Collapsible wheeled support for suitcases or like receptacles

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    • A45C5/00Rigid or semi-rigid luggage
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June 9, 1931. J PINHEIRQ 1,808,864



There were no means provided on the suitcase itself by which the same could be wheeled without necessitating the use of a separate carriage to support the weight thereof.

The primary object of the invention is the provision of a collapsible wheeled carriage adapted to be held within the suitcase when collapsed and to support the weight of the suitcase or the like when unfolded. v

Another object of the invention is the provision of a collapsible wheeled carriage, piv otally mounted on the suitcase or the like so as to be swingable inside of the bottom plane of the suitcase or the like,.and' to be held therein in the folded position thereof, means being provided in the bottom of said suitcase or the like for inclosing the wheeled carriage in the folded position thereof and also to separate the compartment in which the carriage is positioned from the inside compartment of said suitcase or the like, thereby protecting the articles carried within said suitcase or the like. 7

Other objects of the invention are to provide a device of the character described that will be superior in point of simplicity, in-

' expensiveness of construction, positiveness of operation, and facility and convenience in use and general efiiciency.

In this specification and the annexed drawings, the invention is illustrated in the form considered to be the best, but it is to be understood that the invention is not limited to such form because it may be embodied in other forms; and 'it is also to be understood that inand by the claims following the description it isdesired to cover the invention in whatsoever form it maybe embodied.

The invention is clearly illustrated in the accompanying drawings wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of a suitcase hav ng a wheeled support thereon.

Figure 2 is a side view of the suitcase and the wheeled support thereon, part of the suitcase slde being broken away, the support being unfolded.

Figure 3 is a side view of the suitcase and the folded wheeled support, a portion of the suitcase side being broken away.

Figure 4 is a bottom plan view of the device, the support being shown in the folded position, and

Figure 5 is a vertical sectional view of the device, the section being takenv on the line 5-5 of Figure 2.

Referring to the accompanying drawings in which similar reference characters designate similar parts throughout, the various figures described aboveadequately illustrate my invention, and the following detailed description is commensurate with the above mentioned drawings in enabling an artisan to construct and assemble the same.

In carrying out my invention I employ a wheeled support A attached, for the purpose of illustration, to a suitcase B of the usual structure. case B is cut an aperture 7 extending longitudinally from end to end, however the aperture 7 does notextend into the ends of the suitcase B. The sides and the top of the aperture 7 are formed from the bottom material of the case B so as to confine an indentation thereat. Into the aperture 7 fits a metal box 8. Another way to form thespace into which the metal box is fitted is to extend the ends and the sides of the case B below the bottom thereof and the box 8 is inserted into the inclosure confined by said extensions.

The bottom of the box 8 is open in its entire length and width so as to allow the insertion I of the Wheels thereinto as hereinafter. set forth. A pair of narrow plates 9 is pivotally secured to each end of the box 8 so as to be turnable lengthwise relatively to the box 8. The plates 9 are disposed in parallel spaced relation to each other and adjacent the inside faces of-the respective sides of the box 8, thus the pairs of plates 9 are foldable so as to assume a retracted position within the box 8,

In the bottom 6 of the suiteach other, so as to hinge as shown in Figure 3. The plates 9 are held in their parallel spaced relation by means of a rivet or pin 11. At the lower end of one pair of the plates 9 is journaled the axle 12 9f a comparatively narrow wheel '13, while 1n the lower end of the other pair of vplates 9 is suitably mounted a caster 14 vertically p1voted at 19.

The plates -9 are held in the unfolded position, illustrated in Figure 2, by means of links 16 pivotally secured to the sides of the box 8, to the inner faces of the plates 9, and to the pair of plates 9 to the box 8. When t e respective pairs of links lfi are extended the pan of plates .9, to

which they are secured, are supported in the upright position below the box 8. The links are formed in the usual hinge connections and prevent the accidental buckling of the pairs of plates 9.

In order to retract the plates 9 into the box 8, the links are folded around the central pivotal connections thereof so as to be folded into the position shown'in Figure 3, whereby the plates 9 are compelled to turn around their pivotal connections at the respective upper paratively small bar 17 pivotally secured at the center thereof to a narrow crossbar 18 fixedly. fastened to the central portion of the open bottom of the box 8. The bar 17 is turnable in a horizontal plane longitudinally relative to the box,8 so that the opposite ends thereof are positioned below the wheels 13 and 14 obstructin the release thereof from the inside of the x 8.

When the balr 17 is turned crosswise relatively to the bottom of the box 8; in underlying position relative to the crossbar 18, the

wheels dropout of the box 8 by their own gravity, causing the turning of the plates 9 around the pivoted ends thereof and the straightening of the links 16. In the last mentioned unfolded position of the support A, the case B is supported on the wheels 13 and 14 and may be readily wheeled thereon regardless of the weight of the articles packed in the case B. 7 V.

It is to be noted that the box 8 is fixedly secured into the bottom of the case B by any conventional means such as by riveting or sewing. The entire support A may be made as a separate unit and may be attached to the bottom of any receptacle either fixedly or detachably. The case-B is held by the usual handle thereof and is steered thereby;

It will be' recognized that the wheeled support heretofore described is completely hidalso noted that the device does not alter the character and use of the suitcase or trunk or the like, it improves the carrying facilities of the'same when unusually heavy articles are.

packed therein; the device is of unitary character it may be constructed as part of the case or it ma be provided as a separate unit and attache to a ready made case; after assembly the device forms an integral part of the case and is carried therewith, it is particularly adapted for the purposes set forthand it may be readily folded and unfolded by the average layman. i

. Having thus described my invention what I new claim as novel and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A wheeled vehicle for carrying cases comprising a receptacle adapted to be disposed in a longitudinal aperture'in the bottom of said cargving case, brackets pivotally m'ountedin sai receptacleand disposed at the opposite ends thereof, wheels rotatably mounted at the outer ends of said brackets, means for locking said brackets in operative position, and means for locking said brackets in folded position within said receptacle.

2. A wheeled vehicle for rigid carrying cases comprising a housing adapted to be inand adapted tofold longitudinally therein, a

wheel transversely pivoted at the opposite end of one of said brackets, a caster comprising a wheeltransversely pivoted in a yoke and a vertical pivot on said yoke, said vertical pivot cooperating with an aperture vertically disposed in the end of the other bracket, and means for locking said brackets in operative position, and means for locking said brackets in folded position within said housing.

3. In combination with a substantially rigid traveling apparel container, an inverted' rectangular housing longitudinally disposed in the bottom of said container, brackets .pivotally mounted transversely adjacent the ends of said housing,'locking strut members pivotally connected to said housing and to said brackets for retaining said brackat its opposite end a transversely pivoted wheel, the other of said brackets havmg disposed at its opposite end a caster with a vertical pivot and transversely pivoted wheel.

4. A substantially rectangular inverted housing provided with wheel carrying members at its opposite ends adapted to extend below thebottom of said housing in operative position, means for locking said'wheel carrym members in operative position, means for 0 ding said wheel carrying members and retaining same within said housing, one of said members being provided with a wheel rotatable in asingleplane, the other of said memor here being provided with a caster vertically pivoted whereby said device may be caused to follow acircuitous path, and means for attaching said device in an aperture in the bottom of a container;

end thereof wit a wheel transversely pivoted, the other of said brackets being provided with a caster, whereby said device may be caused to describe a circuitous path, and

means for installing said device in an aperture in the bottom of a carrying case.

In testimony whereof I have aflixed signature. JOHN B. PINHIEIRO.

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