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    • B43K5/00Pens with ink reservoirs in holders, e.g. fountain-pens
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Oct. 23, 1 928. 1,689,142

' H.K6|HLER FOUNTAIN PEN Filed May e, 1927 Jnyenfor: Henvr/cf Kay/er pan Patented Oct. 23, 1928.


Hammer: Keenan, or HAMBURG, GERMANY.


Application filed May 0, '1927, semi No.

This invention relates to an improvement in fountain pens and particularly to an ink feeding element adapted to be conveniently removed from the pen barrel and to a pen which is removably connected to such feed in order that the pen may be adjustable relative to the feed to control the writing effect and the ink supply.

The main 0 ject of the present invention is the provision of an ink feed for fountain pens which may be readily and removably connected to a pen barrel in a non-leaking manner, which ink feed is designed to receive a pen point removably connected to the feed in a manner to permit its adjustment at will to control its elasticity and thereby the writing effect and also to control or regulate the supply of ink passing through the feed to the writing point.

The invention is illustrated in the accomying drawings, in which: Figurel is a longitudinal sectional view, artly in elevation, showing the improved feed removably secured in the barrel and the pen int connected thereto.

Flgure 2 is a side elevation of the ink feed. Figure 3 is a top plan view of the same. 1 Figure 4 is a bottom lan view of the same. Figure 5 is a view sowing the invention in connection with a pen barrel in the form of an ordinary writing pen.

. leaking manner in barrel d. The conical interfitting of the bar- The ink feed of the present invention comprises a member a which in its forward portion is substantially similar to the usual ink feed for fountain fpens, differing from the latter, however, in that it is formed at its rear end with an extension 0 of conical form by which it may be snugly fitted in a nonthe conical end of a pen rel and'an appropriate portion of the ink feed insures that'such feed may be readily applied to the barrel and as readily removed therefrom for insertion in another barrel or for the substitution of another ink feed.

The conical terminal a of the ink feed is formed with a chamber open at its inner end to the interior of the harrel and communieating at its outer end with a comparatively small channel 6 which leads upwardly to the surface of the feed in advance of the conic-a1 terminal. The upper surface of the feed is formed with a longitudinal channel 7 which extends substantially throughout the length of the portion of the feed in advance of the conical end and terminates adjacent the usual 189,353, and in Germany October 21, 1926.

reduced end of the feed located adjacent the writing point of the pen. The channel a communicates with this channel f in order that ink'from the barrel may .be supplied to the pen, and such channel f is provided, at an appropriate point in advance of the junc tion of the channel 6 therewith, with a circular enlargement surrounding an opening 9 Extending through the feed from top to hot- The pen point, otherwise of usual form and construction, has its rear end removably seated in a recess 71 formed in the forward end of the conical section 0 of the feed, the pen point overlying the channel 7 and being removably secured to the feed through the medium of a bolt 72. passing through the opening 9 in the feed, with the head of the bolt overlying the pen point and anut removabl engaging the bolt on the lower side 0 the feed, the latter being appropriately recessed to accommodate the nut. 1

From the abovedescription it is apparent that the feed is readily and conveniently connected to an appropriately formed barrel and as readily removed therefrom when necessary to facilitate correction, cleaning or repair. It is equally obvious that while preferring the conical interfit between the barrel and the feed, other removable connections may be readily employed, such, for example, as a screw-threaded connection or the like. Through obvious tightening of the bolt 72., the resiliency of the writing end of the pen point may be readily regulated, thus varying the resiliency of the writing point to accommodate such to the individual method of writing. Furthermore, the adjustment of the pen point through the medium of the bolt will obviously control the ink supply, as such may vary the flow of the ink along the channel f to the writing point. It is thus possible to vary the resiliency according to the pressure on the writing material, whereby more ink may be automatically supplied by a firm pressure on the writin creased elasticity of stro e, and less ink supplied on decreased pressure on such point.

The construction described readily adapts the ink feed and pen for use with a holder of the ordinary elongated taper form, which holder, as illustrated in Figure 5, may if deflilllied be made hollow to receive a supply of What I claim-tobe new is:

point, that is inj formed with a. conical terxmnal to engage the of, a. pen point removably connected thereto pen barrel, an ink feeding channel in theink and overlying said. channel, and a bolt pass- 10 'f d Pen m bl ied b th i k ing through the pen point and ink feed chanfeed, and means for adjustably tensioning the E and a nut g e p Sald l below pen to control the flow of ink through the 111k f topelmlt adlustment of the P h L relatlve the feed.

'2; An ink feed for fountain'pens having an testlmony whereof I am! my slgnature' channel extending longitudinally there- N IC OH

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