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' May 19, 1931 c, LUTTROPP 1,806,070
CALCULATING MACHINE Filed Nov. 12, 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 y 19, 1931- c. LUTTROPP CALCULATING MACHINE 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Nov. 12 1924 .6W W, w
Patented May [19, 1931 4 PATENT, OFFICE s'rocxxonu, 'swnnmw; ASSIGIIOB or mm 'ro mm mm, or s'rocxnomr, swnmm csncura'rme mumm- Application fled November 1:, m4, sex-mm. 140,450, andin' mm Maw 27, ms.
- This invention relates to calculating machines and especiall to that type of calculat- 1 ing machines descrihed in my prior applica- .tion Serial No. 657 ,148 filed August 13', 1923,
, now Patent No. 1,662,526, which uses a totalmechanism mounted in a movable cari such types of calculating maclnnes the transmission of power from the stationary 1o actuating mechanism to the numeral wheels of the totalizer to rotate said wheels must not'interfere with the displacement'of the carriage, nor with the'transfer operation. To this end it has been proposed to effect such transmission of power by means of impulse wheels, as in ,the form of -.-pinions moved step by step and in each movement brought into the ath ofprojcctions on the numeral wheels to giye the latter an impulse I to rotate them one step in the desired dimotion. In such operation, however, it may happen, if the handle of the -machine is moved powerfully or rapidly that the impulse imparted to any numeral wheel will be so effective as to move the wheel more than'one.step atatime.
performance of a calculating operation a positively controlled connection between the actuating mechanism and the numeral wheels of the totaliz'er and furthermore all masses set into motion during the vperformance of the calculating operation will be fully brought to their positions of rest before said connections are released.
The invention will be'more fully under- I W stood -by.- reference to the accompanying shaft 1 in-the other Infthis way there will exist during the drawing in which the invention is illustrated by way of example. It is to be noted that only those parts necessary foran understanding of the invention are shown and that since the means individual to the several numeral wheels are all alike, only {those means belonging to one such numeral wheel are shown;
In the drawings, Figure 1 is a side elevat1on of a numeral wheel of the totalizer. and so parts of the corresponding actuating mechanism.
Fig. 2 is a cross section of the crank shaft 1 of the machine with two intermediate drivini shafts controlled thereby.
1g. 3 shows the outlines of a calculating machine with the members according to the invention indicated in their actual position with respect to each other.
The invention, is illustrated as ap lied to a calculating machine of the type an design set forth in my Patent No. 1,662,526 7 to which patent is referred for obtaining a more detailed description of the machine and its operation.
With reference to Fig. 2, 1 is the crank shaft of the machine which is connected by the toothed sector 2 to a pinion 3 rotatably" mounted on the shaft 4 and provided wi a one-way clutch in the form of a pawl 5 adapted to cause the shaft 4 to move with the pinion 3 when the shaft 1 is rotated in one dlrection. The pinion 3 is in mesh with a pinion 6 ivoted to a shaft 8 and provided with paw 7 similar to the pawl 5 to cause the shaft 8 to rotate u on the rotation of the irection; The shaft 4 constitutes the drivin shaft for the actuating mechanismof t e numeral wheels of the totalizer on the carria e, and the shaft is the transfer operating s aft.' e
The shaft 4 is connected by meansclearly shown and described in the patent above referred to whichincludes among other members a selector 30 a counting drum 40, countingspindles'50, and beveljgears 121, to intermediate shafts 9 each individual to a cprre sponding one of themumeral wheels of the totalizer on the carriage. In the drawings one such intermediateshaftis shown at 9 and the corresponding totalizer wheel is shown at 1 The shaft 9'carries a bevel gear wheel 11 meshing with a bevel gear 12 carried by the shaft 13 mounted stationary in the machine frame. Secured to the bevel gear 12 is a spur gear 14 meshing with a pinion 15 on the s aft 16. The shaft 16 is mountedin a carrier 17 rotatably mounted on the shaft 13.
Pivoted to the carrier 17 is one end of a 18 the other end ofwhich is provided with" an extended slot 19 in which plays the shaft 4. The shaft 4 carries a. cam disk 20 upon the edge of which facing the carrier 17 rides.
a roller 21 carried byv the link 18. Secured to the lowermost end of the link 18 is a' spring 22 tending to move the link with the roller 21 towards the camdisk 20.
The operation of the mechanism above described is as follows: By turning the carrier 17 on the shaft 13 the pinion 15 may be brought into and outof engagement with a pinion secured to the respective numeral wheel 10 which is adjusted to position for exact engagement by means of the pawl 23.
In Fig. 1, the mechanism is shown in its normal or disengaged position. In this position the roller 21 bears against aconcave portion of the periphery of the cam disk 20.
To actuate the numeral wheels of the totalizer the shaft 1- is rotated in the direction indicated bythe arrow. (1, Fig.2 through an angle corresponding to the toothed sector 2 the shaft 4 bein' thereby caused to rotate in the direction 0 the arrow 6. At the commencement of this rotation the cam disk 20 lifts the roller 21 with the link 18 against theaction of the spring 22 so that the-carrier 17 is caused to rotatearound the shaft 13 to such an extent as to bring the pinion 15 into engagement with the inion of the respective numeral wheel 10. hen this engagement is fully brought about there will exist a ositive' connection between the actuating sha' 9 and the numeral wheel under consideration. The power transmission means between shaft 4 and shaft 9 are constructed and arranged as described in the patent above referred to so as to bring about an operativeconnection between said shafts only after. the shaft 4 has been rotated to such an extent as to bring the 'pmion 15 into engagement with the pinion of its corresponding numeral wheel 10. Durting the continued rotation of the shaft 1 a said engagementis maintained and the numeral wheel is thus caused to. rotate by a positive power transmission preventing any unintentional movement of the numeral wheel, however violent the movement may be. The rotation of the numeral wheel 10 takes place during a comparatively small portion of the rotation of the shaft 4, where-' upon the connection between the shaft 4 and When the shaft 4 ap-' the shaft 9 ceases. proaches the end of its rotation the roller 21 again engages the concave portion of the cam I disk 20 thereby permitting the spring 22 to contract and move the link 18'with it so as to cause the latter to restore the carrier 17 and J thereby bring the pinion 15 out of engagement with the pinion of the corresponding numeral wheel 10. When this engagement.
ceases the numeral wheel with its actuating means will, as stated,-be fully at rest so that there exists no tendency for the numeral wheel to leave the been adjusted.
position into which it has It is to be noted that in the drawings the invention has been shown as ap lied to one numeral wheel only. In fact t e arrangement is, of course, identical for each ofthe remaining numeral wheels of the totalizer. In such case the carrier 17 may, preferably, be common to the driving wheels 15 of all of the numeral wheels.
' It is further to be noted that the invention may be applied to numeral wheels other than those of t e totalizer.
so v
F orinstance, it may be applied to recording the spur gears are looselymounted, a swingable frame mounted on said shaft, a shaft carried b said frame, pinions on said 1 t mentione shaft in constant mesh with said spur gears a countingdrum from which to rotate said first mentioned spur gears upon rotation of said crank, other means operated from the crankshaft when the latter is oscillated in one direction to upwardly swing said frame and invention I dea totalizin mechanism comthe spur gears carried by the frame to cause each s ur gear therein to mesh with a separate one o the numeral wheels and remainin mesh therewith during the major portion of the movement of the crank shaft and then be moved out-of mesh, said means including a cam and a link longitudinally operated thereby and connected tosaid swmgable frame.
2. The combination with a laterally shiftable carriage and number wheels and .their driving wheels mounted thereon; of shafts rotated in accordance with the digits set up on the machine, spur gears separately rotated from said shafts, a shaft on which said gears are loosely mounted, a pivotal frame mountedv on the lattershaft, inions in said frame each maintained in mes with a spur-gear under all conditions, ageneral operator, a cam shaft and a cam thereon, means to cause unidirectional operation of said cam shaft at each operation of said eneral o rator, and a link connected to the rame an operated by said cam to swing the frame so as to bring each a pinion into mesh with a separate one of the driving wheels and remain in mesh therewith during the major portion of the movement of the crank shaft and then be moved out of mesh before the operation of said general 4 operator is completed.
' 3. In a calculatin machine the combination with a calculatlng drum, number discs and their associated drivingwheels, a spur gear shaft, spur gears loose thereon and simultaneously operated by separate rotatable pinions and shafts from said drum in accordance with the number set up ;of a crank shaft, a sector thereon, a counter shaft, a gear wheel thereon arranged for unidirectional rotation and meshin with said sector, a cam on the counter sha a frame pivoted on the spur gear shaft, pinions in the frame in permanent mesh with said spur gears, a link pivoted at one end to the frame and havin its other end supported by the counter sha t, a sprin to retract the link and frame and a cam ro er on the link engaged by the cam. f. In testimony whereof I have signed my name.
CONRAD Lu'r'rnorr.
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