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Oct. l, 1929. w. WHEELER 3 5 INTERNAL'- COMBUSTION ENGINE A Filed June 25, .1925 2 Sheets-Sheet. l
INVENTOR 9 %Tham Weeler V r LW . ATT ORNEY Oct. l 1929. w. WHEELR y INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE Filed-June 25, 1923 2 shons-Sheet. 2
William Melr Z. mg. A'TORNEY l 'atentecl Oct. ll, 1929 PATENT OFFICE WILLIAM WHEELER, OF BEOOKLYN, NEW YORK INTERNAL-COMBUSTION ENGINE Application filed .Tune 25,
chambers are equipped, to in that manner maintaint he desired heated condition within said chambers in the operation of the engine.
Other features and advantages of my invention will hereinafter appear.
In the drawing:
Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view of my improved spark plug chamber, shown as mounted on a cylinder head,
Fig. 2 is a horizontal section on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1,
Fig. 3 is a diagrammatic view, showing in side elevation an engine having a number of cylinders equipped with my invention,
Fig. 4 is a partial view of an internal combustion engine with a liquid supply chamber placed aboutan eXhaust ppe, also showing my improved spark plug chambers, and means of communication between said supply chamber and spark plug `chambers,
Fig. 5 is a vertical sectional view of a modified form of my improved spark plug chamber, and
Fig. 6 is a section on the line 6-6 of Fig. 5.
In Fgure 3 I have shown diagrammatically an internal combustion engine 1 having a plurality of cylinders and an eXhaust manifold 2. Removably fitted in the respective cylinder heads 3 (see Fig. 1) are the spark plug chambers 4, each having an outer wall 5 and inner wall 6, these walls being in spaced relation to provide an intervening space 7.
The spaces 7 of chambers 4 are connected in series by pipe lengths 8, opposite end spaces 7 having connection respectively by pipes 9,
10, with the eXhaust manifold 2, so that the hot products of combustion from the engine 1923. Serial No. 647,416.
may be by-passed from the manifold to the spaces 7 of chambers 4, in succession, and thence delivered to the atmosphere as by return through the manifold.
Each chamber 4 is provided with a depending hollow neck portion 11, as in my earlier application, whereby it may be screwed into the usual spark plug orifice in the cylinder head; and also hasan upper, threaded orice 12, for the reception of a spark plug 13, whose terminals are thus entered within the interier 14 of the chamber, bounded by the inner wall 6. W
It is my purpose in this improvement, to provide means for raising the temperature of the walls" 5, 6 and interier 14 by passing the hot exhaust products through the space 7, utilizing the heated condition, thus created, for vaporizing a supply of water which s introduced, as vapor, by way of orifices X in wall 6, into the interior 14, to mingle with the chamber 4 has been raised to a suitable point at which water entering' the chamber 15 will be converted into steam.
In the example of my invention shown,
the space 7 is provided'about the upper portion of'chamber 4,- and-the `chamber 15 is provided about the lower portion of chamber 4. This arrangement is however purely arbitrary, and may be modified. Also in the present example the space 7 and chamber 15 are divided and separated by an 'annular, horizontal wall- 16. p i
Water enters chamber 15 through an orice 17, which may be provided in a' plug 18 fitted in wall 5, being communicated the -eto by a pipe 19 from a control valve which will be referred to hereinafter. i
A main supply ppe 20 communicates from a suitablypositioned' and supported tank 21 and connects with separatepipes 21 for the respective chambers 4. r
-The thermostatic control' means 'is show as a bar 22 of metal having a relatively high co-efiicient of expanson and contraction, operable in a guide 23 mounted on a boss 24 extending from wall 5, to be influenced by the temperature variations thereof. A link 25, pivoted to bar 22, is also pivoted, at 26, to a needle valve 27, which co-acts with a valve seat 28, from which a ppe 21 extends to the tank, as by way of the water pipe 20.
The valve seat is formed in a block 30 which is shown as supported from the wall by a 'the water into vapor.
The thermostat may be provided with adjustment means, as a nut 35, for its regulation.
In the modified form of my invention shown in Figs. 4 to 6, the, spark plug chamber 4 is shown as having, the same outer wall 5, inner wall 6, and interior 14, but themeans for introducing moisture into said chamber diller in character and will now be described.
In this modification I employ a tank or receptacle 36 which is fitted around, an exhaust pipe 37, so that the heat radated from the section` of' exhaust pipe thus enclosed, will raise the temperature within receptacle 36, thereby in consequence heating the contents thereof. WVhile my invention contemplates the use of water in` receptacle 36, I,
may also employ heavy oils or fats therein, because the heat` from the exhaust pipe will vaporize almost any vaporizable material. that may be placed therein. These vapors, whether of water alone, of oils or fatsalone, or of water and oils or fats combined, are
intended to be passed into the chamber 38 e provided between walls 5 and 6, and from said chamber 38 areintroduced into the interior 14 of the spark plug chamber 4, as through the orifices 39, for combustion.
The receptacle 36 is shown as provided with a removable cover 40 to afiord means for placing water, oil, fats, etc. therein,and a pipe 41, whose nozzle communicates with an oriflce 42 in the upper portion of the re ceptacle, serves to convey the produced vapors to the respective chambers 4, branch pipes 43 being employed to make the respective connections.
When both water andoils or fats are used in receptacle 36, wicking as 44 may be em- The link 25 is ful ployed to lead the water from its lower strata, by capillary action, through the upper strata of oil or fat, to ensure a proportionate supply of water vapor being passed to the. spark plug chambers.
Variations within the spirit and scope of my invention are equally comprehended by the foregoing disclosure.
I claim:
1. A spark plug chamber having means of communication with a cylinder of an internal combustion engine, said chamber being jacketed to provide an external' space, nongaseous fluid conveying means in communication with said space, means for controlling the flow of fluid from said conveying means to' said space, and means of communication from said space to said chamber.
2.` A spark plug heating chamber having means of communication with a cylinder of an internal` combustion engine, means for applying, heat from the engine exhaust to said chamber, and means for introducng a non-gaseous fluid medium directly into the interior of said chamber.
3. A spark plug heating chamber having means of communication with a cylinder of supply means to said external space, and.`
means of ingress for the heated fluid from said external space to the interior of said spark plug chamber.
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