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lV y DAT-Ine Aramon-Men@ non ynorAnY risiiirnve.rizioirilxns 1 g Applicaties fneiai"zfuf1yf lenses.v` serial no.y 292,255.
` My invention reietestodnting attachments independently of a plete-cylinder and includ in y in g` therein, adjustable type and means forinking seme.` .i f 1. In multicolor'work, even though ther-imei.
for rotary printing jmechine's, and morejparticulerlytota; mechanism operting entirely pressions bema'de .upondrypn-per itiisi'fde+ Vsireble,j parti/cu'larlyf'with high grade,Work7 vto allow e considerable."interval betweenathe y making of succeedinglimpressions uponfthe i j: "sheets to 4ensurefe complete dryingoroxidilzr- @l ing' of the Vinlr sorest'ofsecure uniformly *per-V y f feet'conflpleteimprints.,vr ,I5
"Heretofore, in such vWorin-there has been no certainty ofv the timeflntervztls between different impressions,` manufacturing meth'- odsheving been moreroriless hitor miss.v y Y ViTi-th the above conditions 1n m1nd,gI have provided an attachment for use With multi-r color offset planographici printing' 'Y presses byfmeans of which eefch sheet Will have liin-' pressed thereon,l data; indicating thev ,time of thevmnlking ofthe impression. upon that petri-l ticuletr sheet,A sothat succeeding y impressions ymay beLmade-in' 'the' semeprogression as the -precedingimpressions 'and' thus ensurefsub 'stantal 1 uniformity inthe conditioning of allisheetsvhile in process It is teesible to utilize thismechenismes emeans o'fidenv tifying thepress uponA which the preceding f f impression 'Was mede, inedditionto the time of the marking ofl this impression,1 `either .by
tlie'color of the date' imprint or by some individuel'marking.v f f The datingettaohmentabove referred tocomprises aiV mechanism associtedf with, they 1 dersend includingr therein e Wheelor Wheels 'i adapted to each' receiveafdeter head for v11n-fV the pleno'griphic ofsetfcylinder, vand -is so;
inking` mechanism of one 'of the plutewcy'lin# pressing upon the voffset"blanket of the transfer cylinder matte'rindiceting thedete on y i whichy the mechine'mede certain impressions` This-mechanism s so constructed'thet'it'may beset with considerable mcety in relation to incorporated lin the printing" machine `that y it may be. usedv or not as desired. One-.or more 'Wheels, each carrying.a'deter`head may. bev
ncorporetedv the'k attachment, i and each s .of vlimitedvrv aree'.
" This inlingl;v mechanismis supported jupon accuracy ofthefrplecingof the imprint mede a` inder, thus adapting the 'device for luse in con- 1 vnection `with' the-.printing,ofsheetsfof diier'v' f Vent` sizes or bearing dierentdesignsthereon; f `it being` understood that 'theimpressfion mede as e' result :of the `v use .y of'this mechanism is merely for thevpurpose of; identification of y i the sheet-ese Whole and is :not a pertY ofthe iinalimprint or imprints. Infact the iden-A l 7 tifyingjnirks ereusually placed closely ed;
jecentfone'-edge of each-"sheet softhat theyiA hiking-roller 'co-operating; with the inking f .mechanism of zthe fplate cylinder adjecentf `1 which thedeten mechanism yisy mounted ,y
thesame 'carriage es the distributingand in`k-y ing' rollersco-operating With'the pisteI upon the :plate cylinder so` thatrwith the actuation of :the throwoi mechanismgoperative upon such inking roller earrings',`l rthe datersinking mechanism-,will also be thrOWnSout.` vSeid inkingmechnism 'isfalso so constructed tht Y .it may be mede inoperative in yreletiontothedter Wheel or wheels entirely independ- 'ently Y ofthe actuation oiY the throvvoi i mech? i yanismjoperetive upon the inking mechanism Withvvhich 1t 1s associated l f i K. L also' provide'means whereby Vthe rollers Y or Wheels maybe adjusted in Areletionftoj theV pleite cylindery inking f mechanism and` tothe ofthe inking mechanism for the deterjvvheel i mechei'iism ofeplete cylinder Aco-operatingf` Y therewith,y meens'lfor rotating said wheel, ineens Wherebyefdeterhead may be mounted upon .said Wheel, end an inkingrollerinen gagiiig relation With/theV inling mechanism-` i of theplate cylinder and seid'ivheeland in suchother novel eaturesof construction and i vcombi-iiation of; parte, .est ere ,hereinafter .set forth and described, and more particularly pointed out in the claims hereto appended.
Referring to the drawings,
F ig. 1 is an end view of a dater attachment embodying the invention showing a fragmentary port-ion ofthe printing cylinder and associated plate cyiinder,A and the inking mechanismfor. the latter;` and.4 j
Fig 2 is` anend view showing one, of theV wheel units and its associatedV parts at one' f side of the press.
y 14.- Each arbor .of thevi'b'riato'r roll 1 6`is mounted' vin a bearing bracket 1-7` carried. by, f a stud. 18 secured to the side frame offthe ma- Like numerals refer to like parts in Vboth of said Views. Y f f In' the embodiment Vof the invention shown in the drawings, 1() indicates the printing cylinder of an offset printing machine having ther usual `rubber ,blanket/' 1.1.k y Associatedwith4 this cylindeiflO is a plate cylinder` 12 provided with the usual plat-e 18" for impressing a design-iii one or more colors upon` theblanket'll. g v Y, i Associated' with the cylinder 12 is'anA inking mechanism including inking rollerslll,VV
distributing rollers 15 andv other'parts :not shown in the drawings.
Associated vwith one oi" the inking. krollers Y 14',v is a-vibrator rol-l 16 of a construction usualandwellf knownwith printing machines ofthe type to which my 'invention relates, this vibrator'roll working the ink vupon, and picking up inkY from, the upper inking rollerr chine.V l. f 1
It; will be understood that the various cyl*- inders, shafts and rollers heretofore, and -to berhereinafter, referred to, extend from side fra-me to side frame of the macliine,Y and:
that the various parts'supporting-and actuating same are duplicated'adjacentv said side,
1 frames.
nthe accom aan ino' drawings thesdater attachment is located adiacent and below-the l l J n feedfshelf ofthe machine, (not. shown) which location is a matter of convenience since it 1 permits accessibility7 to the mechanism for the purpose of setting theadjustable vrtype members and cleaning same, aswell as the adjustment ofthe attachment for vtheproper locating of theiiinprint taere'from, in'relation tothe imprint or transferreddesign fromthe cylinder j This attachment comprises a shaft 19 mounted at'each end in a bearing link 2.0
pivoted uponthe main frame `of the machine below the feed shelf.
21,.havi ng anormal tendency to force'the link and the shaft toward the impression.cyl-` inderl'O. Y 'f i Carried bythe shaft 19 is a wheel or1 wheels 22? provided with clamping means-23, by
Y or dimensions. Acting upon each link is a spring'rodv lmeans lof which an ordinary dater head 24 may be securedto the Wheel.
rlhis dater. headneed Snot be vdescribed in A detail Vsince it is of the usual and well known construction common in what is known as hand; dating machines, and consistsmere'ly of Aa frame having a plurality of wheels therein bearing different monthsof the year, digits by which the days of the month may .beindicate'd andjdiiferent years. The latter,
if desired, may be .dispensed with' since the year-- is no'. great factor' as tothe printing of sheets', the completion of whichV will occur in Y days..rv Year indicia, however,.inay be used if desired. f
The shaft 19 is rotated from the gearA 25 of the cylinder 10,1through the gear-Qfcarried by said shaft. The ratio of thejwheel 22 to the cylinder 10, and ofthe Vgear 26 to Ythe gear 25 is as 1 to 4, since thev cylinder 104 is aV double blanketed cylinder capable of @making two impressions withieach revolution thereof andthe blankets are so s xaced.
. a P apart'asto permit this ratio. 'Ivhe'propor-v y tions-of the wheelmust be such-that the .types Y carried thereby will reach the-printing position only once duringV Vthe transfer of theA ink designupon the; blanketll, and will `be accuratelytimed with relation tothefcylin der' 1G/so' as to always makethe imprint at a. predetermined"point of the blanket' or both blankets, in the event `of the use of Ytwo blankets; upon said cylinder.
Also` carried byV and `rotatable with the shaft 19 is a bearing disk 27'V adapted toen-v l gage anY end bearing disk 28 ofthe cylinder cumferentially or axially 4of the shaft19 to permit the proper timing of the transferfofl the ink design from the date-r head tol the blanket 11, or to properlyfposition said wheel-Y in relation to the transferred ink designu'pon the blanketso as to secure a desired position` Y ing of the imprint upon the printed sheet.
yBothrofthese adjustments are to compensate for'necessaryvariancerin the place of the imprint' due toiinprints of different sizes Considerable nicety in both adjustmentsrinay be required, although ordinarily thereis suiiicientmargin allowed on the printed sheets, to aiford ample space for the date limprint in a positonwhere, .with the trimming ofi thefsheets, it Will be removed. from-any ofthe complete imprints. The. ad-
were@ f justment axiallyof theshaftis madejneces saryfin `almaehin-e ofthevtype in connectionI with which. the 'invention isL shown, v by: theconstruction ofthe `inking rollers, dass( ciated;v with the platefcylinder12 Of lcourse, ifa continuous` vibrator roll 16 were to extend, entirely' aoross themaol1ine,thewyheelL22;VV
f tachinent fis` substantiallyl as i follows?? could ybe set'anyWlierebetWeen the;` side frames.k v`-B,`ut `Where the'vibrator roll iscut.,
` ,'10 o, v Y it is obvious that thesetting4 of the,Wheel22 must be such as to utilize one of these sections.
up into a seriesof spaced narrow sections,
as a source headV 24.
ofink forthe Wheels vof the dater The actual ,-inlringlof the'wheels lthe daterheadl24 is bya narrowVinkingrollerV 33 mountedjin anarrn34,1pivotally mounted upon atierod extending 'frorngside to side of the carriagefor'the inkingmeehanism 'asL sociated with the Cylinder 12'. The tiered 35 isstationary, andthe arm 34 is'adjustable alongV this rod, sinceiit isseeured thereto by i. means Vof afsplit collar136. Y
. ,The arm 34 isof a lengthto bring the roller 33 intermediate the vibrator'rollll and the yvl1eel22,k It is necessary, however, topro- .vide for a krright angular ladjustment fof this lroller in order to cause itj to be positioned v Wherej will engage vand[develop ythe proper pressure in' relation to bothjthe roller 16 and ythedatervyheels.J To secure suchV an adjfustf-y ment,.I`mount the roller in auslide shoWnnin A dotted'linesfati', in the head of the arm 34, this slide carrying a yset screw 38 anda' lock e roller *'33 lin a substantially horizontal line. 'v
Carried bythe arml34fand`aeting againsta stop 40 carried bythe shaft 35, is a set` sereWj41 provided with a lock nut 42, byl means of yWhichthe arm 34 maybe pivotallyV adjusted, Vthe vertical component of thisad-A 1 1 justlnent serving to `allow a desired vertical nut 39', thus vpermitting adjustmentoflsaid `movement of'saidfrollerl Y At the'v same time, vthe'` horizontal component Vof this p iv-" otal adjustment-Will'disturb the adjustment secured throughitheset screw 38, so thatithe ',adjustmentjof' the roller 33t can he secured only .'byltli'e utilization. of bothadjusting serews383and41f i" ',The stop 40`li1nits the movement i of l arm 34 toWardthe Wheel 22,1{and opposite 'Y thereto isa second stop 43also engageabldpby the screw 41' for limiting 4the movement of the arm 34 inthe `opposite direction Whenlitis desired to @throw theroller 33 out ofthe op-v erativevrelation, 'as when it isrnot desired to use the dater. lThisy may'occurfduring the classes of Work.
makeready" of the?t press, or -Witlr certain The split collarBGfI-nayibe set'suiii'ciently,
tightly upon' the shaft 35 t0 permit movement ofthe -arm34 Witlrithe application ofgal little force-.thereto, or ,ifd/esfired the clamp collar vnay'be so-tightlyfset as to requireitsV partial; release to permit such turning move-Q.
Vscribed, inaddition to its.independentl funeement. :The length and weg`hikofthe am; .y f
hoWever,is suiiicient to permitrthefcollar 36to fbeset fairly`loosely,imerely enough friction being requiredto prevent displacement-theresv of asv aresultv of the action vormovement of the shaft carrying the vibrator lrolllG."r l
Y'Iihe" operation of the vhereinfdescribed v ,-An'attachmentjof the character herein tioning,v must eonforinf.vvith the conditionsl about the pressi in connection with fwhich l it isused, and must beso constructed'andarranged that it A Will notinterfere With the cleaning-ofthe press upon the completion?-Y of a'run, or With,itsmakeready'lpreparatory thereto` g `The only'work ordinarily ieduired the makereadyof the press is .uponV the plate Cylinders, and during a trial run forv the purpose of adjusting the i pres's'ffor .regis.. ter' and securing` a proper initial. inking of the'plates. `l/Vli'ilethisWork isbeing done, it
is Vdesirable. to move; the Wheels22 .so as td bringthefdater headlout of pressure relationto theblanlret`1l., Thisisdoney meansof 'l the adjusting screw orxscrevvs 29 Whiclnfwhen and fthe Wlieel22 priorto this adjusting of the Wheel. `If the frame su'pporting the inks55 if,
. toniove the inkingroller 3.3frorn the4 roll 16 f ico ingrollers`14, 15-and .'16 befmoved solas'fto Y e l Y disengage them; y:from the `plate 12?, no move-fl menti` ofthe varms 134gis1necessary v.since the rod 35 Willhavemovement with the frames and Will thus `positionthe inlingvroller- 33 lsofas `to disengage 1t from the dater head carried Y Y justing-,sorew 29 may 'beivithdrawn to an ex tent'tofpermit engagement of the-'bearing Wheel 27 With"` the bearing plate 28 ofthe..
cylinder'10,it beingvpossible to securev eXtreme Vnieetyjin the relation of the :dater headtypes with jthe Vblanket11. by a minute adjustment ofsaidscrew. i vf The spring rod 21,y relation of the Wheel 22, and the cylinderflO; 'e
` The operative moment .ofthe daterheadl mayl ber predetermined by a circumferential vvill maintain the proper n adjustment ofthe Wheel 22 upon the shaft 19. I
vThesore)N129` may beutilized to positionfthe .shaft19 `so `as to permitfafree turningmovement ofthe wheel upon saidshaft, the gear26.
preventing thev turningy ofitlie, Vshaft during 'A i para neng uit 'Side margin-0e un S'heeeir.
space is'` available along thislside margin; t itis desired to positionA4 the date imprint axially" ofv the sha-ft 19", provided' rthat there' v availableat thatfpoint, a vibrator 'roll seetion from which ink may be picked up for use in inking the dater head". When -the i wheel 22 is moved axially of the shaf-t 19 itis also necessary to move the arm y311 axially vof the rod 35 lso as to secure a proper co-oper ating relation between the inking roller 33 v.a'r'l'dthe dater' head upon said wheel 22.2 It is'falso; necessary tomove' the a-rmslO and 13 with the` arm 34. Since theA vibrator roll 16 is primarily provided to coact With the inking' roller 14;, axial adjustment of this lvibratorrollV` is impossible.
lt` is customary, however, in a printing pressf'of the type inconnection Witliwhich the invention isl illustrated, tol use a number of Vnarrow vibratorrolls positioned at spaced distances along the shaft carrying the roll 16 so that the' inking roller33 may be positioned within the operative range of any of these vibrator sections; Y Y' Ofcourse-'itis possible, with some classes of work, 'to' use a continuous vibrator roll, and when such is the case, norestrictions are placed-upon the extent of axial adjustment of the wheel 2Q and the parts cooperating therewith- Y When the wheel, the inking rollerand other coeoperating parts have been properly adjusted in relation to the/cylinder 10 and to the vibrator roll, Vthe linksv 20 may be adjusted so as to ensure the proper engagement of the vwheels of the dater head1 24 with the blanket 11, and the arm 34 maybe restored to its normal position asshown in Fig. 1, where itwill pick up ink from a vibratorroll16 and transfer it tothe dater wheels. Y
If there is not a proper inkingfop'eration by the roller either'l as a result of animproper enga-gement thereof with the'vibrator roll or with the dater lhead,the roller 33 may be adjusted in relation to the arm 34 and roll lby means ofthe adjusting'screws 38 and 41. By moving the screwel toward or from' the arm 10, the roller 33 will be moved in an upward or downward are from or toward the vibrator; roll 16 and the wheel 22; By means ofthe screw 38, theroller 33 may be' moved substantially horizontally towa-rdor from said rollarnd said wheel. By the alternate useof said screws 38 and 41', the roller 33 may be universally adjusted so as to accurately engage both the roll 16 andV the dater head Wheels.V Y i Y f When the foregoing adj ustmentszhave been marde, power may be applied to the machine, and with each rotation ofthe wheel 22 the dater head wheels will be inked and the charactors thereon rwill be transferred in ink to the blanket 11 at a pointV where an impression will be made in the desired marginal position u onthe printed sheet. blankets upon the cylinder 10, the date will 'betransferred toeach of these blankets inthe same position;- With aratio of 1 to l betweenthe gear 25an`d tliegear 26 the two blankets upon the cylinder will be diametri*-v cally opposite veach other and will/,be spaced-v lof the wheels 2N2', the dater wheels reaching the *printing position, during one revolution' of the wheels QQbetW'een the blankets. The roll 16,*in addition to vcuttinginkup'on-the A.roller 14, fwill transfer ink toY thefroller 33 which will apply itto the dater wheels.
While the amount of ink used will be very small, this is of little or lnoimportance as the quality of ,thef impression madeby the dater head is limited merelyV to legibilityl' Where Wide sheets are to be printed, Vit i's possible to use any ,desired number of `wheelsA 22 so that the date impression will appear' upon each sheetl inthe' event of thecutting of large sheets into'smafller ones preparatoryV to their run-upon another machine. 'lhje possibility of adjustment of the Ywhee`lsr22 so as to cause the'imprintto be upon either the forward, rear or'side margins will permit the cutting of the sheet both longitudinally and transversely and still have each portion bear the date of the imprint lof the background tint. 1 y 'i The dater head wheels are set by hand and their position is not changed during the run of the press. i
In machines of the typetowhich my invention relates, ink applied bythe rollers 14 may bein isolated or adjo'ini'ngstripes`r and of differentcolors,in which case the vibrator roll ordinarily will be made upV ofv spaced sec-v tions as heretofore referred to, oronly one color be used throughout the length ofthe' saidrollers 14s, in which case a continuous vibrator 4roll -may be'used. In the rst instance, by locating the wheel 22 with relation to a sectio'nof the vibrator roll having a particular color upon one press and locating ,it upon another press so as' to have it inked in another color, it is possible to Videntify the press upon'which the sheets rwere printed by the colorof the imprint.
The construction and location of the dater mechanism is such as to .permit substantially the same degree of accessibility `to the plano-` graphic offset cylinder asjthough'the press Vwere notV equipped therewith. The location ofthe attachment, however, i's not material to the invention considered in its broader There being two' ilo iis
i. Y I Inactualpr'actice has been found that the impressionsvinasmuch as approximately the? elapsed time between vimpressions"'may be determined bythe variousem'ployees handlling theV` paper. between. the making ofthe ffirstimpression and the delivery ofthe tinted y pression."l
Asheets for :the making 'of the succeeding'. im-
Itis not my intention" te limitait invention to the precisedetails "of construction shown in the drawings,y it being apparent that such may be varied withontv departing. from the spirit and scope ofthe invention.
Having described ,the invention, whatl lI claim asnew and desire to have protected by Letters Patent, is:-` Y v1 -llLA dating attachment for rotary printing machines embodying therein a wheel mountedadjacent the printing cylinder and the inking mechanism of a plate cylinder cooperating'therewith, means for rotating said whe el,-' means whereby a dater head maybe 4mounted upon said'wheel,` and an inking V2. Adating attachment for rotary printing i machinesembodyingtherein a wheel mountroller in-"eng'agingrelation with the inking mechanism'ofthe plate cylinder and saidV ed adjacent ythe printing cylinder fand the inking mechanism of a plate vcylinder cooperating therewith, means for rotating said wheel, meansfwhereby a dater head maybe Vmounted-upon saidwheel, means whereby saidWheely may be adj usted circumferentially' to vary` the operative moment of saiddater headin relation to the printing cylinder,
*and :an inkingv roller in engaging relation "with theinking mechanism oftheplate cyliny rder landr saidfwheel.
,3, A dating attachment yfor rotary printing machines embodying therein a wheel mounted adjacent the printing cylinder and the inking mechanism of a plate cylinder cooperating therewith, means for rotating said l wheel, meanswhereby a dater head may be mounted upon Vsaid wheel, means whereby said wheel may be axiallyadjustedto secure adesired position of the imprint of the dater head npon said printing cylinder, andan inking roller in engaging `relation' with the inking-mechanism of the plate cylinder "and lsaid wheel.
g the inking mechanism of a plate cylinder cot ing-machines embodylng therein-links plv- 1v r wheel, means wherebyj'a dater head maybe mounted -upon said f' wheel, means whereby" 65 said wheel may be adjusted circumferentially 4. A dating attachment for rotary printingmachines embodying therein a wheel mounted adjacent the printing cylinder and operating therewith, means Vfor rotating said yto vary.theeoperativeinomentfofsaid '1* head-:inf relationft'oy the printing'f*cylinder,v i means ywherebysaid wheel may be axiallyjadjustedto-seeure afdesired position oiffthe'imi printA ofthe daterihead upon said printing .70" cylinder, and aninkmg'roller 1n engaging f relation withk theinkingmechanismofthe plate` cylinder 'andsaid wheel. i dating attachmentfor rotary 'j mechanism l of f the plate cylinderand said 6.*y A datingattachment for rotary printing machines embodying therein links pivotally mounted adjacent the printingv vcylinder and' printing machines embodying therein link 'spivotally s mountedadjacent the printingcylinderrandthe inkiiig'mechanism'of-afplate cylinder cooperating therewith, ajshaft'mounted said links, awheelE lcarried by; said' shaft, means normally forcing said .links toward'V said cyli'nder, meanslfor limitingmovement of'said links towardsaid cylinder, a gear carried by 'saidishaftenmeshed fwith agea'r upon` saidV jcylindenfmeans whereby adater head may be mounted upon vsaid wheel,andan-linking: rollerl inengaging ,relation with the -inking the inking mechanism kof aplategcylinder col operating therewith, ashaft-mounted insaid links, a'whelelcarriedby saidshaft', mea-ns`A normally forcingjsai'dj-links toward said cyll inder, lmeans "for limiting" movement 'of Vsaid links toward vsaid cylinder; adjustable means l f whereby said may bemovedf'and "maintained away from, or permitted tomove toward.said printing' cylinder, kafgear carried. f by said shaft enmeshed'with a gearuponsaid ',cylin'der, means whereby ia dater head may be mounted uponv said Wl'lel, and M1 l'lliing roller in engaging relationfwith Vthe inking of the plate @cylinder andsaidi mechanism wheel.
. YIBA datingattachment for rotaryprinting machines embodying therein links pivot'- allymounted adjacentfthe printingcylinder v and the inking mechanism of a plate cylinder co-operating therewith, alshaft mounted in said links, lawheel earriedbyV said shaft, means wherebysaid` wheel may be adjusted circumferentially ofgsaid shaft to varythe;
momentiof the making'ofthe imprint from a`Y dater headgearried by saidwheel uponsaid printing cylinder, meansfnormally forcing said links toward `said `cylinder, means for.
limiting movement'of-said'links'toward said cylinder, a gear,earriedfbysaid'shaft en-f ymeshe-d with a'gear upon said cylinder, means whereby a ld'aterhead may be mounted upon said wheel, and aninking roller 1ny engaging relation with the inking mechanism ofthe plate'cylinde'r andsaid wheel.
8.- VA' dating attachment forfrotary printinderf cio-operating therewith, a shaft' mountiss Y vvithfthe inking -mechanismfofthe plate cylinder and said-theel. j j 9, A dating attaclnnent ,for rotary print- 15. ing machinesfembodying therein linkspiyotally mounted adjacent the printing .cylinder Aand the inlring mechanism of a plate cylinder co-operating therewith, a shaft mounted insaid` links, Va wheel ,carriedby l said sha-ft, means whereby said', .wheel may be 'adjusted `circumferentially L,of said .shaft fto vary/.themoment of ,themakingioflthe imprint from a dater head carriedby'said .wheel upon said printingcylinder, means .whereby .saidwheelmay be axially adjusted to secure a ydesired position o t'theimprintotthe dater head upongsaid ,printing cylinder, (means norl mally fforcing .said :links v,toward said cylinder, ,means orllimiting v`movementof .said linksA toward said cylinder, :a gear carried .by
cylinder, ,means .whereby a .dater headmay be imounteduponsaid wheel, and an inking .roller mengaging relation with `the inking mechanismof the plate cylinder andsaid wheel.
l0. A. dating attachment .for zrotaryprint- I ing machines Aembodying therein a wheel mounted 4adj acent the,printing lcylinder' :and the inking ymechanism of.4 a Aplatte 1`cylinder cooperating therewith, means for rotating said -vvheehmeans whereby adater head may be mounted upon saidwheel, means `whereby said wheel-maybe axiallyadjusted tesecure a desired positionI of lrthe Airnprintdof the dater vheadupon said printing cylinder,.an inlnng roller 'in engaging relation `with. the inking mechanism o -the platecylinder.andsaid wheel, and means `whereby;saidinking roller may he axiallyddjusted .rin confdlmty with ythe axial adjustmentof said wheel.
v Y1-1. A dating-attachment lforirotarygprint- `ing machines .embodying therein a wheel ,mounted adjacent the printing -cylinder and the ,inking mechanism f ofz a -platev cylinder cooperatingftherewith, means yfor rotatingsaid wheel, means `whereby A-a Adater AVheadjrnay be mounted upon said-.wheelfavibrator roll vcooperating .with rollenoflthe-ukhgdneohdnism or" theplate cylinder, v-a-nd aninking rolla'ndsai'd wheel.
l l2. HA dating attachment or, rotaryp1int ing machines yembodying [therein 4a wheel; mounted adjacent-the prntingcyllnderand said shaftnmeshed withla .gear ,upon said dad-ew thinking-:mechanism Oiapldts hylnder-cooperating therewith, means l:tor rotating said wheel., means. 1whereby a dater head may ,be meuntfedupon said wheel, a pivotal arm, an
sinking roller carried thereby, 'and means ,operative respectively upon said roller .and
.upon said arm, whereby said roller maybe .universally .adjusted to bring it into proper engaging.relationavithltheinkingmechanism of the platecylnder and said wheel.
the inking mechanism o-a plate cylinderY cooperating therewith? means for trotating said wheel, means whereby adater head may .be
ymounted .upon .said wheel, means 'whereby said wheel maybe-axially,adjusted-to secure va desired position off .theimprint offthedater v'head .upon said printing cylinder, apivotal arm, an inking roller carried thereby, means operative respectively upon saidv roller 4and 11110.11 Said drm, whereby .Sdld roller may fb@ universally Iadj usted to` ybring it :intoi proper .diedehsleldhoh Wththdhhihs mechanism oitthe plate `cylinder and'said wheel,` and .means whereby Seid protdljdrm mdyfhfdd- .,justed in conformityl` with the axial adjust- 1ment of saidiwheel lto maintain lthe proper @hedging relation 'of the ihhhsfrellerarred by said arm with said wheel.
A14: A dating .attachment rfor rotary print-- ing machines emhddyhg therein :d VWheel mounted adjacent y.thezprxinting cylinder and ,the r`inking mechanism `oja plate. cylinder coi operating therewith, .mea-ns .for-rotating said Wheel, means `Whrddy a dater 'head mayjibe 13,y Avdating attachment .for rotary print- .lng machines embodying therein .a wheel mounted adjacent the printing cylinder and -mdunted upon .Said wheel, means whereby saidlwheelymay l.bei axially 1 adjusted to lsecure d desired. pQStOn .Ottheimprnt 0f hhddater;
heal-d -upon said printing cylinder, a pivotal :ar-m, Ian inking .roller slidably4 Vmounted in lsind drm-,dn ddJuShdgfSCf-@WOperatlve upon said roller to impart movement` .thereto to- :Ward Orff-.rom sddwheehstdpsidpon OppOSte .sides of the peint. owpivotal support ofsaid .arman adjusting Ssew carried by Said .drm ,and .Operative -dpoh prie :df Said Steps Win1- ,part pivotal `moyement Lto `said -arrn toward orlfrom said wheel, andmeans whereby saidgll drm and .Seid Stops respctydy :may headj usted in Vconformity' with the laxial adjustment .of Said wheel t0 maintain 'the prdper dnsdghtgtf-felation` of thefnking roller Carried by saidarm withsaid Wheel. y
.-.15..A .dating attachment Ator rotary printing machines embodying thereinllinks-pivotally mounted adjacent the printing cylinder andthe inkinsmeehdnsmdf @plate Cylinder peppered-hg therewith, a Shaft- Imountd in mea-11S .whereby Said-Wheelmay Ybe .adjusted rr`circumferentially of said .shaft to vary :the
momentp the making df Ldie imprint hdm a datsrfheadharred -bysadfwheel .11.12.011 Said l v printingeylindeignneanl whereby said Wheel 1 y may jbe axially adjusted to seoureade'sired position ofthe .mprintof the dater headrupon eaidlprnting cylinder, meansnormally forcing 'said links toward said cylinder, means for limiting ymovement of Vsaid links toward Vsaid cylindena gear carriedby said shaft enmeshed wthagear upon said cylinder; means whereby a dater head maybe mounted upon said Wheel, a pivotal arm, any Vinking roller'slidably mounted in said arm,
y an adjusting sereW operative upon said'roller toimpart movement thereto tovvald or from I Y saidwheel, `stopsvupon oppositer sides of the v Y point of pivotal support of said arm, an ady justing screw carried by said 'arm andoperative upon one of said stops to impart pivotal tion of the-inking roller carried by said arm my signature Athis 28th day of June, 1928.
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