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Nov. 18, 1924. 1,516,449
G. S. MICALIZZI CIGARETTE AND CIGAR Filed Sept. 19, 1925 Patented Nov. is, 1924.
UNiT osr rEs" our s; IICALIZZI, or wasnmoron; nis'raicr or COLUKBIA;
CIGARETTE am: oieaa Application filed September in, 192s. sci-in so. made.
Tou'll whomit may concern:
Be it known that I GUY S. Mroamzzi, a citizen of the United States of America, and resident of the city of Washington, in
t the District of Columbia, have invented certain new and useful Im rovements in Qigarettes and Cigars, of which the followtion to in is a specification. I I
is invention relates to cigarettes and cigars, and particularly to an igniter for each individual cigarette or cigar, so applied to the wrapper thereof as to be retained in fixed position with relation to the filler of the article, whether itbe a cigarette or c1 v It is furthermore an object of this invenroduce an article of the character indicate in which a novel protector is inter sed between the igniter and the filler; an specifically, the invention refers to a novel means comprising a protector formed of wood in the nature of a disk'interposed beween the igniter and the filler, and preferably, the protector is made of pine wood which is readily combustible and is consumed without the roduction of smoke or fumes which will a act the smoke produced by the burning of the filler.
It is a further object of this invention to produce a cigar having a removable band,
the said band being provided with a coating of material which can be used as an abrasive for firing the igniter when the igniter is drawn over the abrading surface of the band. By this provision, the band may be removed from a cigar and laced on the finger; then the igniter may be drawn across the band for the purpose of firing the same. I The band mayfurthermore be used as. a
brand band and combined with this feature wherein like characters denote corresponding parts in the several views, and in which- 7 Figure 1 illustrates a view in elevation of a cigarette in its com leted state;
Figure 2 illustrates a view in elevation of a cigarette partly broken away embodying the invention; I
Figure 3 illustrates a view of a cigar in itscompleted state; and a I Figure 4 illustrates a view in elevation of a cigar embodying the invention, broken at the end to show n ig iter and protector.
In these drawings which illustrates the preferred embodiment of the'invention, the cigarette 5, as to its wra per and filler, may be of any conventiona material, but the filler does not extend the full length of the wrapper. The end of the wrapper that is not occupied by the filler is provided with a disk 6 preferably of wood of somev free burnin type such aswhite pine, .and the i iter is inserted in the unoccupied end of t e wrapper and it is' secured in place by reason of the fact that the plastic material of which the igniter is formed will adhere to the wra per to a degree which will serve to retain t e'igniter in lace.
In the manufacture o the igniter as now developed, the said igniter is produced in a plastic state and small amounts of-it are inserted in the unoccupied end of the wrapper and the wrapper is pressed into contact with the igniter in its plastic state and thereafter they are allowed to dry and become hard. The igniter is of a material which will not fire by rubbing one against another, but of a character which can only be fired by rubbing it against a material re ared and havin the characteristics 0? t e match scratc ing surfaces of the so-called safety machines now commonly sold.
As the material enterin facture of the igniter am? the proportions thereof are not part of the present invention, it is believed unnecessary to specify the ingredients or pro ortions and the same is true into the manuwith res ect to t e character of the abrading materia a inst which the igniters are rubbed for ring them. p
- When the igniter is applied to a cigar 8, a disk of wood 9 is interposed between the filler of the cigar and the igniter 10 and the construction is practically the same as that employed in connection with the construction of the igniter and cigarette, except, of course, that the cigar has a vtobacco wrap r instead of the usual paper wra per. The identifying or brandband 110 the cigar is as usual removably applied to it, and it has a coating 12 of abrading material which will serve to fire the igniter when the igniter is rubbed on it so that the smoker may remove the band'from the cigar and utilize it for lighting theigniter, as will be understood by reference to the disclosure.
I claim:
In an article to be smoked, a wra per, a filler therein terminating short of t e end of the wrapper, 'a disk of wOodconstitutmg a protector in the end of the wrapper lying against the filler, and igniting mate- 20 rial inserted in the end of the wra r and separated from the filler by the saifd i sk.
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