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    • A45D33/00Containers or accessories specially adapted for handling toilet or cosmetic powder
    • A45D33/006Vanity boxes or cases, compacts, i.e. containing a powder receptacle and a puff or applicator


W. J. HINES VANITY CASE May 29, 1928. 1,671,930
Filed March 17, 1926 ,47 O/PNEY' Patented May 29, 1928.
My invention'relates to that class of toilet articles holding face powder" and the like, more. especially for application uses, and'an object ofmy inv-en'tiom among others,
is the provision ofa device or this'lclass wherein the material in a powdered state may be contained, together with a pad for applying the material and for retaining such n'iaterial in the con'ipartmentdesigned for it; and a further object of this invention to provide a device that shall be convenient for use, that may be sightly, and that may be produced at; a minimum expense; 1
One form of device embodying my invention and in the construction and" use of Figure 4: is a view in section on a plane denoted by the dotted line/l4 of Figure 1. Figure 5 is a bottom view of the device. In the accompanying drawings the numeral 6 denotes the body or box portion of the case that may be constructed of any suitable material and of any desired form, pref erably of generally round form when viewed from the top, but with that edge containing the hinge cut off to form a straight edge 7, the hinge 8 at this straight edge pivotally attaching the cover 9 to the box or body portion. This cover may contain a mirror 10 secured in place by a cleat 11 forming a border extending entirely around the mirror and secured to the cover in any suitable manner. The. cover, the box and said cleat are all of horseshoe shape.
A powder chamber 12 is formed within a case 13, preferably round when viewed from the top and having a peripheral flange 14 by means of which it is secured to the bottom of a tray 15 fitted within the box. The top of the case 13 is depressedfas at 16, and this depressed portion is provided with an opening 17 into the chamber 12. is spaced from the wall of the box all around to form a catch pocket within which any powder escaping from within the chamber her in place.
This chamber PATE T-- O FICE:
WILLIAM J. HI Esor riABr nwNNEcr wr, were: re THE FULLER Bausn COMBAZNY, PF Hear-roa onmcrrour, A coar mrmr or coNuEc'rIcvT.
' i Imminent... l
The bottom of the box is depressed to form a cavity 19 with a mouth 20 at the back end thereof. The tray 15 is separately formed from the box and when the tray is in place the bottom of the tray forms one wall of the cavity 19, and as shown in Figure 4 of the drawings. Holes 21 are formed through the back edge within which clips 22 overturned from one of the hinge members may be received, said overturned clip being for the purpose of securing the hingemem- The wall of the tray will have sulficient flexibility to enable it to be sprung over the clips and then resume its natural form with the clipsin place in said holes whereby the tray will be retained in place.
A spring latch 23 is secured to the inner wall of the tray 15, this latch having a tray retaining lip 24 extending through a hole in the front wall of the tray and a retaining hole 25 in the front of the box. Said latch also has" a cover retaining lip 26, the latter extending over the top edge of the tray and into a hole 27 in the front edge of the cover. The cavity 19 is intended as a receptacle for a comb 28 or other article as may be desired. v 1
In accordance with the provisions of the patent statutes I have described herein the principles of operation of my invention, to-
gether with the device which I now consider to represent the best embodiment thereof; but I desire to have it'understood. that the device shown isonly illustrative and that the invention may be carried out by other means and applied to uses other than those above set out. I 1
I claim- I a I l. A vanity box including a case rigidly secured to the bottom of and rising within the box to form a powder chamber and spaced from the wall of the boX all around from the top downward to form a catch pocket for powder, said case having an opening at the top, a powder puff to close said opening, and a cover to secure said puff in place.
2. A vanity box including a case having a flanged edge secured Within the box at the cover to press said puff into place to close said opening. a
4:. A vanity box including a tray removably located within the box, a fiat spring arm secured at one end to the inner surface of said tray and having a catch lip at the opposite end adapted to pass through an opening in the tray and box to hold the tray in place.
5a. A vanity box including a tray remove ablv secured Within the box, a cover hinged to the box, a flat spring arm secured at one end inside of the tray and-having two catch lips at its opposite end, one to engage openings to hold the tray in place and the other to engage the cover to retain it in its closed position. a
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