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2 Sheets-Sheet 1 A. M. STRYKER CANDY CONTAINING AND DISPLAYING DEVICE Filed August 3. 1923 j] Af April 27 JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ/ 9 wrm 582,703







Application filed August 3, 1923. Serial No. 655,401.

To all wlw/a 'it' may concern:

Be it known that l Ammon M. S'rnrnen, a citizen oi the United States, and a resident i' the city of Chicago, county of Cook7 and State of illinois, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Candy Containing and Displaying Devices, of which the followingr is u. speeiieation.

lily invention relates to a candy containing and displaying devicej and nhas 'for an object to provide a series ot separate units *or displaying diliereut candies, each of which units may be removed and replaced without disturbing any oi' the other vunits or the candy therein.

Another objectis to provide such a device which contains a space or chamber for 'pernianent display and a space for storing candy which is being seid, and which may be Withdrawn from said storage space without disturbingthe display candy.

And another object is to provide such a device vvhich will constantly give the impression that the box is completely filled, and that the candy is drawn from a substantially new and full box and ineludingithet displayed.

Otl er objects will appear hereinafter;

The invention consists in the-combinations and arrangements of vparts hereinafter described and claimed.

The invention will be bestJ understood 'by reference to the accompanying drawings forming a part of this specification, and in which- Fig. 1 is a partial elevation of a show-case partly broken away, with several oi my units or combination devices placed therein;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged section taken on line 2--2 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a top view of one unitI or device;

Fig. L1 is an enlarged vertical section taken en line 4 #1 of Fig. 3, and

Fig. 5 is a detail horizontal section tain-n en line 5-5 oi Fig. e.,

The particular' form of niv invention illustrated comprises a series of similar units or combination containing and displaying devices which are mountable together in a show-ease of the usual type having a top 1l and a front 12, both of glass, supported on 4the base 13 of seid case, the units or devices being pre lerably made of sheet metal and oi' a shape and size to lit the construction of the particular show-ease.

Each unitl or device comprises a pair of side walls or members 14e made oi a size and shape substantially equal to the. cross section of the show ease in `which it is to be mounted. The lower edges oi these side Walls are bent inwardly forming flanges 15 :for receiving and clamping the depending ilanges 16 of the bottom 17 of said unit to support said bottom. The rear edges of the side members are preferably doubled over forming re-en 'fore-ing flanges 18, as shown.

Partition means 19 is .mount-ed between the side members 14;, adjacentthe outer edges of the top and `front of the device and extends substantially parallel with said edges, being in the nature ot' a i'alsebottorn and backing member. Flanges 20 on the edges of means 19 are clamped under inwardly turned upper iianges 21 of side members 14 and fasten said means 19 in 1oosition. In the 'form illustrated, which is s own in connec-tion with a square 'front show-ease, this portion 19 comprises a main upper portion having a rear retedning flange 22 spaced forward from the rear end of Walls 14, and a front, portion 19, the lower edge of'vvhieh is fastened with a forwardly extending flange in the forward part 23 of bottom member 17, or in any similar manner., said bottom member having an upturned'. retaining iange 25 provided at the rear end.

A plurality of these units or devices of similar construction are arranged in aiseries in the show-case, each unit. being intended for displaying a dilerent variety 'of candy, indie-ated in Fig. 1 of the drawings, and although these units or devices have been. disclosed as constructed of sheet metal and in a particular form, they may also be made of avood or of any other suitable material and in any approved iorm desired.

It is apparent from the foregoing disclosure that my improved construction provides a display space or chamber 26 between the side members 1d and the partition means 19, 19' and that when these devices are placed in a show-ease, as illustrated, the candy or goods may be placed between the side members and partition, and to the inner sides of the glass plates 11 and 12 of the show-case,thereby providing a shallow display chamber which will makeit ap pear to the buyer as though the entire unit nere iilled; and it also appears Jthat the candy can be withdrawn. from the inner or storage RElSSUE chamber 27 Without disturbing the display, and will at the saine time eonvey the appearance as though it were Withdrawn from the display and from a full box, largely due to the flange 22 positioned forward of the rear ends of sides 14 and bottom tiange F2". lt is further apparent that any unit can he readily removed and cleansed, or the contents changed Without disturbing any of 'the other units, also that the shallow layer of candy and goods will not exert much pressure on the glass of the showcase as is done When the candy is piledup high against said glass Without the use of a display device. Such a series of units also provides a uniform and maximum display of each different kind of eandv, regardless of the varying lar er or smaller amounts of candy 1n the di erent units.

While I .have illustrated and described the preferred form 'of construction for car- Tying my invention into effect, this is capa- -ble of variation and modification without jdepartin from the spirit of the invention. I there ore, do not Wish to he limited. to the Iqireeise details of construetion set forth,

but esire to avail myself of suoli variations and modifications as come Within. the scope of the appended claims.

Having described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters A Patent is:

l. A combination dis lay device and container constructed of sieet instel havin" pair of side Walls and a hott mein er fastened thereto and being piovio, with up- Wardly extending retaining ineens, and partition means extending substantially parallel with and adjacent to the top and :iront et the Side Walls and forming a display' eliamber therewith, the rear end of said partition means being bent up to form a retaining flange positioned a distance forward of the rear of said device and of said bottom re taining means, in order to give the appearvn ance of withdrawing the goods from the display chamber and from a full container.

r2., A. display device mountable in a show oase, side walls on said device substantially equal to the cross section oi' said ease, a 'heb torn member supported by the inwardly and upwardly bent lower edges of said side Walls, and a partition clamped between the inturned .flanges oit said side 'Walls and lo cated adjacent the front and top of said case to form with said case and side Walls a shallow chamber: for displaying goods et the :front and at the top of said ease.

3. A. series oi separated, simile.; units or devices mountable in s. show-case, and eacn Unit containing means to form a storage chamber and means including e, partition cooperating with the containing means and with the front and top of the showcase to form a display chamber for displaying goods at the front and et the top of the unit, each of said units or devices being removable independently with material in said storage chainbei' and Without disturb lng either the display contents oi' the storage contents ot other mit or device.

Ll. A series oi separated and similar de- Vices mountable in. a show-case, each device comprising side wallssubstantially equal to the cross section of said case. to extend from the front to the baci: of said ease, a continuous partition mounted between said side Walls and extending along the front and the orward part of the top oit said ease tc form with said oase and side Walls a shallow chamber to display goods, a bottoni member extending the length of said side walls and 'with said sigle walls and lpartition forming a storage chamber candy to be sold,.the rear end of said partition being bent 'up to form retaining means positioned orwaidly of the rear ol? said. case and oi the 'bottom member, and .flanges along the front and top edges of the side Walls projecting beyond said partition iivliereoy each device is removable withl the candy in the storage chamber without disturbing either the dieplay contents or the storage contents of any of the other devices.

in. testimony whereof naine to this soeciication.

nare my

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