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APPLxcATloN FILED Nov. 2, 1917.
Patented Aug 29, 1922?.
entre@ stares earenroreice.
Specification of Letters Patent.
Patented Aug. 29), 1922.
Application led 'November 2, 1917. Serial No. 199,607.
To all whom it ma/y concern:
Be itvknown that I, ELMER FLETOHER, a citizen of the United States, and a'resident of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful improvements in Sound Boxes, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.
rlihe invention relates to sound boxes for phonographs or recorders.
@ne object of the invention .is to provide an improved sound lbox in which provision is made for deflecting the sound between the diaphragm and the tone-arm orsound-outlet, so that the sound will be diffused and amplified but also mellowed to eliminate lthe sharp metallic noises or sounds:
Another object of the invention is to provide an improved connection between the needle-support and the sound-box., which 1s simple in construction and efficient in operation. I
The invention consists in the several novel features hereinafter set forth and more p articularly defined by claims at the conclusion hereof.
In the drawings: Fig. 1 is a SideeeVation of a phonograph embodying the invention. Fig. 2 is a section taken on line 2-2 of Fig. 1. Fig. 3 is a section taken on line 3 -3 of Fig. 2. Fig. t is a detail perspective showing the parts of the improved pivotal connection between the needle support and the sound box.
The invention is shown as applied to a reproducer instrument comprising a sound box 7 which is provided with a chamber 8 in which a diaphragm 9 is held in any suitable inanner, as exemplified by the rubbercovered spring-ring 10 which holds the margin of the diaphragm seatedon an elastic ring 11. A member 5 on the back of the sound box is formed with a boss 12 which serves as a sound-outlet and is adapted for connection to a tonearm 14.
A needle 15 is mounted 'on a support 16 which is preferably held on the sound-box as hereinafter more fully set forth, and is provided with a lug 17 to whichthe diaphragm operating arm 18 is secured as well understood in the art.
A wall 18 integral with the sound-box is disposed in the sound-box and in bach of the diaphragm 9. This wall has openings or spaced from the diaphragm. rilhe back-r member 5 comprises a plate 6 which has its margin secured to the sound-box, by screws 22 and has its central portion spaced away from wall 18, leaving a chamber 6a between said wall and plate-portion. rlhe chamber 6a is in communication with the outlet 12 through openings 21 in the central portion of plate 6 of member 5, which extends across the inner end of the sound outlet 12. As a resultof this construction, the vibrations of the diaphragm, the amplitude of which is reatest at its center, do not pass directly rom the c'enter of the diaphragm to the outlet, but are deiiected to pass outwardly and thence .backwardly through the erforations 19 to the chamber in the back o the wall 18 and thence inwardly to and through the openings 21 into the outlet 12. In practice,
' it has been found that this construction causes the sound to be amplified and mellowed so that the sharp metallictones are' eectively eliminated. 1n practice it has been found that 'whe the openings 19 are spaced apart, and of the number and area shownsound' amplification occurs in the chamber betweenthe diaphragm and wall 18, and said chamber is adjacent the respective ends of the needle support. rThese ribs and grooves form a knife-edged pivotal bearing for the needle support. Each clip 241: is provided with an inwardly extending arm or member 28 which is adaptedl to engage a hole 29 in the outer end of one of the lugs 25 and an inwardly extending arm 30 having. an upturned inner terminal v31 which is adapted to engage a countersink or seat 32 in the underside of the needle support 16. Each clip 24 is formed of spring-wire so that the support will be resiliently held by these clips in connected relation to the sound box. In practice, the arm 18 is usually fixed tothe diaphragm at the factoryn -so that in event l replacement or a diaphragm is macessany,` the needle-support must be removed *Witli'ift.v These s ring clips permit theready. removal.
` and rep acementof` the-diaphragmand neef die support andalso serve tohold the lsupe-1:'
I ll claim as new and desire to "tions to the diaphragm` 4 rlhe invention is not to and diaphragm willrnot be interfered with.`
To release the support it is onl rnecessary;l
to spring the arms 30 o wnwar yand-then operation o connect the support to'the'so connection exemplifies one w ing screwsa'redispensed v4wi canbefproduced at alow cost practice, it has also been found that'fthifs 'connection results in elicient conductionof the vibra- This bef-understood as restricted to the details set forth,A since these may be modified within'the scope 4of' the a 25' spirit and scope of theI invention'.
pended claims, without departmg from t e Having thus described the invention, what secure by Let.' ters Patent, is: l*
1. In a sound box, the combination of` a' case having a fixed back-wall provided with a centrally` disposed outlet connection, a dia t phragm in the box, operating means for the diaphragm, and an mtermediate wall, integral with the case and spaced from the diaphragm and the back-wall; having its central portion imperforate and a series of openings adjacent 1ts periphery disposed in entirety' outwardly of the outlet connection to prevent direct passage of any sound from the diaphra into the outlet connection,
' separated andfixed and su cientl 1n area to cause amplification of t e sound inamee l the diaphragm being 'insertable and remov- 'ahle through the lliront' oJ'fl the case.
means for thediaphragmz and an intermediate wall 1n the case spaced from the back' wall and.; from the diaphragm, having its 50 central-portion. 'imperforate and having 'a fseries otopenings, adjacent its swing the clips laterally-to clean the supf port. ln replacingthesup'portgthe reverse?V the' c ips will Serr gai-quickly* eriphery of any sound from the diaphragm to the outlet connection; said opemn s being widely limited in the. chamber between the, plate and the back-wall, the outletconnection being .pro-
'vided with a fixed transverse Wall having a series of opemngs therein formed to cause amplification of sound when it passes from fthe said chamber into the tubular outlet.
f 3. In a sound box, the combination of a 65 case having' a back wal-l provided with acene trally disposed ,sound 'outlet connection, a
diaphragm in the case, operating means for ,the diaphragm5` and an. intermediatev wall 1ntegral with the case, spaced from the back" 70 wall and from the diaphragm, having its portion imperforate and having a l series "of openings adjacent its periphery central and disposed in entirety outwardly of the outward connection to prevent direct passage' of any sound from the diaphragm'to the outlet connection, said openings being widely separated and fixed and suflicientl limited v in area to cause' amplification of' t e sound inthe chamber between-the plate andthe S back-wall.
`trally'disposed tubular sound outlet connection, a diaphragm `in the box, operating port'resilientl'y in place, so,-thatfconduction-j of the vibrations from the'needleto the arm?
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