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No. 186.451 Pmennea2111.23.1,87?.v
fi l ey i" i d@ l? Il S u MQW# mi miler mman-mms cn 'msmNa nnnnnnnn UNITED STATES Parent? @sereni ROBERT K. BQYLE, 0F NEW YORK, N. Y.
imPeovEMEN-r In in Ec-l'Ro-MAGrustic: TELEenAPn APPARAtus.
Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 186,453., dated January 23, 1877; application led June 6, 1876.
To all whom it may concern:-
Be it known that I, ROBERT K. BoYLE, of
city, county, and State ot' New York, have invented a new and usefuly Improvement in 'Electro-Magnetic Telegraphs, which improvement is fully set forth in the followin g speci tic-ation, reference being had to the accom- `-panying drawing, in Which- .Figure l represents a plan or top view. Fig. 2 1s a sectional -side View. 3 is a face View ot" the armature, illustrating the e'ect of s :the currents. l
.Similar letters indicatevcorrespending parts. Tlns invention consists inthe combination,
-with an electro-magnct,.and with a perma- Y nent magnet, of a soft-iron armature, which oscillates between the poles ot the two magi nets, and which, when attracted by the electro-nntgnet, closes a localx circuit, the effect ot' v.the permanent magnet being to polarize the sott-iron armature1 sothat, when the electro- Vmagnet is charged, said armature will he readily attracted, and when the: circuit 'through the electro-magnet is brolen the permanent magnet will retract the armature.
rlhe poles ot' the electro-magnet are brought close togetheropposite to the middle of the rof which are curved at their outer ends, so that the poles N S of `said'\ electro-magnet come close together, as shown in Fig. l. The coils A A are iinluct-ion-coils,and they connect by wires l0 and l1 with the line-wire.
Opposite to the poles ot' the electro-magnet is situated the armature (l, which consists of a disk ofsot't iron'sccured to a rod, a, which A swings between points l), secured in a standard, c.
hrom theI upper part ot' t'ne disk-shaped armature U extends a bar, d, which works between two screws, effsecured in a standard,
g. (See Fig. 2.). The screw c has a metallic tip, so that, when the bar d comes in contact with said screw, the standards c and'g are brought in metallic connection. The tip l of the screwfis of hard rubber' or otherinsulating material, and if the bar d of the armature is thrown back against this vtip the metallic connection between the standardsc and g is broken. The stauflard c connects by a Wire, 12, with one pole of a local battery, auth-the standardg connects by a Wire,13, with the other pole of said battery. rlhe standards c and g` are secured to a slide, j, of hard rubber or other insulating material, which can be adjusted by a set-screw,`7c, so that the position of the armature can be regulated.
Opposite to the disk-shapedarmature C is situated a' permanent magnet, D,l which is secured in a standard, h.
to those of the electrofmagnet, as indicated The poles n s of' this permanent magnet are situated at right angles;-
Figf, aniby the action of said permanent magnet the armature isdrawn back againstv the insulated screw f. The standard h is mounted on a slide, l, which is subjected to the action ont' a set-screw, z', so that the posi-- tion of the permanent magnet can be regulated at pleasure. l
By the action of the permanent magnet the disk-shaped armature becomes polarized, and, if the electromagnet is charged, the pole no of the' armature-disk, which is opposite to the south pole s ofthe permanent magnet, changes to the point N0 opposite to south pole S of the electro-magnet, andthe south pole so ot' v the armature-disk is repelled, and it requires but little-power ofthe permanent magnetto cause the armature to fall back against the ofthe two magnets, substantially in the mana.
mam@ ner and for the pugpose herein shown anld'd@ tially s and fmA the purpcse shown 'and ai scribe. scribed, 7
2. An eleetzromagnem7 A A'. the sofas B B' of which are cfgrve so as fo bring their poles have hereunto Set my hand ,and seal this th close tog'stherudoppogite toeauh che1',subv Aday of June, 1876. f l R., X. BWLQ'LE.l IL., S.]
W2 vEmmy7 netylts armature, and with a. permanent mag E. F. KASTENHULER.
In testimony that Uslzqm the foregoing
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