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O. B. HJORTH FOUNTAIN PEN Mach M 1924 ASZl-n Filed Sept. l, 1922 Patented Mar. 1l, 194i.
application led September 1, 1922. Serial 1go. 585,315.
To all who/m it may concern: i
Be it known that l, OSCAR B. Haenen, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of Janesville, in the countyof Rock and State of lWisconsin, have invented a new and improved Fountain Pen, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact descrip tion.
The present invention relates to new and useful improvements in fountain pens and it pertains more particularly to fountain pens known as the self-lilling type.
1t is one of the primary objects of the present ihvention to provide a self-filling mechanism for fountam pens in which the filling mechanism is removably secured within the barrel of the pen.
1t is a further object of the inventionto so construct the mechanism that the operating button of the self-filling mechanism is free to turn in respect to the barrel and with respect to the remaining elements of the operating mechanism without injury to the sac or ink container of thepen.
Vtith the above and other objects in view', reference is had to the accompanying drawings, in whichl Figure 1 is a partial longitudinalsectional view of a pen constructed in accordance with the present invention;
Fig. 2 is a transverse sectional view taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 1;
Fig. 3 is a detail sectional view of the operator or presser button; l
Fig. 4 is a view in elevation of the spring bar and pressure bar of the mechanism.
Referring more particularly to the drawings, the reference character 11 designates the barrel of the pen and said barrel is provided at its rear end with an opening or passageway 12. This opening or passageway 12 is of smaller diameter than the internal diameter of the barrel thus providing a. shoulder 13 where the inner opening in the barrel leaves ofi and the opening or passageway 12 begins.
The reference character 14 designates the ink sac and said ink sac is adapted to be received within the barrel 11 of the pen as is the common practice. The reference character 15 designates the spring bar and 16 designates the pressure bar, these bars being secured together by means of a rivet or the like, 17 The rear end of the spring bar 15 is curved in cross section as indicated by the reference character 18,' and said curved portion is odset with respect to the main body portion of the spring bar as indicated 'by Vthe reference character 19. The reference character 20 designates the presser button and said presser button comprises a hollowheaded member 21. This member 21 is cut to provide lierfs 22 and said kerfs form a. plurality of resilient fingers 23. Each of these fingers 23 is provided on its free end with an angular shoulder 21, the purpose of -which will be hereinafter described. This member 21 is adapted to be received lwithin the passage 12 as shown in Fig. 1, the spring fingers 23 thereof lying within said passage and the angular shoulders of said lingers 4engaging the shoulder 13 heretofore mentioned to prevent displacement of the member 21 relative to the end of the pen barrel 11.
By this construction the members 21 is free to rotate within the passageway 12 but cannot be conveniently withdrawn therefrom by reason of the engagement of the shoulders 24 with the shoulder-13. It will be understood, however, that this member 21 is readily introduced into the passageway 12 since the lingers 23 are of a resilient nature and will tend to contract sufficiently to permit of the shoulders 24 passing through the passageway 12.
The curved end 18 of the spring bar 15 is adapted to be received within the member 21, as clearly shown in Fig. 1, in such a manner that as the member 21 is depressed,
the spring bar 15 will be buckled within the barrel and cause the pressure bar 16 to collapse the sac 14. By this construction it is apparent that the presser button 2() is freely movable about the curved end 18 of the spring bar 15 so that upon turning of the presser button 2() no action on lthe spring bar 15 will be had.
It is to be understood that a suitable cap covers the presser button 20, said cap having screw-threaded engagement with the threads 24 formed on the end of the barrel 11.
W'hat is claimed is:
1. 1n a fountain pen, a self-filling meehanism comprising a pressure bar, a spring bar for operating tie pressure bar, and means for operating said. spring bar, said means comprising a hollow member formed *with e piureiity'of resilient ingers whereby it is removably retained Within :i fountain pen. berreL 2. iin a fountain pen, e self-filling mech- :mism comprising e pessure bai, e spring "mrfoi epeietimg che presentel bei', and mesme for operating seid spring bei"7 seid epeisetmg means comprising e hoilow mem bei femied with. e plurality @if 'esiien lngere, each of 'which is po'videci with im singularly disposed sheuicier adapted te eiigege :n shouider formed on the pen barrel "w prevent 'removzi of the operating means with respect to the pen berrek @SCAR B. HJRTH.
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