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March 24, 1931. C. C. CAMERON 1,797,714

GARMENT FiledMay 1'?, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 "w man; Q0@


March 24, 1931. c. c. CAMERON GARMENT Filed May '17, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 IN VEN TOR:

Wl TN ESSES m., m c. .m c


Patented .Man 24, 1931 UNITED sTa'rllrs CELINA c. CAMERON, or Earn PENNSYLVANIA i Geni/:ENT

applicati@ fnea'Mayi?, 1929.y semina; 363,765.

This invention relates to garments of the negligee class and of a type intended more particularly for women.

The object of my invention is to provide a,

slip-on garment ofthe kind referred to which is simple in design, yet highly attractive iny appearance; which is easily and quickly put on or taken 'off and which ordinarily affords complete protection, but when desired permits the back of the wearer to be exposed for sun or heat treatment to the exclusion of rall other parts of the body. v

In the drawings Fig. I is a view showing my improved garment laid out flat.

how thev garment is ordinarily worn; and,

Fig. IViis an illustratiomsimilar to Figs.

II and III, showing how the garment is usedV incidentto sun bath treatments with the back of the wearerexposed.

With more specific reference lirst toFig. I

of these illustrations, it will be observedthat my novel garment is made from a substantially oblong pieceof fabric with a centrally l disposed opening 10 nearer the upper short edge marked 11, and with aligned lateral incisions 12, 13 into its longer sides at a region y intermediate said opening and the bottom edge 14. By such construction I set apart an upper rectangular cape-like portion 15,

and a bottom or skirt portion 16, the two subdivisions being accordingly joined by anarrowerwaist Aportion17 between the inner ends of the incisions 12, 13. As shown, the skirt portion 16 of the garment is laterally Voffset somewhat in one direction relative to the upper portion 15, or-patterned slightly trapeziform in outline, for a purpose hereinafter eX-` plained. The garment may be ornamented by attaching a border of lace or braid around the edges of the upper or cape portion 15 as at'18,vand along two edgesof the skirt portion 16 as at 19,20. The opening 10 for the head may likewise be embellished with a collar edging 21 of lace or braid; and the garment 'furthermore provided with tie strings 22, 23" which formend continuationsv of the upper edge of the skirt portion 16.

With the upper edge ofthe cape portion 15 thrown rearward, the garment is slipped over Figs. II and III are illustrations showing lresult ininjury oridiscomiture,and morebringing the tiefstrings 22,23 around the 55.1

waistand tying them into theV 'form of about,

all asshown in Figs'II and'III.' Relative proportioning and offsettingof theskirt por'- tion 16 inthe manner previously pointed out, v v it -Iwillfbe seen,fpredetermines over'lapming of" 60` substantial margins of the Vmeeting-Ledges'and 'f f disposal ofthe partinglin'e'atoneside of the person. In this (connection it is pointedoutV that 'thefl'a'ce edge 19,of the skirt portion 16 is placed'npp'e'rmostandfappears as an orna- 65 mentation which materially enhances Vthe at-' tractiveness'ofthe garment. Now since the; enfdl11`f`of the cape portion `r15-hangs free,1 it is capable of being lifted overthe shoulders so that the back ma 'beuncovered as shown inFig. IV, while all the other parts of the body Aremain concealed from viewby the frontal and skirt portions ofthe garment.

I My improved garment may be used alone as a sole body covering in the manner eX- plained, as a lounging robe,and as a bathing or beach robe, as well as in other capacities which may suggest themselves to the wearer. From the foregoing it is clearly evident that the garment is. inexpensive to make, SO-ff easily and quicklyput on and taken oifheld 1n place on ltheperson without the aid of buttons or other fastening devices likely to over does not in any way hamper or restrict free movement of the limbs.

Having thus described my invention, I claim: 'i n 1. A slip-on garment consisting of a substantially oblongpiece of material having lateral incisions defining an upper bodyl covering and a skirt section adapted to be wrapped about the lower :partof the wearers body, saidl upper'body coveringl having an 95; opening adapted Vfor passage of the head therethrough and including a capevportion capable, lwhen the garment is worn, of being liftedoverthe shoulders to expose the back of ther wearer. 109

2. A slipon garmentv consisting of a suby stantially oblong'pieoe of material having laterally aligned incisions in the longer sides thereof to define an upper cape portion and a lower skirt section Connected by a narrower A waist portion, said upper section being provided with a centrally disposed head opening and defining v'a cape portion capable, when.Y the garment is worn, of being lifted over the lo shoulders to expose the back of the wearer,

and the skirt sectiorrbeingfadaptedltof-beN wrapped about the lower part of the wear- Y ers body to effectively conceal the same whether the back is exposediornot...

3. A slip-on garment consisting of asub stantially; oblong pieceof fabricY having a Y Y centrally located opening, adapted fonpassage of the head therethrough and disposed nearer a shorterfedge thereof, andv aligned lat-I,l

zoeral incisionsn the longer sides intermediatejthe headopening andfthe other short Y side to set apartan upper b'ody covering inn cluding a cape portion serving, when the gar-- ment is worn, to drape the back ofthe wearer wand Acapable Vwhen lifted over the'shoulders Y of exposingV the wearers back, and afskirt portion'Y adapted to be Wrapped 1 about the lower part of theY wearers body and secured at the waist toeifeetively conceal those porggrftions of the wearer below, the waist line Whether the` back is exposed ornot. 'n

In testimony-whereof, I have hereuntoV signed my name at Erie, Pa., thisl 14th day?- of May, 1929.- i Y CELINA CJCAMERON;

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