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3Sh88tS-S118Bt2- J. M. LAUGHLIN.
MACHINE FOR MAKING HORSESHOE NAILS. No.18'9,108 Patented April 3, 1877.
B mm/asses: Invert/bow.
No. 189,108. Patented April 3, 1877 Wlbnesses: I B'lfenbom NTPETERS. Pl'lOTC -LJTHOGIIAF'NER WASHINGTON, D C.
- Specification forming part of Letters PatentNo. 189,108, dated'April 3,1877; application filed September 21, 1876.
To all whom it may concern;
Be it known that I, J osEPH M. LAUGHLIN,
of Boston, in the county of Suffolk and Statev of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Machines for Making Horseshoe-N ails and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to letters of reference marked thereon, which form a partof this specification;
My invention relates to improvements in machines for making horseshoe nails; and consists of the combinatiomwith apunchingmachine, of a beveling-machine having an intermittent, but positive, motion imparted to it from the punching-machine, and suitable connecting mechanism between the two machines. The object in view is to bevel and run the nail-plate between the rollers, and to let the rollers and nail-plate held between remain at rest during the time the punch on the punching-machine performs its work in punching the nails from the plate. After the punch has performed its work, and has ascended above the plate, the rollers are automatically set in a rotary motion, and thus bevel and present a new portion of the plate to the action of the punching-machine. The width of the nailplate may be such as to present one or more lengths of nails to be punched at one operation from the said plate, and the punchingmnchine may he provided with one or more punches, so as to punch one or more nails at each descentof the punching-machine, as may be desired.
In this manner I am able to produce a finished nail from a nailplate with one single machine that shall embody in itself a beveling and feeding machine, as well as a punching-machine. The beveling-machine may be used independent of the punching-machine, and the nail plate, after being beveled, may be fed in any suitable manner to the punching-machine, if so desired;
The nail plate that is shaped between the aforesaid rollers is to be presented to the action of the punch of the exact shape, or nearly so, of the longitudinal section of a nail. The
nail plate presented to the beveling-machine is in the form of long and narrow strips of homogeneous metal, the advantage'of which is, that I am able to produce a better nail and to run the machine a longer time without stopping it.
The beveliug-machine consists of a pair of rollers, one of which is provided with a number of projections arranged in single or double rows, by which a number of depressions or indentures are formed on the nail-plate, serving 'forthe formation of the .point or bevel of the nail when punched-by'the punchiiig inachine.
On 'the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents a plan of my invention. Fig. '2 represents a sectional side elevation of the same. Fig. 3 represents a sectional front elevation. Fig. 4 representsthe roller used for shaping the nail-plate; and Fig. 5 represents a cross-section on the line A B, shown in Fig. 4. Fig. 6 represents a side view. Fig. 7 represents a front elevation.
Similarletters refer to similar parts wherever they occur on the different parts of the drawings.
a represents the frame of an ordinary punching-machine, of which b is the driving-shaft, c is the driving or balance wheel, 61 d are the bearings, and e the block or head moved up and down in the guides ff by means of a crank or eccentric on the driving shaft 1), or in any other well-known manner. 9 g are the punch-holders in the lower part of the head e; and h h are the punches, secured in their proper positions by means of the screws 11 t, i
70 k represent the die-. 7 holders, provided with set-screws l l, or equiv- I or equivalent. device.
alent and wellknown devices for adjusting and securing the die m in its proper position in relation to the punches h h. n 12 represent the rollers, movable around their axis in bearings in the frames 0 0, and provided with regulating-screws pp and gears q q, in the ordinary way. The roller n receives an intermittent rotary motion from the driving-shaft b on the punching-machine by means of the eccentric r, secured to the shaft 1), acting upon a lever, s, the rear end of which is connected to a rod, t, having a pawl, t, in its lower end, that opcrates a ratchet-wheel, u, on the shaft of the roller n. Springs 12 w are shown for the purpose of raising the pawl t as soon as the=eccentric r ceases .to act upon the levers, and for the purpose of holding the said pawl t'in contact with the teeth of the ratchet-wheel u.
I wish, however, to state that the exact connecting mechanism from the punching-machine t0 the rollers, as show'n'inth'e drawings,
for the purpose of producing an intermittent motion on the rollers from the rotary drivingshaft outhe punchingmachine, is not abso lutely necessary to produce the effect desired, and I can, to equal advantage, substitute therefor other and well know-n devics 'w ith out departing from the spirit of my invention.
Figs. 4 and 5 show the roller it, provided with a number of projections, n n' n, ar-
ranged in one'or two rows,for the purpose of making indeutures or recesses on r the nailplate during the revolutionof the rollers. The point or bevel of" thenail -is= formedby being punched wherethe recess on the plate is located. This kind of roller takes-veryvlit tle power toproduce the desired indentures. X represents a guide or rest 1 for 'the nai plate, for the purposeof preventingithelatter from rising upward when the punch ascends after having punched the nail fronr the plate: 3 is the waste-cutter, secured to the head eof the punching-machine, tor the'purpose of antomatically cutting up thewastestock that remains on the nail plate after the nails are punched therefrom.
The frames o o,-fer the rolling-machine; are made in onepiece w'ith the sole pl'ate o, that isadjustableby means of the set-screw 0", or equivalent device, toward and from the punch on the punchingmachine, for the purpose of as and *for thepn'rposeset forth and described.
2. The con'ibination; 1 yv-ith =a'=beveling machine, ot' "the roller provided with projections around its 'circu'mferenceg swbstautiallyas and for the p'urpose sefiforth and describeda In testimony" that I clai*m' the foregoing as my own in vention *I nave affixed" my signature in "presence of two: witnesses? 'Jos-nrn LAUGHLIN;
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