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    • A47F10/00Furniture or installations specially adapted to particular types of service systems, not otherwise provided for
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July 7, 1925.

J. F. SMILEY SELF SERVING STQRE Filed Nov. 2, 1921 4 Sheets-Sheet 1 H. muzfikam qwitM-Q as J. F. SMILEY SELF SERVING STORE Jul 7, 1925.

Filed Nov. 2, 1921 4 Sheets-Sheet f July 7, 1925.

J. F. SMILEY SELF SERVING STORE Filed Nov. 2, 1921 III July 7, 1925.

J. F. SMILEY SELF SERVING STORE Filed Nov. 2, 3921 4 Sheets-Sheet 4 Patented July 7, 1925.



Application filed Iovember To all whomit may concern:

Be it known that I Jorm F. Samar, a

citizen of the Uni States, residing' at Dallas, in the county of Dallas and ate of Texas, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Self-Serving Stores;

and I do declare the following to be a full,

clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to a self-serving vstore in which the customers obtain a basket from a basket bin and after walking about the store and placing difl'erent articles desired in the basket, will pass the cashiers counter where the goods purchased will he plated in a bag or other receptacle in which they are to be carried from the store, the cashier attending to placing the goods in the bag and taking payment for the articles purchased.

()ne object of the. invention is to rovide a store of the self-servin type in w ich the articles to be sold will Es placed upon shelving against) the walls of the store, this store having a certain portion of the shelving forming-a partition, dividing the rear portion of the store from the main portion thereof and this partition-forming portion of the shelving being so shaped that a maximum amount of shelving may be provided without causing the main portion of the store to be overcrowded by customers and at the same time permitting the clerk at the cashiers counter to have full view of the entire store and petty stealing by customers prevented.

Another objed of the invention is to so conqruct the shelving that the portions formin the partition may have certain sec- Siam root ingedly mounted to provide core which will pennit stock clerks to enter the m in room and move trucks from the store fiiominto the sales room so that fresh supplies of articles may be placed upon the she ves. Another object of the invention is to so construct this shelving that it extends continuously from the entrance to the cashiers II, 1921. lerlal Io. 518,880.

desk, the shelving however being formed in sections which are held in close contact with each other bybrackets which serve to support a track provided in front of the shelvll] knother ob'ect of the invention is to rovide a sell-serving store in which the askets to hold the articles desired by the purchaser may be placed upon a continuous track provided in front of the shelving and these askets moved easily along the track and left suspended upon the track while the purchaser is examining various goods and placing desired ones in the basket.

Another object of the invention is to provide a roller carrier which may be connected with the handle of the basket and .will be so constructed that the basket may be lifted from the track by means of this roller carrier when desired.

Another object of the invention is to provide a door of this character in which a card holding frame may be provided along the top of the shelving thus permitting advertisin cards to be placed on display, these car 3 not only attracting the attention of the customers certain brands of goods handled, but further roviding a source of revenue through renting of these advertising spaces.

Another object of the invention is to pro vide a self-serving store in which the arrangement of shelving will .provide a larger amount oflspace for oods to be sold and at the same time rovi e a store in which the main room wil be large and provide s ace for a larger number of customers without overcrowdin Another 0 ject of the invention is to provide a construction of self-serving store in which confusion caused by persons entering and leaving the store will be reduced to a minimum and in which the bins for holding the baskets may form a partition dividing the entrance to the show room from the 96 exit and thus permit of the baskets being easily obtained by a person about to enter the show room and at the same time permits of a customer readily placing an empty basket in the bin. 1

room may have an unobstructed view of the entire selling room and all of the customers may be watched so that a customer placing small bottles or other such articles in a pocket instead of in the basket. may be readily detected and petty stealing of this character prevented. This shelving will be formed in a plurality of units 16 formed as shown in Fig. 4 and will be placed one against the other and will have their end walls 16 contacting and straddled by clamps 17 carried by the brackets 18 which serve to support the basket track It). The end walls of the shelving units will have their outer edges faced by a facing strip 16" and a strip of moulding 16" will extend along the upper ends of the sections. The basket track 19 extends in front of the shelving and will be preferably formed of hcav sheet metal stamped in the form of a trougli so that the baskets may he suspended upon the outer edge portions of this trough. lt will be noted that the basket track extends from the entrance to the cashier's counter and therefore the empty baskets may he placed dire tly upon this track when enter iug the selling room and a tilled basket may be easily removed from the track and placed upon the cashiers counter. It will he further noted that since this basket track extends in a continuous course in front of all of the shelving, the customer may readily move the basket along the track in front of the shelving and may remove different articles from the various shelves and place them in the basket. Since the purchaser in moving the basket along the basket track will pass all of the shelving. the attention of the customer will be attracted to all of the goods on sale and many articles which might otherwise have been overlmiked will be )laced in the basket.

n connection with the cross section which extends from the rear end of one of the side sections 14 to the other and forms a partition dividing the selling room 3 from the stock room 4. it is desired to call attention to the fact that the forward end of the center extension will not be provided with shelves but. will be provided with a door 20 which is hingedly mounted so that it may be swung open to permit of a clerk passing from the stock room into the selling room or from the selling room into the stock room. The end portions of this cross section will however he formed of sections of shelving which, similar .to the sections which form the rest of the shelving. are constructed similar to lnm afi and are hingedly mounted as shown .t 9] .nd provided with rollers 22 so that these section of the shelving may be swung open to permit of trucks being moved from one room to the other. It is of course obvious that in front of the door 20 and end sections of the cross section 15 of the shelving, the portions 19 of the track must be movable so that they will not interfere with opening of the doors or revent free'passage from one room to tltltitlit'l. These track sections 19' will therefore each have one end hingedly mounted as shown at it) so that. it may be swung up out of the way. The free end of the section 15) will rest upon a bracket 1.) which serves to pie vent transverse movement of the hinged S('ltion as well as to support it. It should be further noted that the sections of shelving which form the side sections 14 are provided with shelves from their lower ends to their upper ends as shown in Figs. 1 and 4. whereas the sections of shelving which form the cross section 15 will have a somewhat dit' ferent construction and will be provided with a forward wall 23 which will extend slightly above the counter 24. There are no shelves above the counter but. bel w the oounter there will be provided shelves .25 upon which a clerk standing behind this counter nmy place surilus stock. Meats fruits and vegetables wl taminated or bruised by being handled are to be sold at these counters and in order to prevent customers from handling these articles. there will be provided guard frames 26 which extend rearwardly from the upper end of the wall 23. These guards will be in the form of frames having glass mounted therein so that the customers can readily see the goods placed upon the counter.

Each of the baskets which are to carry the articles purchased and are to be sus .nded u min the track It) is provided with a iandlc 2 upon which will be mounted a carrier indicated in general by the numeral 28. Each of these carriers is formed as shown in Figs. 12 and 1.; and is provided with a base plate which will t-ngage the upper face of the handle. This base plate has its end portions provided with openings 30 which are to register with openings 31 formed in a reinforcing plate 32 so that fasteners 33 may be passed through these plates and through the handle thus securing the carrier uppn the handle and further reinforcing t at portion of the hnlndle u n which the greatest strain will come. his carrier is provided with a vertically disposed stan ard 34 having at one side an eye 35 through which the finger may he passed when fitting the basket from the track. Upon the opposite side of the standard there he's been provided'an arm extension 36 having a de ending end portion. A roller 37 is'rotatah y mounted between the standard 34 and the depending end portion 1 of this arm 36 and W1" engage the outer edge portion of the track 19 when the basket is suspended from the track as shown in Fig. 3. From an inspection of this figure, it will be readily seen that the basket may iich are easily con- \vardly/tlm'ri'rom, a track rail carried by Ftlltl lll'lltiittS and i-xtvnding from one and of said SlltlYllltf to the other and shaprd for e-ngagviuont b v thiroller of a baslwthangor to uauapvndril from and movi-d along said will a portion of tho rail in front of the pawagr lmin; hiugvdly llilllllitttl at one end for \i-rtiial ringing niovonwut into and out of an ()lNltltiYt position with respvct to tho i'i-iuaiudor of tho rail. and a brackvt for engaging tho l'rvu ond of tho swinging rail Hi-i'tion and supporting tho swinging rail Stt'titill in an opvrativo position.

-t. in a :a-lfsoning store, a room having an inlm and an olitltt, a i-outinuous line, of slirlviug vxtrnding t'roin a point adjarvnt tlalllltb to a point adjxu'onl tho outlet and turmoil of a plurality ot units having and walls and alu-lws till'l'ittl tlioroby, tho units having" thvir 0nd \valls abutl ing. an vlovatvd travk vatrip vxtondin; in front of said sholving for ougagoinont by a rolloi' ot' a baslwt hanger. and Supporting brarkots for said trark Strip inrluding sparod lingors vxtending along tho Hltltbi of the abutting i-nd walls of the shalt units and svriirod to mount the liftilh'OtS and provido U-shap0d clamps holdinQ' tho units tog-other.

:3. In a stow, a room having, an vntranno and an vxit, a i-ounter xtcnding across the oxit, a guide extending about the counter to form a path leading to the exit a guard rail between thv countor and exit, partitions be tween tho countor and guard rail each including a svvtion movably mounted for movement into and out of an operative position, :mid guard rail bring broken away be-- tween said partitionis a barrior for extend ing across tilt? break in tho rail between partitions movable into and out of an operativo po ition. tho rountvr having a section oppositv said barrier movably mounted for iuowm nt into and out of an operative poaition. and a gati beniath the movable section of said i-ounti ruiovablq outwardly to tAttHtl arrow tho path bctwoon the counter and uid to providi' a barrier for directing vustouiora to ti-a rxitinteriuvdiato the lnirggth oi' tho t'tillllli'i whuii tho i'ounti-i Seclion and liiat iia-uliiuod liarrii; an: in an inopviativi position and t'urthvr movable to a oaiti u against, tho wall of tho vounter to pia'uiit. ')Il lt;ft' oit'libtnlilt'l'fi about the end oitbl (-ountur.

6. in a toro, a. room having an entrance and an out, a iul lii 'i' mtvudiug arross the exit, a, guide oxtondhng about the countor to form a path loading to tho exit, a guard rail lKtWPt'I) tlw rountvr and Oxit, partitions brtu'nrn tho rountvr and guard rail. tho guard rail and (Uli'lli'i lwtwovn the partitions in in: lii'L-iit'i) away io pioviilu a pasaigmm intorniodiatr thilength oi tho rountvr, a drop Nation l or tlw vouairr hinf r lly mountvd and movablv into and out of poai tion rxtvndimr l l' ri' tlw paaaagrway. a gain for thi' pansagvuav liiugvdly lilfilllitt l lo noaili tliv drop StttiUH ol' waid r untvr and into the path liOlWH'll the rountur 'do to form a buli'ivr and t'ui'thor Hi0 :o in an opvning (lll'tt'tltlll to luaVi tho path aoh tzii-xtod and a barrii-r oxtvnaibiv avro br d; in tho guard rail la-twvvu said i it i- 'viro store. a salosrooni having a plurality of mori-haniliso holdora said Sillthl'UOlll, brackets on that tho lllUl'l'llZlllkllSi' holdvrs, tracing nu. on tho bi'zn'lwh and artorin a rontinuons ronrao i i lil(ltl't and a rarrior on r am to ho propollvd along tho samv, Willi? mndodly carrivd thorrby, said carrio: U i'rwly reiuovablo. from said track aao having moans \vla roby it may be suspondodiv carried by tho t'llStUlllOl.

8. In it suits rrii'e store inrludin d'iaplay merchandise l norm, the combination of a. track (Xitfll iiiijl' in the vicinity of said hold ers, and a carrier dvtachably carrird by the track and, adapted to be PI'OpPllLd along saline, said CtlUHl being a containor having' a manually engagoablesuspension handlm said handle lacing *ram 054 bail, and said carrier also liming a traulrongaging llUOk' over structure, said structure including a grooved Wheel and a ilXtlll'tb journalling the same on substantially a horizontal axis and mounted on a high point of tho bail to ex tend above tho 331116.

9. The track and carrier system defined in claim 8, wiiorein said fixture inchidoa a base con'iprising an integral atrip portion laid against one a de of the bail, there Ming i1 stripimen'iher lorated on tho opposite sido of the bail, and sa oring elements for mounting the fixture on tho bail, said a-lvinvnts also engaging said :iri lilfillllluf. I

In testimony Whorvo I have hereunto set. my hand.

ranged So with to JOHN F. SMILEY.


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