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L. K. DuTTuN.`
i Buvria-Vaults.
Patented Apil 6,1375.
Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 161,673, dated April 6, 1875 application filed May 21, 1874.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known thatI, LEANDER K. DUTTON, ofthe city of Oskaloosa, county of Mahaska, State of Iowa, have invented an Improved Burial-Vault for reception and nal restingplace of eons and burial-caskets ot every description; the object being to provide a convenient and inexpensive substitute that shall be portable and adjustable, or extensible in place of brick-and-mortar vaults, outside coverings of stone, and the like costly expedients for excluding water and preserving' the eot'tins now commonly in use.
To this end my invention consists in a novel method of forming, and in details of construction of, an exterior vault or covering made ot'hydraulie cement, terra-cotta, or metal, in four or more sections, the bottom or base-plates having lap-joints on inside ends, and a groove near the edge entirely around the bottom plate, while the upper or covering plate is arch-shaped, made in corresponding sections, lap-jointed and tongued to fit into the groove ofthe base, the whole being readily adjustable as to length, and easily handled for transportation, as will be hereinafter more fully explained.
Like letters indicate the parts; and I declare the following to be a full, clear, and' exact description of my invention, reference being had to the accompanying drawings making part of this specification, viz:
Figure l represents a vertical side view of the vault, a portion broken away to show the interior thereof; Fig. 2, a vertical cross-section ot' the same, showing a coffin in position; and Fig. 3, a perspective View of an end section of the same.
The bottom sections d eare ofsueh size and so made that a vault of any desirable dimensions can readily be constructed by multiplying or diminishing thenumber ot' these lower sections, and by using the correspondn g number ot' upper sections. The ends oftheselower sections de are made with lap-joints c, so as to be smoothly joined together, and the edges thereof grooved, as at b, to receive the tongue b of the upper section. The sides f f1 f2 and entire upper portion of the vault are constructed in sec: tions corresponding in length with the length ofthe seetionsof the base, and of suficient size and breadth to cover the coftln, and are made in the form ot' an arch, so as to secure the greatest possible strength to resist pressure from without and completely protect, for all time, the coffin and contents from earth, water, or worms. Each section of the covering and sides is an entire piece from the base on one side to the base on the other. The lower end ot' each arch or upper section is tongued, as at b', or so made as to rest in the groove in the outer edges and ends of the base. The vertical ends of each arch section are constructed with lap-joints a, so as to be tirmly xed and cemented together. The two end sections, Fig. 3, of the upper portion of the vault are entire solid pieces, covering the top, side, and ends of these portions of the vault, and, like the arches and other upper sections, rest firmly and securely in the grooves of the base.
Among the special advantages ot' my improved burial-vault is the readiness with which it may be transported from one place to another, the four or more sections of which it is composed being much more easily handled than when made in two parts only, while at the same time it is not weakened by subdivision into a dozen parts, as had likewise heretofore been done. My continuous arch gives the maximum of strength or power ot' resistance in the heaping of earth upon it. My construction of it is adjustable as to length (the only important element) with the greatest ease by merely adding or leaving out an interchangeable section.
The use of my Vault properly cemented together obviates any necessity of a heavy or expensive coftin, and it is so cheaply constructed and furnishedV at'so low a price as to be within the reach of all. In wet, clayey soil, or wherever the protection and preservation of the coffin is a desideratum, my invention is of ,great and much needed public advantage.
I am aware that outside coverings or vaults have heretofore been made in sections, and of the like materials, and these I do not, broadly, claim, irrespective of my own peculiar methods of construction; but
What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-
An improved portable and adjustable burialvault, consisting ofthe two arched end sections f, having their sides, top, and end made in one solid piece, lap-jointed, and tongued, the bottoln or base plate sections d d e e, lapjointed and grooved, and the interchangeable arched sections f1 f2 of corresponding lengths, and lap-jointed and tongued, all substantially as described and shown, for the purpose set forth.
E. M. RICE, G. H. GiDDlNGs.
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