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May 4 ,1926. 1,582,902

' G. S, CHLES l RAILWAY CAR TRUCK original Filed May 15, 1922 F212 mW-"f 29d/Less: We





Qrignelapplication mee .may 15, 1922, Serial ro.

561,132. new raient No. 1,493,961, ma as;

1924. Divided andl this appllatlon lcd pril 23, 1924. Serial No. 703,359.

.To all 'whom it 72mg/ concern:

Be it known that l, Gnonon S. Cxririns, acitizen of the United States of America, and a resident of Chicaffo, Illinois, have invented a certain new an useful improvement in lRailwayar Trucks, of which the following is e specification. l

This application is a division of my prior copending application Serial No. 561,132, filed May 15, 1922, now Patent No. 1,493,961, granted May 13, 1924, and relates to e railway car truck of the type disclosed and claimed in my United States Patent No. 1,457,345 granted June 5, 1923, and in said copending application.

ln the type of truck referred to, l support the springs upon the tension member of the side frame between the columns, but incline 'the tension member upward toward the ends of the side frame from points inside of the columns and directly beneath the spring assemblage. I dispose the spring seat upon different levels. The central part ot the s ring seat I place at the'lowermost level on tlie central part of the tension member and the outer or end parts of the spring seat are Wholly or partly upon the upwardly inclining parts of the tension member. The modifications in the form of the bolster and the other elements of the truck which grow out of this form of spring seat form no part of the invention claimed herein, but exreferred to.

amples of the complete structure are fully described in my Patent No. 1,457,345 above The invention claimed herein relates to an improved form of spring plank for use in combination with' the forms of truck side trame referred toabove.

Figure 1 of the drawing is a plan View partly in section showing one end of my improved spring plank and the central part of the tension member ol. the side frame.

Figure 2 is an elevation 'View from the outer side of the side frame of the structure shown in Figure 1, the view being partly in section.

Figure 3 is a sectional elevation transverse of the side frame upon the central longitudinal plane of the spring plank.v

Figure l is a. View similar to Figure 3 of a modified form.

Figure 5 is a plan view of the spring plank shown in Figure e,

En mr improved construction, entire spring assemblage rests on the sprin plank. The tension member inclines u war ly 'from its central part toward the co umns l0 and takes the form of a channel from theA web ot which side flanges 2, extend upwardly. Between the columns 10 a horizontal web 3 joinsthe side flanges 2, and at its ends merges with the web v1. Openings f1 and 5 lighten tbe structure and permit tlle removal of the core. Projecting upwardlyfrom the web 3 adjacent the columns 10 are elevated seats 6, for the outer or end springs of the spring assemblage, the upper surface of web 3 between the seats 6, forming a support at a lower level for the central springs. The elevated seats 6 may be integral With the tension member or otherwise constructed,

'l'he spring plank A takes the form of a channel. rlhe flanges 7 continue through to the ends of the plank passing between the end or outer springs 8 and the central group of springs 9 and 10 and being curved inwardly between the springs 9, 10 in order to permit closer spacing of the springs 8.

The outer end ofthe spring plank as shown in Figures l, 2 and 3 isfdepressed at 11 to conform to the upper surface of the tension member which has raised edge flanges 12, formed by the extensionof the side flanges 2 above the web 3. At the upper edges of the flanges 7 adjacent the end of the Spring plank the horizontal extensions 13 of the spring plank project outwardly over and rest upon the elevated spring seat sections 6, 3. Dowels 14 upon the spring seat are engaged by openings in the spring plank andQ by the springs.

In the construction shown in Figures 4 and 5, the side flanges 2, 2 of the tension member are closer together than the corresponding flanges 2, 2 of the form shown in Figures 1, 2 and 3 and the web 3 projects transversely of the side frame beyond the flanges 2', 2 to atlord sutlcient width for the seating of the springs. In the form shown in Figures 4 ,and 5 the edve flanges tion tho side, frames, 'spring piani: and springs. @them/lss the constiuczion shown in Figures 4 and 5 is similar to that shown' in Figures l, 2 and 3.

claim es :my invention:

l. in a railway csr truck, side frames each comprising a compression member, a, tension member, columns and a spring seat between said columns, said spring seat havf ing s, @entrai sec-tion. and outer sections at s higher level than said. @entrai section, and s spring plank imi/ing as sach and 'central section-and outer sections at a. higher lessi than the commi seoion. sziifi central and outer sections of said spring; piani( being supported on' said central and oui/@Sections oi said spring ssa 2. in a railway om' truck, the combination of a side frame inoiuding tension and com 2G pression members and bolster columns, and

a spring plank mating upon said tnsion member'bet-Ween said columns and having iiitsgaiiy fox-med therewith spring supporting sea-ts on diierent levels whereby an in crsssed number of standard springs may be used betwsnen the onlser columns spaced apart a given. distance.

3. n a. railway om? truck, the oombinstion of nnvintegrsiiy 'formed side frame incuding tension and. compression members and boistei counms, and i spring pianist having intsgmliy formed spring seats at different levels and resting upon said tsnsion member between said bolster columns whereby the distance between the bolster columns may be minimized Where more than four springs are used.

Signed at Lima, @his this 19th day of April, 1924 GEORGE S. CHILEQ.

US70835924 1922-05-15 1924-04-23 Railway-car truck Expired - Lifetime US1582902A (en)

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