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    • B41J35/00Other apparatus or arrangements associated with, or incorporated in, ink-ribbon mechanisms


June 3, 1930. A. g. F. KUROWSKI I 1,761,795
TYPEWRITING MACHINE Filed Sept. 18 1925 3 Sheets-Sheet l June 3, 1930.- A. a. F. KUROWSKI TYPEWRITING MACHINE Filed Sept. 18 1925 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 I F/FOA/T VIE W Mvemar I A/fwwey June 3, 1930. A. s. F. KUROWSKI 1,751,795
Fil ed Sept. 1a, 1925 s Sheets-Sheet 3 FRONT VIEW FLA N VIEW fly Patented June 3 1930.
s rata F. Kristi ism; tor sen-Len ije sreues [e vnrsswns 'EL IQM ISHE eel-arena, swea romanmenenrenmom zs e -em I Tween-1m ,MAQHZNE e anation fi led September is, 1925. S;eria 1, No/57,O53.
V This invention relates a'to ribbonshifting mechanism "for typewrltmg maohlnes and more particularly to uneans -ifor contro'lling the .eolorefield of fiasbiehrorne ribbon, and to meansiforvsilenoing the ribbonsvvhen typing Y up'onlstenqils.
It I has been customary to norinally use the ribbonain' its upper orrfblaok field or stripe, I
and Vito manually set thevibrating mechanism ztozreisesthe ribbon to slower orfred field when desired, so that the lower or-Fred fieldcof therilibohlisused; Nhenatypinglin this lower field, the .ribb.on has to be raised considerably :higher than when typing in upper field;andlsinoevthe raising ofthe-ribbon is effected through mechanismactuated by the universal barpwhi'eh :is :in turn roperatedby the keys, ititendsxtozniakethe key depression hard and uneven, whioh,oficourse, 1s oo eet onable; r
Gne of'thetfe atures of this: invention relates to means m' hereby this obj eetion may-hoovercoine. Tov this :end, n'echanisni is {provided whereby thesribbo n isiinanually naisedrto the printing line: preparatoryf'to typingintlower field, :froin a; 5 position considerably;helowzthe printingilinevvhenltyping in upper-{field :In
this manner the lztouchuof'the..keys=;is improved because the ribbon isJrai-sed' approxi-f niately the same amount rwh'eii-ztyping and either the blaelz. or; red Efield nntl; oonse= quently about 1-the; sa-1ne:.ehort firs requ red-t0 depress the keys.
In order to select the color field: of the rib- 7 bon the-reis provided :a lever .near the keyboard. By means ofthls leveraxhnhwvhrch is operetively connected .toethe universalibar,
' is thrown into :engagement .witheithersexis provided a compensating mechanism Whieh is setby the lever; so as ,iJ'Oa elevate the-ribbon Wl enthe; lever is .lnovechto correspond with the jred eolorot-thesribbon.
Another feature of this invention; relates to novel means gvvhereby the; ribbon; may be silenced l for typing upon :stencil sheets, said nleanslare seleetively:controlled by position ngithe colorefield controllingilever inits nor:-
mal position,
leverzine'fi'eotiveto raise the ribbon.
:Other featuresland advantages will ;'hereinafter appear. i
ln ithe1aeeoxnpanyingdrawings, v Figure 115 a CIDSSrSQClZl-Ollllt View: in elevas 7 tion' "through the reenter of Ian -.Underwood portable'stypeivriting machine having the ventionappliedthereto. a l i'gure2iis a plantview-showing. theiribbon; field eon'trol lever in its :riormal 'or black eolor'r'field. Y a
YLFigure '3 is a, front iVlBW ."in elevation showing ftheyribbon controllingv mechanism in iltS normal 1 position and setifor the uppen color-r held of the ribbon. I V V i v s- 1 1 Figure 4 sholwsjthe operated position-of the ribhoniorthe setting shownin Figurer3.
11F igure 5is s perspeotiveviewgof the-manuallyioperated:ribbon raising mechanism.
,1 Eigures 16 land .7 :are front ;views in ele'va tionshowing respectively the normal :and operated positions :of i the ribbonpcontrolling mechanism asset for the red;or lower field eflthemibh n- Y a @Eigurehsa plan view; showing the normal as set for the fred .orlowenfieldof the Si b-Qnv i Figure i9 is a plan .vieW showing the neutral setting of v the ribbon controllinglever in its n rm rss o In the Underwood :porteble ltypew-riting m f hine, il -c n t n w h "wh th invention is illustrated, there is provided a universal-bar lOlrnounted upon a roek-shaftell, en -swung dew we y ee a sp ing .2, upon depressing any ofa plurality ofkeys l3. Sgidjreys are fast tokeyslevers 14;,- mounted upon a fulcrum plate 15 ;having; a ;plurality oflsprings 16, operatively conneoted for restoring -;the wk'eyeleversi to their normal position. ,Eaoh key is, of 'eourse operatively connected to, a-etypetbar 17 by meehanism,;nqt shewny tsfi et ve oe-w netl ypebans/at the depression of PZlSSQQifitQdvkQYrlfiVQFS.
' i e t e r bo m hani m immin th thus :rendering the vibrating subject of this invention is provided for the v purpose of covering the printing point upon depressing the keys, and, since the universal bar in the machine is-operative to letter-space so as to rock therewith, the shaft being journaled in brackets-l9fastto a cross-bar in,
turn fast to the frame of the machine.
Upon the shaft 11, and secured thereto by means of a screw .21 there is provided an arm 22 which extends upwardly andhas' at 3 the end-thereof a stud 23 upon which there is rockably mounted a universal joint'24 1 which carries alink'25. Said link 25 is pivot-.7
ally: mounted ati26 upon the joint-24:, and terminates with a threaded ortion 27 which threads into arocking mem er 28" thus providing an adjustment for the effective length of the link 25'. The member 28 is operatively connected toa rocking lever 29 pivotally mounted on a stud 30 fast to a bracket 31 secured to the frame of the machineby means ofa screw 32. The 'l6VeI'29iS provided with '7 a circumferential slot 33. for receiving a turned down portion 34 of said member 28,
the center of the radius of the slot being substantially upon thefulcr'um 26 ofthe link25 in order to facilitate'the moving of'the link from oneend to the other of th'eisl'ot, {as
' shown in Figures 2 and8.'- I Since the universalbar 10 has aunirm movement at'each key depression, the: arm
n 22, which is secured to the shaft 11, will have a uniform throw at each key depression,
from whichitfollows that, if the link 25is shifted to engage opposite ends of the slot 33,
the swing of said lever 29 will varyfpropon 'tionately. The slot 33 is provided with recess or cut '35 at the center-thereof into:
which the p'art=34=, may vibrate 'whenthe, link "p 25 is shifted to an intermediate positionto render the lever 29 ineffective.
In order to move the link 25 in cooperating position with either end of the slot 33-oriwith the cut 35, there is provided a manually operable lever 36 rockably mounted upon ajstud 37"fa'st to abracket 38 inturn securedto the frame of the machine by meansofa screw 39',
ber 28in the slot 33.:
Said lever 36 is provided with a finger-piece 40 at the'end thereof, andhas a detent, 411 formed therein for engaging with notches 42 in the front plate43, each notchcorrespond'-' positions'of the 'memp I I shownin Figures 6,and"7.' The lever 29 is machine, the ribbon vibrator is operable by all of the type-keys,
ing to one of the'three {In said Underwood and sincesome Of-the typ-keys are operated I in lower-case position of the platen and other I keys are operated in'the uppercase position,
it follows, that certain of them'echanism for operating the ribbonmechanism mus't'beon must be mounted on the shiftframe. One
the main frame, whereas the ribbon vibrator H itself and 'certain' actuating means therefor s a of the features of this invention relates to novel means for connecting the vibrator or lever 29onthe mam frameto the mechanism Ont-he shift frame, Referring more particu -I larly to Figures 3, 4, '5, 6" and 7 in which}:
severalv operating views are shown ofthe mechanism mounted on the, shift frame it} will benote'dtliat'there is provided an operating lever or vibratorai fulcrumedupon a stud 4C5 fast to the carriage shiftframeefi and that the leveris operatively connected to a ribbon carrier 47 by meansof a pin 48 on the carrier engaging with afslot149 in said lever 44. i The ribbon carrier isprovided with fin'gers'50 having slots'51throughwhichi is passeda bichrome ribbon'52, thecolors thereof being indicated respectively '.'bythe .1 umerals53 and '54, the former representing 9 the upper fielder black and corresponding.
to the identification color field represented, by. thenumeral 55 which represents a corresponding position ofth'e: lever- 36, shown in Figure2; I
that the leveritt which is mount' In order ed onfthe'ca'rriage shiftframe may-be moved to uppercase position without severing the ing relationship with an operating stud 58] channel 56 is vertically, disposed in cooperatp which forms a part of "a-toggle system; op-
According to one ofthe features of this invention, it is desired to manually ralse theeratively connected" to the lever 14 to raise; c ,l c the ribbon ateachkey depression.
ribbon "carrier. upto the printing line, as j shown niF gure '6, from aposit on much below the print nglineshown 1n 1* lgu e 3, prearatoryto writing'with thelower or redf field :of-the ribbon. Tolthis end, there is.
v v y no? providedmechamsm operat vely mounted on 1 I a the carriage-shift frame, des1gned to elevate;
the ribbon when the lever'36 isjswung from s blackvto red pos1t1on'.,. Said mechanism. 1
includes a" sliding cam-plate 59 having a bent portion 60 at the end thereof,'the bent portion engaging with two fingers 61 forming an integralpartof a ,rea'rwardly extending arm 62 ofthelever .36. Because of the connection between the-plate 159rand'the lever 36 when the latter is operated from .black to red, the plate is movedftoa positionas operatively connected to. 'theflever l fe by means'of a flexed toggle joint' or linkage in} I eluding 'uppe'rand lower/arms respectively stud 58'fast thereto, which serves as a fulcrum 'forthe lower armfi f. Referring to "Figure 5 which a dismembered perspecnumbered .63'and-6 h The upper arm has the Y T if i tive view'ofthe toggle-joint-is shown, it will be noted'thatthere is provided a' stationary plate'66 secured to the'carriage shift frame 46 by means ofscrews67'through holes 68 in said plate, and that the supporting point of the lower arm 64 carries a stud 69 which passesthrough a vertical slot 70 in the stationarypl ate and a horizontal slot 71 in the sliding plate. Since it is one'ofthe objects ofthe sliding cam-plate 59 toelevate the ribbon'when the plate'is slid from one position to another, the plate is provided with inclined slots 7 2 designed to engage with supporting studs 73 fast tothe'fixed plate 66. Said studs 73'serve as a guide for theplate 59 which elevates the stud 69'wlien-moving to the left because of the inclination of the slots 72. The upper end of the arm 63 is operatively connecte'djto the lever e4 by means of a stud 7 i g which passes through a hole in said lever and'is screwed into a tapped hole 76 in the arm' 63'. I, a v
Since'it has'been shown that there is provided mechanism -forielevating the ribbon preparatory to typingin the lower field therer of, andalsomechanism for vibrating the ribb'onat each key depression, will beappa; rent that both mechanisms must be tied to- I gether inor'der to synchronize their opera- 1. tion; To this end, there is provided a link 77 oper a't vely connecting the l1nk with the rearwardly extending arm 62 of the lever 36, which controls the IllOlOOll elevating mechanism by means hereinbefore described. Said link 77 may be connected to the link 25 by means of a stud 79 and to the lever 36 by meansof-a-stud 78, so thatwhen the lever is swung from one positionto the other, the p-iece 28 will be moved to either end of the 7 slot; 33,-9.5 sh'ownin'Figur-es Qand 8,
' It will be understood that this invention is illustrated in connection with an Underwood portable typewriting; machine having three positions'oi a platen 80, the two upper 1305itionsbeing indicatedin dot-and dash lines,
and eachposition of the platen corresponding' to c'o-o'perating' types in the type-bars.
. In "this type of machine the platen is revof rollers 82 and 83.
olubly mounted ona carriage 81 slidably mountedonthe carriage shiftframe by means shiftedto the'di tl'erent positions by mechanisinsuch as that disclosed in the Patent No.
1,297,085 toL. S. Burridg'e, dated March 11, 1-919. i
It will be *notedthat the lever 44 has a permanent fulcrum 45'; that the fork-formations 56 and 61 are compensating drivingconnections-for the case-shifted stud 58 and the tongue 60respectively; and that the shiftle'ver"36 is efiective through its connections with the vibrator to lengthen a normal stroke fortheupper fieldof the ribbon andto shorten'anorm'al long stroke tor the lower field of The platen may be the ribbon, that both fields may be vibrated by a more uniform typingeiiortat'thekeys. Variations may be resorted to within the scope of the inventioman'd portions of the improvements may be used without others.
Having thus described my invention, 1 claim l A v f V 1. The combination with a typewriting ma chine having a mainframe, a shift-framefa" vibratingmember operated by'the typing elements of the machine, and ribbon-vibrating mechanism operativelyconnected tosaid vibrating member for selectively vibrating either field of a bichrome ribbon, of meansineluding a manually-operable lever pivoted on said mainframe for setting'the ribbonwibratmg mechanism according to the field of the ribbon to be used, and instrumentalities on said shift-frame controlled by saidlevento raise the ribbon preparatory to vibratingthe ribbon in lower field, said lever 'bei'ng slidably connected with said instrumentalities," so
as to permit free upward'movement ofthe latter. I
2. The combinat1on with a typewriting' machine having a main frame, a shift-frame,
a vibrating member operated by the-typing ribbon below the "printing line preparatory to vibrating the ribbon in upper' fiel'd,said
lever being slidably connected with said; de-
vice to permit up and down movement of the latter. 1 3. The combination with a typewrit-ing machine having a vibrating member operated 'by the typing elements of the machine; and ribbon-vibrating mechanism operatively connected to said vibrating member for selective? 1y vibrating either field of a bichfrome ribbon, and means including a' manually-operable lever for setting the ribbon-vibrating mechanism, of means controlled by said lever to raise the ribbon to the printing line preparatory to vibrating the ribbon in lowerfield,
said last-mentioned means including a vibrating leveroperatively connected'to the ribbon, a toggle-system of levers having the actuating point mounted on said vibrating, lever and the fulcrum point movable upwardly and instrumentalities for maintaining said points in approximately the same angular relation with the toggle-joint when said ribbon is ralsed preparatory to vibrating it in lower field, whereby the same force will actuate said I togglessystem when said ribbon is being vi- I brated ineither field.
4. The combination with a typewriting machine having a series of key-controlled type-bars, a universal bar operated by said keys,and a ribbon-vibrating mechanism operated by said universalbar ncluding a togglesystem and a ribbon-supporting lever actuated by said system, of a manually-operable lever for controlling the color-zone of v a bi-z chrome ribbon, means supporting said toggle for raising the normal position of the ribbon preparatory to typing inthe lower field therei of, said: means including linkage operatively connecting said. manually-operable lever, to the ribbon-vibrating mechanism,.a vertica-ll'y sliding connection between said last-named lever and saidmeans, and a vertically-sliding connection between said ribbon-vibrating mechanism and said ribbon-supporting lever. 5. The combinatlon with a typewriting machine having a platen and a bichro ne-ribhon-vibrating mechanism including a vibra- -c tor having a permanent fulcrum, of means for selectively controlling said vibratortopredetermine the color-zone presented to the platen in typing and-including a shiftable hand-lever, said means also includinga hori-' .z'ontally disposed diagonally movable cam plate and connections intermediate said camplate andsaid vibrator to raise the normal I position of the ribbon up to the typing line of the platen preparatory'to typing with the lowercolor-zone of the ribbon from a position below thetyping line, from which posi-;'
tion theribbon is normally vibrated when typing in theYuppenfcolor-zone thereof;
6. The combination with a typewriting machine having a universal bar and a ribhon-vibrator, .of means a for; controlling the color-zoneof .a bichrome ribbon, and instru-.
mentalities controlled by'the ,color-zone-cntrollingmeans to raise the position "of the ribbon-vibrator to bring the ribbon tothe printing point preparatory to typing with the lower color field ofthe ribbon froma position below theprinting point in which the ribbon is normally held when typing in the upper color-field thereof, said instrumentali-- tiesin'cludinga toggle-joint-operated lever,
connected with-said vibrator and a cam-plate disposed for angular travel in a vertical plane and carrying-thereon the fulcrum of the toggle-joint, said plate being operatively connected to the color-zone-controlling means; I
7. The 'combinationwith a typewriting machine having a universal bar and typingfinstrumentalities, which vibrate said. universal bar, of meansfor controlling the color-zone of a bichrom'e ribbon, said means including a manually-operable lever movable in a horizontal plane, a ribbon-vibrator, a ribbonvibrator lever, and meanscontrolled by said first-named lever for raising the ribbonvibrator preparatory to typing with the lower color-zone of the ribbon;
field'of the ribbon and for lowering the same preparatoryt'o typing with the ilppiercolor- I fieldthereof, said last mention'ed means in,
eluding a variable throw lever controlled by the universalbar, a toggle-joint operatively' connectingsaid last-mentioned lever to the" ribbon-vibrator lever, and a plate for carry- .1
ing the fulcrum of"said 1toggle-joint, said plate. being operatively connected to said: n1anually-operable lever controlling the 8. The combination-with atypewriting machine havinga-platen and a bichrome-rib bonsvibrating mechanism including 7 a vibrator having a'perlnanent fulcrum, of means' for selectively controllingsaid vibrator by. predetermining' the normal position. of-the ribbon below I the typing line ofithe platen,
from which (position the-ribbon may be} ibrated to presenta-color-zone thereof to the typing line, said means including. ashiftable. hand-lever, a longitudinally shiftable' horizontany disposed -P nd connections 7 intermediate said cam-plate and said vibrator: I
displaceable with the cam-plate and effective to raise the normal position of the ribbon up to the typing line of the platenpreparatory tov 9.111 a typewriting" machine havingfa bichroine ribbon at the printingpoint of said machine, of a vibrator l r laterally dis? f- I I posed in a'vertical planeand'ha'ving one end presenting the lower color-zoneof the ribbon v to cover the typing line oft-he platen. i
pivotally fastened to said ribbon-carrying 7 member and its opposite end pivotedto said 5 shift-frame, a vertically-disposed laterally movable plate mounted on said shift-frame and having angularly-disposed cam-slots,
studs supported on said shift-frame andrengaging in saidslots,so thatsaid plate may be" raised or lowered uponflateral movement 1 thereof, instrumentalities connecting said 1 10 plate and said lev-er, whereby lateralmovee meat of'said platewill-raise said lever and j said ribbon-carrying member, so that the low-' er fcolorieldfof said b-ichrome ribbon will be disposed. inan upper vibrating ipositionif adjacent the printing point,and manually operable means for moving, said plate lateij-i ally. r
10; In a typewriting' machine having a f;
shift-frame and a main frame, the combina tion wlth a ribbon-[carryingmember mounted ribbon-carrying member and its, opposite end;
pivoted to said shift-frame, a. vertically-dis-i posed laterally inovable plate mounted on;
saidrshi'ft frame and having angularly-disposed cam-slots,studs supported" .on said shift-frame and engaging insaidslots, so that shift-frame, the combinationwith airibbonf ca-rryingmember .mounted for vibrating. a? a V oral movement thereof, instrumentali'ties consaid plate mayberaised or lowered upon -lat-.
necting said plate and said lever, where-by V lateral movement-of said plate will raise said lever and said ribbon-carryingmember, so
thatthe lower color-fieldof said bichrome ribbonwi'll bedisposed in an upper vibrating position adjacent the printing point, a manually operable lever pivoted onv said main frame for lateralrmovement, a sliding connection between said last inentioned lever and said plate to permit said plate to be raised vertically, and latching instrumentalities on said mainframe forengaging said last men- 'tionedlever to hold itand'said platein a plurality'of positions. v I
11. In a typewritingmachine having a main frame and a shift-vfraine, the combination with a ribbon-carrying member for vibratinga bichromeribbon at the printing point of said machine, of a lever laterally disposed in a, vertical plane andhaving one end pivotall-y fastened to said ribbon-carrying member and its opposite end pivoted on said'shift frame, a vertical plate fast on said shift-frame and provided with a substantially vertical open slot extending upwardly fromiits lowerledge, two studs fast in said plate, one on either sid-e of said slot, a laterally-slidable platedisposed against vsaid vertical plateand provided with two par- "allel inclined slots arranged for engaging V vibrating position r a V r combination, a vibrator for a bichrome ribaround studs,'and aho'rizontal slot disposed between said inclined slots and lying across said open slot, apin disposed in said open slot and extending forwardly throughasaid 'horizontalslot, a toggle-device having its fulcrumon said pin and its operating end pivoted'to said lever intermediatethe ends thereof, and a vertical guide for. the joint,
,of sai'd toggle, whereby upon lateral movement of said slidable plate-and the raising of the same by co-operation of said studs and said inclined slots, said pin ands aid toggledevice will also be raised approximately vertically and will swing said lever upwardly and dispose said ribbon in anupper initial 12. In a typewriting machine having a shift-frame and typing instrumentalities, in
b on having anupper initial vibrating position for" the lower color band of said ribbon,
a laterally disposed lever having one end pivotedon said shift-frame to permit up and down movement ofits free end, which is piv-v w'otallyifastenedto' said vibrator, a toggle dis posed in aivertical plane and having a. ful- ,crum' movable upwardly; and downwardly said-leverintermediate its ends, a pin proandits operating end pivotally fastened to jecting forwardly through the joint of said toggle,'n1eans for vibratin tsaid toggle lat- "erally upon operation of said typing instru men:alities,v said means includin a member,
a throw at the ribbon to.
arranged forlateral vibration and having a vertical guide-channel engaging around said pin, whereby, upon moving the fulcrum of said toggle upwardly, said lever and said vibrator will be raised to bring the latter to its upper vibrating osition without ad= versely affecting the vibratingaction of said v toggle.
13'. In a typewriting machine, in combina tion, a universal bar and a ribbon vibrating mechanism operated by said universal her}, said mechanism includmga vibratory, member, a vibrating toggle having its operating end pivoted to said member and a fulcrum movable toward said member, and a guide for t e joint of said toggle disposed substantially parallel to a line through said fulcrum and said operating end, so that movement of said fulcrum toward said member will move said. member substantially the same amo int with the angular relation of the arms of the toggle remaining substantially unchanged,
whereby said member may be vibrated inns new position by the same force as is required in itslirst position. 1 .i
let. In a bichrome ribbon mechanism for a typewriting machine, the combination with a ribbon-vibrator normally operative to v brate,
one field of the ribbonto cover and uncover the typing position on the platen at each keystroke in typing, of manually setta ble means, connectible, at will, to resetthe normal posi-i tion of the ribbon to the, typing line and pro-, portionately reduce the extent of, keyeactu- 3 1d proportionately reduce the key-actuated throw of the vibrator necessary to present the l'owerfield' of the ribbon tothe typing; line to,
provide a substantially uniform touch for the keysi L V p 16, a ribbon mechanism for a typewriting mfa'chinejthe combinationwith a key actuatedribbon-vibratingmechanism for a' bichrome ribbon operative to vibrateonecol'or zoneof the ribbon from a normal positioii to the typing position prior to each typingfimr r 1 25 'pactrof se t ble on roll ng means one 1y connected to saidribbon vibrating Inechanisn to changethe normal position of ribbon and simultaneously changethe yibrate the at at the keys.
717', In a ribbon mechanism for a typewrit ing machine,-the combination with a key-ac tuat'ed ribbon-vibrating mechanism for a 'bi chrome ribbon operative tovibrate one color zone of the'rlbbon from a normal posltlon'to.
the typing position prior to each typing imi pact, of a'mannally operable shiftable lever, 7
-1 having plurality ofconnections" to the rib honvibrating mechanism, one conne'ctionbe ing operative to change the normal position ot'the ribbo11, and-otl1er connections being: operative "to effect a change in-th'e normal throw of'athe ribbon, and allthe connections being jointly 'efiective to present-thefother color zone of the ribbonto the typing position and reduce the typing effort at the keys. 18. In a ribbon mechanism for a typewrit ing machine, the conibinationwith a key-ac-' atnated ribbon-vibratingmechanism for a bi chrome ribbonfof "a hand-lever s'hiftablebetween two extreme positions for variably controlling the IlbbOIl-Vlblfltlllg mechanism, and connections lntermediatethe hand-lever and the vibrating mechanism, said'lever when shifted to one posltion belngefi ectiveithrough said intermediate connections to "establisha 1 normal position and a normallthrowv for the ribbonto present the npper colorffield there of to'the typing position and said lever when shifted to the other position being effective to simultaneously establish anew normal posi tion and a-longer throw for the", ribbon to present the lower color field of the ribbon to the typing. position With a substantially form typing efiort atthe keys-.1 4
19. In a typewriting, machine havinga uni-- frame, the combination ofa platen-frame l shiftableg'up and downto'case-shift posi-l tio'ns and-having aribbon-vibra'to'r pivotally monnted'thereon, a fle xed toggle pivotally v conneotedwith the vibrator, a slid'ablefcamplate-mounted upon the shift-frame to pivotally-anchor one end'of the toggle, a lever swingableabont a pivot o f'th e machine-frame and operatively connected tomechanism uni-1' formly vibrated'by-any key-lever intyping,
o said lever' having driving connection with v thetoggleftostraighten out the'toggle at: any i I case-shift-position' thereof, to lactu'ate the l'lb'i hon-vibrator topresenta ribbon-field" to they typing position, and ahand-leveroperatively' connectible at either positionrof the case-shift 1 ,frame-to'tvibrate the cam-plate and-change v the operative scope ofthetoggle to va ;;th
t row of the ribbonWihratorlv I 20. In1a typewritingj:machinef having jframe, the combination of a,; -platen,-frame shiftable ilp and ld owi to" "c ajsg shift 5 1 1;; V tions and having a'ribbonevibrator pivotally' Q mounted thereon, a flexed toggle pivotally connectedjwith the vibrator,fa-s lidable earn platemounteduponthe shift-frame tQ-pi v V otally anchor one endof the tOggleQaleVer i a proportionateredaction in the efiort swingable about a'pivgot'of 'th'e maehineframe formly vibrated anykey lever' in typing;
"andoperatively connectedto mechanismnni- I said lever havinga driving 'connectionwith theto'ggl'e to straighten outthe toggle at-any I caSe-shift position thereof, to, actuate ther'ib bon vibrator too-present a ribbon-fieldto the;
typing p'osition', -and aghandeleye'r operatively connected to a part of the key-vibratedmech anism to vary the translation of motion therefrom to'said' swingable lever to increase the throw thereof in straightening out the toggle, to present another ribbon-field to the typing position at either case-shift pg itig f the: I
I 21. In a typewritin g l'rnaehine fhaving a I frame, the combinationofa platen-frame shiftable up and down to ease-shiftposi ,tions'and havinga ribbon-vibrator pivotally mounted thereon, a flexed toggle pivotally -connectedwith the vibrator, a slidable cam I plate moiinted upon the shift-frame to piv-" otally anchor one end ofthe toggle, a lever swingable about a pivot'of the machinefraine i i and operatively connected to mechanism liniformly vibratedhy any key-lever vin-ztyping,
said lever having aidrivingconn'ection with the toggle to straighten out thetoggle'at: any
case-shift positionthereof, to actnate the ribi V -1bon-vibratortopresentlaribbon field to the' j I typing position, andahand-lever :operati vely connected tovibratethe carneplate to change the operative scope of the toggle and having.
anotherconnectionto apart ofgthe key vi- I brateds mechanism to increase the; motion derived therefrom t'o increase the swing ofthe toggle str'aightening lever, both 'conne'ctions 7 from sa d hand-lever co-operatlng 1n presenting another ribbon-field'to the typing positions i i at either cas eshift-p'osition of the platen. is 'KUROVVSKYVILQ-F
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