spirit of .my'inventiom hence I do not Wish to be understood as limiting lmyself to the arrangement and and substantially'from'edge to edge at `the openside of thedress,l said inner garment-r reenforcedl about the edges thereof and detachably ,secured to the dress. on the'innerV side thereof at the top corners and atan intermediate point at the top of the inner garment and along the side edges, and provided with shoulder straps each of which is secured intermediate its ends to the outer garment at the shoulders thereof. f i' 2. A loose fitting coat-like -dress of washable material open at one side Jconstituting an outer garment and having an inner garment of com-fv paratively light weightwater resisting material constituting an inner lining for the'dress which* extends from immediately below thearm holes to approximately the bottom of the dress and from' edge to edge at the open side of thedress, said inner garment detachably secured to the dress? so i

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