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    • B60R11/00Arrangements for holding or mounting articles, not otherwise provided for
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March 31, 1931. w. N. DAVIS TOOL BOX Filed Feb. 26, 1927 2 SheetsSheet 1 March 31, 1931. w. N. DAVIS 1,798,930

TOOL BOX Filed Feb. 26, 1927 Z SheebS-Sheet 2 guard is Patented Mar. 31, 1931 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE .WILLLAM N. DAVIS, 01: DETROIT, MICHIGAN, ASSIGNOR T0 GENERAL MOTORS CORPORA- TION, OF DETROIT, MICHIGAN, A GORPORATIONOF DELAWARE TOOL BOX Application filed February26, 1927. Serial No. 171,214. 1

This invention relates to automotive ve-- hicles particularly to a tool box and tool boX compartment arranged in the dust guard thereof. a

My novel tool compartment is positioned in the dust guard between the chassis side bar and the running board and occupies the space between two adjacent running board supports. To the lower end of the chassis bar I attach a panel having an outwardly bent lower portion which forms the bottom of the receptacle and with this panelthere is associated a second panel attached to the runningboard at its upper end and having its lower end inwardly flanged to meet the bent portion of the panel attached to the chassis. These meeting ends may or may not be secured together and-the receptacle has the usual ends attached in any suitable wa 1 The front or vertical portion of the dust provided with an enlarged opening having an inwardly offset flanged edge for the purpose of receiving a closure or cover, flush with the outer or vertical portion of the dust guard. This closure has no hinges but rests with its lower edge upon a series of bolts which secure the running board to the dust guard and at its upper edge is provided with a centrally disposed hinged locking member which at its inner side has secured thereto two laterally projecting rods having bent ends which contact with the inside of the upper portion of the dust guard when the closure is in locked position.

Within the receptacle there is located my novel tool box or container the top of which is semi-cylindrical in shape and which has an oblique opening over which is disposed a corresponding oblique cover having a pair of spring handles at its top. This cover is held in place by means of a U-shaped bail in the form of a rod the ends of which are inwardly bent forming pivot pins which are received in corresponding openings in the running board supporting braces. The handle portion of the bail swings onto the cover of the box and rests in depressions in the handles to hold the cover in place.

On the inside lower portion of the closure when :the outer side of the receptacle. a

member there is attached apair of spring fingers which contact with the tool box cover the closure is in locked positionthe purpose of which is to prevent rattlingt My invention is disclosed in the acconr panying drawing in which: a Figure 1 is a side view of a portion of the dust guardof an my invention applied board being removed a a i a Figure 2 is a plan View of the structureof Figure 1 but with the outer enclosure broken thereto, the running away forpurposes of clearer illustration. i

Figure 3 is an endview of Figure 2 looking from the rightlof the figure but with the end portion orthe receptacle; removed for purposes of clearer illustration, the sectioned automotive vehicle with portions being taken substantiallyuon the line 3-3 of Fig. 1. a

Figure 4 is an enlarged. detailed view of my hinged locking member. V Figure 5 is a section' on thewline 5+5 of Figure 4. a

Figure 6 is a detailed view showing the manner of attachingthe running board to Referring to the drawing 10 designates the chassis, 11 the dust guard and 12 the running board of an automotive vehicle. The running board is supported by means of. the

usual braces 13 and it is in the spacebetween two of these braces that my receptacle is placed. a a By referring to Figure 3 it will be noted that I attach to the lower flange of the chase sis side bar 10, a panel l i havingattaching flanged tongues 15 and an upwardly directed a portion 16 forming the bottom of the receptacle. The flange 15 is secured to the chassis by means of bolts 17. a

Attached tothe running board by means of bolts 18 is 'ampancl 19 having an inwardly directed flanged portion 20. with the outwardly directed panel 14:. These panels 16 and 20 may or. may not be secured together. as desired at their overlapping portions.

Which overlaps portion 16 of the The receptacle has theusual ends 21 and 22 which may be 1 secured at any; convenient place, and. which. have bottom end .fianges 9 underlapping the portions 16 and 20 of the side panels. The running board supports 13 pass through the receptacle immediately adjacent the ends 21 and 22, and portion 16 has a number of openings (not shown) to serve as a drain.

top edge of the opening 24;. At its lower corners the closure 26 is. seated in the cor.- ners 61 (Fig. 1) of the flanged opening 24 d; tse ow ri g passes over he bolts 1 At: its; upper central, portion 1 the closureis,

p ov dedwrwith ahing d l c ing ap p oted to;a reilliorcin emember 28 ,ositioned at:

a a: P

mg end bearmgs Mien-the receptionot the.

locking rods 29 and 3 The strap 27 has secured,- thereto and. projecting laterally therefrom in. ppositcgclirections, the wo lo .;1ng rods 29 and 30 having hen-tends 31. which strike; againstgand ar e,.held,;1n contact, with the;insideuofctheupper edge. 33 otthe dust" guard whe11the; closure is. in locked position. WVhenLthestrap. 2,7 .isswung-upwardly it will sacswing, the rods2;9rtherewith and remove the bent ends 31fronrthezpathaof the upperedg-e 33,:whichzwillp erm-it the removal ot thecover and-allow: ac cess to; theinterior comp artm ent;

The rods 29 are secured to the hinged strap ibYK means of: the bent endsa35 which are; re-

ceived within and; rigidly secured in;open

ings 3610f the strap..27:

The lower portion of the strap 27 projects throughuan opening SS-inthe cover and :th-is straps iscprovided with an. opening 39: for:

the reception of a lockAO having. a. fingeretl;

on .itsinner side forengagement with: an in wardlypressedicupashaped portion 12; formed 1. on the cover-.26. Tlieclosureis shownlockedi ,JlnF:iguI'G 5vandginthisposition the locking. 'parts are under rspring tension. because the. strap=27 must be forced into its opening.

7 against the tension of the rods 29 and 30due to the contacting-off their; ends with the --.edge33.

boxwhich mayor may not be secured therein. This tool box is rectangular atthe bottom, and semicylindric al at: the top 7 as shown the reception of the handle portion ..49. ;of a

This bailhas its ends infii-wardly bent: as at 50"for :receptionwithin U=shaped bail'60.

The body of thevehicle rests upon thesur-r face at,23.(l+ig.- 3) and at the-front Vertical 25 'the depth of: whichcorresponds to the Insidethis LreceptacIeI place my novel tool.

at 43. Thetool box has-anoblique opening 14;.

cover45 hav-inga groovedor flanged edge46 openings 51 in the vertical portion of the running board supports 13.

To securely hold the cover 45 in place, the bail is forced into the depressions 48 of the handles 47 so that it may be under tension. This position of the parts is shown in Figure, ammo remove the cover the bail is swung downwardly onto the running board to the dotted line position. In holding the cover- 45 on thebox 43, the bail 60- also-holdsthe-box inthe container-017- receptacle.

The lower inside portion of the closure 26 is provided with spring fingers 52 which contact witlrthe cover d5 of the tool box when the closure 26 is in position, the purpose of which-,is toprevent rattling of, the parts.

Suitable projections 6 2 are provided; to. support the lower edge-of the closure 26..

I claim:

1;. In atool boxgfor vehicles,,an obliquely disfposednover;therefor extending acrossthe; top. it'rPQI'iliQ-Il .otone. side,;a handleon. add eF and-a swingab membe ontacting.1\v;i-tli'an d extending ovensaid' handle and, secured/ hold saidicove r on said=;hoX- r 2.; In altool .box for vehicles, an obliquelydisposedicover therefor, a:- grooveon the cover} edge outside. the box, and a member, securedto., the.- vehicle for. holding theicoveron the-195i box, I

- 3,,- A' tool boxfor-vehicleshaving running-.- board: su-pports, a, semi-cylindrical. upper," portion, 2111;? obliquely disposed cover overs lapping said box and forming a part of said. 106 upper portion,- .and.=bail pivoted. to the runningi boardsupportsto hold 1 said; coverv on; saidibox. 1 I

44-111 astoolrbox for:vehicles-havingrum 5 ning=board supports, an obliquely dispos'edi 6 covert for; said: box extending a'crossthe top, and a, port-ionof one side, ahandle onrsaidr cover,-.and a. bail=having hooked endspivotedtootherunning board supports of'the; vehicle and contacting with said handle to s 110 hold said coveron said box.

In testimonyawhereof 'I' aflix-my signature."


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