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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 143,823, dated October 21, 1873; application filr d September 2, 1873.
To all whom it may concern:
Be it known that I, ARTHUR P. HAZARD, of
' and consists in combining with the blade of a knife: and a frame or block affixed thereto, and provided with a protecting lip or guard, a gage having a compound adjustmentthat is, both vertically and laterally, with respect to the plane of the blade, whereby, as the edge of the knife becomes worn, the gage may be de pressed in coincidence therewith, so as to preserve the edge in its true normal working relation, while at the same time the gage-may be adjusted laterally, so as to cause the knife to cut from the sole to be trimmed a shaving of any desirable thickness.
In the drawing, A and B denote, respectively, the handle and the blade of an ordinary shoe-knife. O is a metallic frame or block, which is bifurcated to receive the blade B,the said block being clamped upon the blade by means of a screw, a, passing through the upper furcated portion of the block, as shown in Fig. 2. This block or frame is formed with a chip-passage, b, as shown in the last-mentioned figure, and carries on its outer edge a lip or guard, 0, whose working face stands at an acute angle with the edge of the knife. The outer portion of the guard, or that which projects beyond the plane of the knife and running in the space or channel between the upper and the sole, is formed convex on its under surface, so as to enable the guard, while bearing and pressing on the upper surface of the sole, to rock or tilt, so as to allow the knife to be readily turned to follow the contour or curvature of the sole, and out with a drawing stroke. D is a gage, which is affixed to the under surface of the block 0, it being so applied thereto as to be capable of being moved laterally toward and away from the edge of the knife, as circumstances may require. d is a set-screw, which passes through an oblong slot, 0, formed transversely of the gage, and
screws into the block, as shown in Fig. 3, suchenabling the gage to be moved laterally and set at any desired distance from the knife-edge, in order to enable the latter to remove from the sole such thickness of shaving as may be desirable.
In order to maintain the knife-edge, as it may become worn, in its requisite working position with respect to the guard, the latter is provided with means of vertical or longitudinal adjustment, so that it may be depressed in exact accordance with the wear of the knife. This is effected by making the slot of the furcated block of a greater width than that of the blade, such enabling the guard to be moved down, so as to preserve its true normal position with respect to the edge, the clamp-screw a serving to confine the gage in the desired position.
The blade of the knife is formed with its back rounding or tapering toward its point, the outer end or point resting in a niche or recess formed in the inner surface of the lip or guard 0.
Furthermore, the rear portion of the block O is formed with a cavity, f, to receive the thumb of the operator, and enable him to grasp and properly support and control the tool while in operation.
In using my improved implement the operator, having arranged the gage to enable the knife to cut a shaving of the desired thick- .ness, grasps the handle and back of the blade,
and places his thumb in the thumb-cavity of the block 0, and next places the lip or guard c in the channel between the sole and the upper, and next brings the edge of the knife upon the part-of the sole to be reduoedhe next bears the gage down upon the sole with suflicient force to maintain the leather in contact with the cutting-edge of the knife while the latter is moved forward with the drawing stroke.
Haring described my invention, What I as set forth, the guard c, as made with a conclaim isvex bearing-surface, as and for the purpose 1. The gage I), having compound adjuststated. ments, as described, in combination with the blade 13, the furcated block C provided Withthe guard c, chip-throat b, and clamp-screw s, WVitnesses; substantially as and for the purpose set forth. F. P. HALE, 2. In a sole-trimming device, constructed FFO. HALE.
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