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June 7 1927 ca. 59 WARREN ELA5LIG FLUID TURBINE Filed. NW' .5 a 1925 Inventor": Glenn B.\A/o:r-v-en,

His Attorney Patented June 7, 1927.




Application filed November 5, 1925. Serial No. 67,134.

is present to any considerable extent, it af-.

feots adversely the efliciency of the turbines. Or reversely considered, the efliciency of the turbine is improved if the low pressure steam supplied to it is free from moisture.

The object of my invention is to provide in connection with low pressure elastic fluid turbines, an improved construction and arrangement for separating liquid particles from the elastic fluid supplied to the turbine, and for a consideration of what I believe to be novel and my invention, attention is directed to the accompanying description and the claims appended thereto.

In the drawing, Fig. 1 is a sectional view of a low pressure turbine embodying my invention, the section being taken on line 1-1, Fig. 2, and Fig. 2 is a face view of the construction shown in Fig. 1.

Referring to the drawing, 1 indicates the casing of a turbine, 2 the shaft, 3 the bucket wheels mounted on shaft 2, and 4 nozzle diaphragms which are suitably mounted in casing 1. The first ring of nozzles is indicated at 5 and the admission chamber from which elastic fluid is supplied to the first ring of nozzles is indicated at 6. The conduit which supplies elastic fluid to the turbine is indicated at 7. It may lead from any suitable source of supply. For example, the

r turbine illustrated may be the low pressure turbine of a compound machine in which case conduit 7 conveys the exhaust from a higherpressure turbine to the low pressure turbine. The general turbine construction so far described is illustrated only by way of example and is to be taken as typical of any suitable machine.

According to the embodiment of my invention illustrated in the drawing, I con- 5 struct the admission chamber 6 in the form of a scroll and arrange admission conduit 7 tangentially to the scroll at its point of largest cross sectional area, so that the elastic fluid is supplied to the scroll at one of its ends and flows around the scroll in a circular path. With this arrangement the particles of liquid in the elastic fluid, being heavier than the elastic fluid itself, will be thrown outward to the periphery of the scroll by centrifugal force. I then provide in connection with the periphery of the scroll, means for catching the liquid particles thrown'out and conveying them away. To this end I provide surrounding the scroll, walls 8 which define an annular liquid dis charge chamber 9, which chamber communicates with admission chamber 6 through a circular slot 10. The walls of chamber 6 leading up to slot 10 are curved outwardly the troughs .9 and drain into one of the pipes 12 or 13. Connected with liquid discharge chamber 9 at its lower side is a discharge conduit 12 through which liquid which accumulates in the bottom of chamber 9 is carried away. Also connected with it just above conduit 7 is a discharge conduit 13 for conveying away liquid from that portion of chamber 9.

With the foregoing arrangement, the liquid particles carried along with the elastic fluid through conduit 7 will be separated out in the scroll and conveyed away while the elastic fluid itself will be supplied through nozzles 5 to the turbine.

The above-described arrangement, in addition to performing its function in separating the liquid particles from the elastic fluid in an efiicient manner, has the advantages also that it is simple in structure and capable of being supplied at low cost. Its rovision adds no extra parts to the tur ine nor any additional mechanism, and occupies no additional floor space. It requires only the special shaping .of :the admission chamber. This has the advantage, also, that the separator is directly adjacent to the first ring of nozzles so ,that theelastic fluid is supplied to the nozzles directly .fromitand with little disturbance of theflow.

In accordance with the provisions ofthe Patent Office, I have described the principle ratusshown is only-illustrative and that the invention may be carried out by other W hat I claim-as'new and desire tosccure *by Letters Patent of the Unitedstates is 1. The combination with an elastic 'fluid turbine "of an admission chamber from which elastic fluid is supplied to the turbine,

said chamben havinga curved wall, ;means for directing elastic fluid along said wall,

-means providing van annular "liquid discharge chamber adjacentthe first-named chamber and separated therefrom by said wall, and a 'slot in said wall connecting's'aid chambers.

2. An elasticfluid turbine'having an ad- ;mission chamberin the form of ascroll for effecting centrifugal separation oi" liquid particles from the elastic fluid'by reason of flow therethrough, and means associated with the scroll "ior -rece1v1ng and carrying away the centrifugally separated liquidpartic'les contained in the elastic fluid supplied to the scroll.

3. an elastic "fluid it-urbine having an -;ad misslon chamber inlthe-iiormof ascrollrand walls surrounding the-scroll which define an annular chamber communieating with the scroll at its periphery;

A. The I combination with an elastic fluid turbinehaving an annularadmission chamber, oifla conduit for supplying elastic fluid tangentially to said chamber *wherebysaid elasticfiuid'is subj ected: to achan ge in direction therein, and means associated with the outer wall "of said chamber for conveying away particles of liquid thrown 'from -the ielastic fiuid by the change in direction.

5. jAn elastic fluid turbine havingan ad- ,mission chamber, .a conduit/for supplying .elasticf fluid thereto at-anang1e such thatithe direction of flow of thejelastic fluid is changed therein; and means for receiving and conveying away particles of liquid thrown out,{ifrom the elasticfluid when it changes its 'directionqof flow, said -means comprising-a liguiddischarge chamber adj acent said admiss on chamber, a wall between said chambers along which the change in direction otthe elastic fiuid occurs, and a' slot in said wa'ljl connecting said chambers.

6. An elastic fluid turbine having an admission -cl1amber provided with a curved wall, a conduit for supplying elastic fluid along said wall ,atg an angle such that the direction of flow of the elastic fluid is changed thereby, means for receiving and conveying away particles of ffillld thrown from itheelasticafluid to said wall Of;t118 ,td-

mission chamber by the .ch ange in direction of flow, and means for preventing such sliquid particles from :being ;a'gain mixed with the .elastic fluidwhile itviis abeing conveyed vaway.

7 The combination with ,anelastic fluid turbine, of .a combined admission chamber and centrifugal separator compr sing a scroll casing adjacent the inletlend of the turbine and communicating therewith its inner .end, said scroll casing being adapt d to receivelelasticrfluid-at itsoppositeiend and having a peripheral slot, and eansproriding a discharge chamber inicommunication with the admission schamber '-;through said slot. i I v- I =8. The combination iWitl] an -elastic fluid =turbine,ioi a combinedadmission Chamber and centrifugal separator comprising a scroll casing adjaccntthe inlet-,end of-the -=turbine and communicating itherewithqat its inner end, said scroll casing being ii dilpted to receive elastic .fluid rat its opposite end anjd' having a peripheral slot. and means providing a discharge chamber in communication .With athe iadmission ,chamber through said slot, @the walls i of said discharge chem: V

her being shaped .to ipreventzthe re u n of -separated liquid tozthe scroll casing 9. The combination withanelastic fiuid turbine having an .a'dmissiongnozzle means, of an admission chamber in ,the dorm -of a scroll having a peripheral ,slot and outwardlykflaring walls on; oppositesijdes {and 6 along said slot, wallslsurrounding said admission chamber which 1 define a liquid; discharge chamber 'which immmunicates with the {admissionachamber-through said slot, certain of I the walls: of the discharge. chamber being shaped to form rtroughs i, along and adj acent the slot on opposite sides thereof.

InI witness whereof "I have hereunto a. set my hand this [4th day otNovember :1925.

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